"Uh, hi. I'm Anna."


Anna Santiago is a smart, quiet, and overly calm girl guppy. She often uses an advanced vocabulary for her age. Physical activities make Anna very nervous; she'd rather watch the action in front of her than be part of it. Even so, Anna has a persevering spirit and an authoritative personality that comes out when she's upset or when someone is hurting her friends in some way. Anna loves to read books and she is into poetry. Oona is her best friend. Her nickname is 'A.A.,' though nobody calls her that but Gil. Like Nonny, she hardly ever smiles. She has feelings for Ray


Anna is Hispanic like Molly. She is a thin guppy with light brown skin, blue eyes, and cerulean blue hair worn in pigtails held by green bows. Her one-piece tail is pink with red stripes, and she wears green scuba goggles for glasses. She also has larger ears.

Relatives Edit

  • Mrs. Santiago - Mother
  • Mr. Santiago - Father
  • Robbie - Elder brother
  • Alexa - Elder sister
  • Don - Younger brother
  • Jarod - Younger brother
  • Jimmy - Baby brother
  • Fredrick - Elder brother
  • Connie - Elder sister
  • Droppert - Robot
  • Selena - Cousin
  • Barlow - Cousin
  • Mrs Rose - Aunt
  • Mr Rose - Uncle


  • Anna is a very quiet guppy like Nonny, usually only speaking when answering a question.
  • Anna usually doesn't smile much, but when she does, it's usually a small grin.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
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