Bianca Ordovician is a beautiful girl guppy, who always demonstrates the behaviour of a 16-physical year-old-26-chronological year-old Irish lovely, sweet, compassionate, bubbly, all-loving, cheery, optimistic, pure, rational, level-headed, wise, kind, gentle, hardworking, artistic, honest, heroic, innocent, nice, humble, friendly, kind-hearted, gentle, soft-spoken, calm, shy, quiet, good-hearted, and caring young lady, who's also a logical and creative thinker. She is always very excited about theories and ideas and exceptionally capable and driven to turn theories into clear understandings with highly value knowledge, competence and logic. Queen Sara Saturday Is Still Around Here!


Bianca has light brown skin, blue eyes, dark blue hair, a pink headband, and a full piece dark green tail striped with dark blue.

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