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The Guppies go to the dentist but someone has a cavity.













Mrs Gentillella

Mrs Imani

Mrs Pirruccello

Mr Grouper

Dr Clark

Dean (mentioned)


(It goes to Gil's house)

Gil: "Tomorrow it is dentist day I am so excited!"

Tobias: "Are you sure you are excited I mean many people are scared of the dentist."

Gil: "Well I am not scared I am a brave boy."

Tobias "Ok brave boy if you say so I am going to play ball with Dean."

Gil "Let me practice my grand entrance."

Tobias *Sighs*

(Goes to Deema's backyard and Deema and Olivia are on a hammock)

Olivia: "The dentist was scary today he had a thing to brush my teeth and it sounded like this zzzzzzzzzzzz."

Deema: "He could not been that scary he uses that brush to clean the bacteria."

Olivia: "But I was brave that was the good thing right?"

Deema: "Yeah my little sister you are brave in your own way."

Olivia: "Hug?"

Deema "Hug."

(Deema and Olivia hug each other.)

(Goes to Goby's house.)

Goby: "Mom if I had a cavity what would I have to do?"

Mrs Imani: "Tell me and Show me."

Goby: "Ok I checked and there is nothing"

Mrs Imani: Then try to brush three times a day to keep those teeth healthy.

Goby: "Ok."

Goby: "I cannot wait until morning."

(It goes to Molly's house and Oona comes to a sleepover while her parents are on a business trip.)

Oona: "Open wide kitty cat."

(Molly makes the kitty puppet open her mouth.)

Oona: "Let's see hmm you are good and that is my last patient."

Molly: "Playing dentist is so much fun!"

Oona: "And tomorrow we are going there!"

Molly: "I hope my teeth are clean."

Oona: "Mine too!

Mrs Gentilella: "Bed time."

Oona and Molly: "Ok!"

Oona: "Good night."

Molly: "Good Night."

(It goes to Zooli's house.)

Zooli: "I love the dentist once he said that my teeth are so shiny."

Mrs Javier: "I hope he says that again that made me proud when he said that."

Zooli: "Me too."

Mrs Javier: "Then brush your teeth so you can make me proud."

Zooli: "Ok."

(It goes to Nonny's house and he is eating with Joshua and Brandon.)

Nonny: "I want candy please."

Mrs Pirruccello: "Are you sure tomorrow you are going to the dentist."

(The word dentist echos on Nonny's head and gets scared.)

Nonny: *gulps* "Yes I am sure."

Mrs Pirruccello: "If you say so."

Joshua: "The dentist said my teeth are so clean it is on the Top 30 cleanest teeth in Bubbletucky."

(Nonny ignores Joshua and eats his candy .)

Mrs Pirruccello: "Brush your teeth kids it is time to go to sleep"

Joshua and Nonny: "Ok!"

(Joshua brushes his teeth Nonny pretends to brush and they go to sleep.)

(Nonny dreams about an evil dentist cutting all his teeth off and Nonny wakes up and goes back to sleep.)

(In the morning everyone in Mr Grouper's class but Nonny brushes their teeth and goes to school right away.)

The Guppies: "Good Morning Mr Grouper!"

Mr Grouper: "Well Good Morning everyone! I have some exciting news today we are going to the dentist!"

Everyguppy but Nonny: "Yay!"

Nonny: (sarcastily) "Yay."

Mr Grouper: "In the bus everyone!"

(Everyone get's in and goes to the dentist.)

Mr Grouper: "We made it!"

Dr Clark: "Gil!"

Gil: "I got this!"

Dr Clark: "Open wide."

(Gil opens his mouth.)

Dr Clark: "Your teeth is healthy next is Molly!"

Molly: "Yay!"

Dr Clark: "Open wide."

(Molly opens her mouth.)

Dr Clark: Your teeth are shiny as diamonds next is Goby.

Goby: "Hooray!

Dr Clark: "You know what to do."

(Goby opens his mouth.)

Dr Clark: "Nice and clean Deema you are next."

Deema: "Woohoo!"

Dr Clark: "Open Please."

(Deema opens her mouth.)

Dr Clark: "You are driving through clean street next is Oona."

Dr Clark: "You are smart you know what to do."

(Oona opens her mouth)

Dr Clark: "Great Job next is Zooli."

Zooli: "Weeee!"

Dr Clark: "Open wide."

(Zooli opens her mouth.)

Dr Clark: "Good Job brushing next is Nonny!"

Nonny: "Oh ok..."

Dr Clark: "Open please."

(Nonny opens his mouth.)

Dr Clark: "Oh No!"

Mr Grouper: "What is it?"

Dr Clark: "Nonny has a *gulps* cavity."


Nonny: "This can't be."

(Nonny takes a flashlight and puts it in his mouth and sees the cavity in the mirror.)

Nonny: "This is all my fault I wanted candy and I refused to brush my teeth I am sorry dr."

Dr Clark: "It is ok I just need to fix it".

(After fixing Nonny's tooth.)

Nonny: "I am happy that the cavity got out of my mouth.

Molly: "Me too."

Oona: "At least Nonny is alright."

(Oona kisses Nonny in the forehead and Nonny has blush on his cheaks.)

Gil: "At least everyone is ok."


Moral: Take Better Care of Yourself.


This is Mrs Javier's (aka Zooli's mom) first appearance.

This is Dr Clark's fourth appearance.