Baby bites!

Baby Bites is the First Episode of Lachlan's Series.

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Lachlan is woken up by a screaming noise by his mother so he runs downstairs to see what's going on, then he realises that he's left alone while his parentsm are off to the hospital to give birth to Lilia. When his parents came home with baby Lilia in eir hands Baby Lilia bites Lachlan, leaving him very hurt and upset.



  • Lachlan: Come on, let's go to bed mr. Squiggles.
  • Lachlan's mum: *Screams*
  • Lachlan: *Wakes up* what was that?
  • Silence*
  • Lachlan: *Get's out of bed* c-c-come o-on mr. s-squiggles. L-let's go a-and see.
  • silence*
  • Lachlan: *Walks to mums' room* Mum?
  • Nobody is there*
  • Lachlan: *Sqeezes mr.squiggles* Daddy?
  • 1 hour later
  • Lachlans mum: David (Lachlans' dad) We shouldn't have let Lachlan stay alone.
  • Lachlans' Dad: *Trips over Lachlan* Lachlan!
  • Lachlan: Mummy! Daddy! Where in the world did you go!! *sniffles*
  • Lachlan's mum: *Hugs Lachlan* We went to the hospital, dear
  • Lachlan: *Crys* but i was scared and.... *Spots a little guppy* Who's that?
  • Lachlan's mum: Your sister.
  • Lachlan: my what?!
  • Lachlan's Dad: Your sister, her names Lilia
  • Lachlan: *Wails* I Didn't want a baby sister!
  • David (Lachlans' dad): Come here. Just hug your sister.
  • Frankie (Lachlans' mum) : *Hold Lilia* Here.
  • Lachlan: *Touches Lilia's face*
  • Lilia: *Screams and bites Lachaln*
  • Lachlan: *Crys* Owww! She bit me!!!
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