"The Girlfriend Conspiracy"

by A Wikia Contributor

molly: 'just look at gil,ever since we broke up we haven't talked to each other in a while it's all because of april'

oona: hey you okay

molly: yeah just staring at april and gil

oona: you've got to get over it there is jason ya know

molly: maybe but i gotta set things right

april: look who's coming

molly: hey gil how ya doin

gil: great how bout you?

molly: good but i gotta show you something

gil: huh?

molly: (rolls tape)

april: hahaha!!!telling gil molly kissed jason when they were together was a HIT!that easy now i can ask gil out and he will always fucking hate molly

gil: that is what really happened

april: (sobs)g-g-gil i s-sorry

gil: too late, now you will be beat up by Team Fortress!

molly: ....

gil: hey molly i'm so sorry (pulls her close to him)

molly: oh it's okay but that's cruel ol' april

gil: heheheh

molly: gil...

gil: ssh...(kisses molly passionately)

gabrielle and deema and don: we're telling mom

milly and goby: we're telling our mom and dad too molly

gil and molly: we are so busted....

molly: not so of a happy ending

gil: at least there was a kiss

molly: yeah...


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