Episodes Edit

This season consists of 83 episodes.

1.Episode 1(Call A Calmbulance!)

2.Episode 2(The Crayon prix)

3.Episode 3(Bubble Puppy!)

4.Episode 4(Build me A Building)

5.Episode 5(Ducks In A Row)

6. Espisode 6 grumpfish special

7.Episode 7(The Moon Rocks)

8.Episode 8(Who's Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf)

9.Episode 9(We Totally Rock)

10.Episode 10(Fishketball!)

11.Episode 11(The Legend Of PinkFoot)

12.Episode 12(Gup Gup and Away!)

13.Episode 13(The Spring Chicken Is Coming)

14.Episode 14(Boy Meets Squirrel)

15.Episode 15(Have A Cow)

16.Episode 16(Super Shrimptennial Celebration)

17.Episode 17(Happy Calm Day)

18.Episode 18(Can You Dig It?)

19.Episode 19(Bubble Bites)

20.Episode 20(Haunted House Party)

21.Episode 21(The Lonley Rhino)

22.Episode 22(It's A Tooth On The Looth)

23.Episode 23(Humunga-Truck!)

24.Episode 24(April Fools)

25.Episode 25(X Marks The Spot)

26.Episode 26(Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure!)

27.Episode 27(Happy Holidays,Mr.Grumpfish!)

28.Episode 28(The Cowgirl Parade)

29.Episode 29(Fireworks Party!)

30.Episode 30(Firefighter Gil To The Rescue)

31.Episode 31 (Check It Out!)

32.Episode 32(Super Guppies To The Rescue)

33.Episode 33(The Easter Chicken Is Coming)

34.Episode 34(It's Raining,It's Pouring)

35.Episode 35(The New Year Party!)

36.Episode 36(Snow Day)

37.Episode 37 (Happy Birthday To You)

38.Episode 38 (The Bubble-Lympics!)

39.Episode 39 (Robot Guppies)

40.Episode 40(Chirp Chirp Tweet Tweet)

41.Episode 41(Who's Gonna Play The Marionette?)

42.Episode 42(Bubble Puppy's Goodbye)

43.Episode 43(The Magic Is On!)

44.Episode 44 (Super Shrimpday Carnival!)

45.Episode 45(The Dance Party!)

46.Episode 46(Bubble Boo!)

47.Episode 47(Professer Bubble Strikes!) (Theatrical)

48.Episode 48 (Playing princess)

49.Episode 49(The Garden Celebration!)

50.Episode 50(The Place Where We All Live!)

51.Episode 51(Dandy's Puddle!)

52.Episode 52(The Bubbletucky Boat Race!)

53.Episode 53(Wheel Hullabaloo)

54.Episode 54(Tool duel)

55.Episode 55(The Big Surprise!)

56.Episode 56(Nonny's Turn!)

57.Episode 57(Journey To Octopus King Castle!)

58.Episode 58 (Cry Guppy!)

59.Episode 59 (The Wizard of the Magical Kingdom!) (Theatrical)

60.Episode 60(Bring Your Pet To School Day)

61.Episode 61(Baby Troubles)

62.Episode 62 (Dance to the Beat!)

63.Episode 63 (The Tower Of Terror)

64.Episode 64(Let's bounce)

65.Episode 65(Let's have a time stopping day!)

66.Episode 66(Spooky Field Trip!)

67.Episode 67(Robot Rampage!)

68.Episode 68(International Super Spy!)

69.Episode 69 (Molly in Wonderland)

70.Episode 70(Ghost Guppies!)

71.Episode 71 (Runaway rocket)

72.Episode 72 (Campires)

73.Episode 73 (Baby Guppies!)

74.Episode 74(The Bubbletucky Inn!)

75.Episode 75 (Lakeside guppies)

76.Episode 76 (Doc McStuffins)

77.Episode 77 (Hit Me With Your Best Shot)

78.Episode 78 (Let's search for treasure)

79.Episode 79 (Tummy laugh)

80.Episode 80 (Office)

81.Episode 81 (The Bubbletucky Spelling Bee)

82.Episode 82 (Let's play world's prank war!)

83.Episode 83 (The Wizard of the Magical Kingdom!) (Extended Version)

84.Episode 84 (World War 2.0)

85.Episode 85 (Flostam Found)

86.Episode 86 (Ball Busters)

87.Episode 87 (Body Builders)

88.Episode 88 (Blood Simple)

89.Episode 89 (Bio Banking)

90.Episode 90 (Satellite Shopping)

91.Episode 91 (Geekdad Japanese Robots)

92.Episode 92 (Space Junkyard)

93.Episode 93 (Icy Depths)

94. Bubble Guppies Movers (The Tooth Hurts)

95. Bubble Guppies Movers (Guppies Big Race)

96. Episode 96 (What's Cooking Today)

97. Episode 97 (That's Very Kooky)

98. Episode 98 (The Princess who gave me a kiss)

99. Episode 99 (Soup with Stars)

100. Episode 100 (I ask a question for you)

101. Episode 101 (Boo! It's Halloween Time)

102. Episode 102 (The Itchy Oochy Scratch Patch)

Bubble Guppies (Se 2)

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