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Anya Pirruccello
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Name Anya Pirruccello
A/K/A Wee Anee
Age 4
Dislikes Lack of attention, being away from her family
Gender Female
Favorite Thing to Do Color, get attention from her parents

Character info

Her name is Anya Pirruccello. She is Oona and Nonny's future daughter. She is a very cute little girl. She is the younger sister of Xavier-Issac-Joseph. Like Susanna, she's a little daddy's girl but loves her mom just as much. She often tries to be the center of attention, much to her brother's annoyance.


Like her mom, she has yellowish skin, almond shaped eyes, and a full body tail. Like her  dad, she has orange hair and green eyes. She also has a sky blue starfish hairclip.


She is mostly like her mom; kind, empathetic, and sweet. She is also surprisingly very talkative. She's also a bit of an attention hog. There are times when she ends up crying, but she feels better when her brother tries to comfort her.


Oona - Mom

Nonny - Dad

Jimberly - Aunt

Mr. and Mrs. Shaksan -  Grandparents

Mrs. and Mr. Pirruccello - Grandparents