Adetto is a 7-year-old boy. He's the goofy,eccentric,"Drama King". But a total sweetie with a personality as big as a whale! For such a boy so goofy and silly, Adetto has loads and loads of bundled up energy. As shown by his "wacky" or "zany" behavior. Such as being the only Borealis boy to be in circus shows. He is unique and always basks in the limelight whenattention is thrown to him. Sometimes he may speak with an operactic,or fancy voice. Anytime someone laughs is a good time for him! He tends to do things more exaggerated then most would. Be it singing or dancing joyfully or weeping melodramatically! Almost everything he does is over the top. Adetto's best friend seems to be Borenzo. Both boys love to have playdates together. But he's also usually seen with Jovanno,who he seems to love most for as given by his "brotherly love" nature. Adetto loves to dance,act,sing,talk in funny voices,and often makes silly faces.


Adetto is a fair-skinned boy,most likely American/Caucassion,with big green eyes. His hair is yellow(or blonde) in color and worn almost exactly like Domendio,except spikes of hair frame his forehead and the sides of his face. He sports a yellow long sleeved shirt with a thick black stripe across the middle,and a black and yellow striped propeller beanie on his head. He has dandelion yellow pants and shoes.

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