Albendizo is a hyper 8-year-old boy who loves to have fun! His best friend is Jovanno. He's always up for something new. Filled to the brim of hyper energy,Albendizo is very positive,upbeat,and very playful. He is known for being pretty random and spontaneous in everything he does. His unconventional methods with things is what makes Albendizo such a fun guy! He does not dislike a lot,except for maybe bees,and villains,who tends to make him very nervous.


Albendizo is a caucasion boy with fair-light skin and bright brown eyes. His orange hair,under his orange propeller Pocoyo hat,is short,spiked cut that frames his face and upper head. His bangs spike upside in the center of his head with a very small swirl. He also has a few cowlick pieces sticking up near the back. His outfit is an orange long-sleeved shirt with a single black stripe across the middle. He wears dark orange pants and shoes.

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