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Arbiminak Jurgensmeyer
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Name Arbiminak Jurgensmeyer
A/K/A Arbi

The Shy Brainiac

Age 5
Dislikes Gojadiak. Trying new foods or drinks.
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Write, draw pictures, admire Alluvia, avoid Gojadiak.
Voice Actor Fred Stoller
First Appearance "Go to the Doctor"

Character Info

His name is Arbiminak (pronounced Ar-bee-min-ack). He is like Nonny except for a few differeces. His best friends are Alluvia and Hanalea. He doesn't get along with Gojadiak. His main love interest is Alluvia.


He looks like Nonny except for a few differences. His hair is dark brown, his eyes are brown, his tail is blue, his goggles are a yellowish color, and he wears a necklace with a green shamrock shaped pennet.


He is mostly shy and only talks when he needs or wants to. He can be annoyed easily. He and Gojadiak are bitter enemies because their personalities are almost completely opposite. Gojadiak is also very mean to him. He has a huge crush on Alluvia and wasn't too happy when Alluvia hugged Boedinak in the episode "Bubble-kazam".


  • He is Irish and likes to act "stereotypically Irish". This is also why he has a shamrock on his necklace
  • He, along with Alluvia, are the only guppies whose names start with an A
  • In the episode "Bubble-kazam", there was originally gonna be a scene in which he blows off steam after Alluvia hugged Boedinak. It was deleted because it was deemed too harshly intense and out of character.
  • In earlier drafts of the script for the episode "Halloween Spooktacular", he was gonna dress up as a leprechan. The idea was scrapped because it was believed it would turn off the audience, so he was instead dressed up as a killer
  • He is ranked number 4 in the list of characters to have the most starring roles in episodes
  • His most famous starring role was in the episode "Arbi's Problem"
  • His favorite dessert is ice cream sandwiches
  • His favorite T.V. show is "The Golden Girls" and "Fanboy and Chum Chum"