This season consists of 62 episodes.

1.Episode 149 (Two Heroes)

2.Episode 150 (Shopping situation)

3.Episode 151 (Bubble What?)

4.Episode 152 (Guppies smackdown)

5.Episode 153 (The guppies the movie: law and order) (Theatrical)

6.Episode 154 (Snow Puppies)

7.Episode 155 (A Christmas Tale)

8.Episode 156 (Hot day)

9.Episode 157 (Treasure trackers)

10.Episode 158 (School play)

11.Episode 159 (Bubble Guppies the movie: my fair guppies) (Special)

12.Episode 160 (BOO!)

13.Episode 161 (happy Halloween Guppies)

14.Episode 162 (Picnic panic problems)

15.Episode 163 (The bubble guppies: the movie: dragon island)

16.Episode 164 (Knight riders)

17.Episode 165 (A case of the illness)

18.Episode 166 (Deema's fintastic show)

19.Episode 167 (Moon mission mayhem)

20.Episode 168 (team guppy challenge)

21.Episode 169 (Firefighter guppies to the rescue 2)

22.Episode 170 (Team guppy challenge)

23.Episode 171 (Remember When)

24.Episode 172 (The zombie bomb)

25.Episode 173 (Jungle horn)

26.Episode 174 (Remember This)

27.Episode 175 (Tool-Tastrophe)

28.Episode 176 (Guppyball Team Up)

29.Episode 177 (Guppy Wash Emergency)

30.Episode 178 (Bouncy Skates)

31.Episode 179 (Meet Julia)

32.Episode 180 (Hospital Horrors)

33.Episode 181 (Does Dark Booster Care?)

34.Episode 182 (Jungle Jumble)

35.Episode 183 (The Lost Egg)

36.Episode 184 (Bubble guppies the movie: my fair guppies) (Special)

37.Episode 185 (A Royal Picnic)

38.Episode 186 (Have You Seen Bubble Puppy?)

39.Episode 187 (Rumor Ruckus)

40.Episode 188 (Picnic Predicament)

41.Episode 189 (Bubble Guppies:Epic Yarn) (Special)

42.Episode 190 (Rocket Ruckus)

43.Episode 191 (Love Will Find A Way)

44.Episode 192 (The Forgotten Door)

45.Episode 193 (99% Dumbo)

46.Episode 194 (Desert Head)

47.Episode 195 (Bubble Guppies:Shadows Of Almia) (Special)

48.Episode 196 (The guppies the movie: europe's most wanted)

49.Episode 197 (Treehouse Bonanza)

50.Episode 198 (Molly And Limbite)

51.Episode 199 (Sick Day)

52.Episode 200 (A Twisted Story)

53.Episode 201 (Why Me?)

54.Episode 202 (Let's make a show)

55.Episode 203 (Sad Day)

56.Episode 204 (Brewing Storm)

57.Episode 205 (Cosmic Crystals 3:The End Of The Star World)

58.Episode 206 (Murder Mystery)

59.Episode 207 (Rainy Day)

60.Episode 208 (Lottle And The Haunted Castle)

61.Episode 209 (Smart Deema)

62.Episode 210 (The guppies the movie: let's go to outer space)

Bubble Guppies (Se 5)

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