Personality Edit

7 1/2-year-old Borenzo is known to be the groups official "sweetie pie" is the most gentle,adorable little boy you'd ever want to meet! He's very gentle with friends,strangers,animals,and his brothers alike and is usually the first to notice if someone feels sad,upset,hurt,or angry. Borenzo loves both animals and plants and takes very good carr of them. If a friend seems hurt or sick,he'll usually put everything else aside out of concern and spend his time worrying over them. This can also be shown when he once hugged Jovanno a lot after he "reappeared" from a magic trick,thinking he really was gone. But his innocence is also what happens to make Borenzo very adorable. Borenzo is very curious but he isn't careless with his curiousity. She'll usually ask Domendio about it,usually for Ranaldo to answer. He has a playful side.

Looks Edit

Borenzo is a fair-skinned boy with blueberry blue eyes and his hair is purple and worn exactly in Gil's style. On his hair, he wears a lavendar crown with dark purple diamonds around it. He wears a purple long sleeved shirt with a blsck stripe across the middle,and dark purple pants and shoes.

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