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Characters Singing[]

Rosy bumps n bruises the Blue Racer

Sprinkle spice cookie the Purple Racer

Ember flicker flame the Green Racer

Peanut big top the Red Racer

Sahara mirage the Yellow Racer

Crumbs sugar cookie the Orange Racer


(Shuffle Beats)

Sprinkle (Sings): We need good ideas, and we need them now, so put your heads together and we'll write them down, there's no bad ideas when you're.

All (Sings): Brainstorming!

Rosy (Sings): I can count on you, and you can count on me, to make idea for an reality, There's no bad idea, when you're.

All (Sings): Brainstorming!

Rosy (Sings): There's No bad idea, when you're. . . . .

All (Sings): Brainstorming!

Sprinkle (Sings): Brainstorming here, and brainstorming there, brainstorming upside down, or sitting in your easy chair!

All (Speaks): Sitting in your chair!

Ember,Peanut (Speaks): Reach high!

Sprinkle,Crumbs (Speaks): Think big!

Rosy (Speaks): Work hard!

Sahara (Speaks): Have Fun!