This season consists of 65 episodes.

1.Episode 211 (Airplane hullabaloo)

2.Episode 212 (The Flipper!)

3.Episode 213 (The Wrath Of Pontetray)

4.Episode 214 (Molly And Gil)

5.Episode 215 (Deema And Goby)

6.Episode 216 (Oona And Nonny)

7.Episode 217 (Molly And Goby)

8.Episode 218 (Deema And Nonny)

9.Episode 219 (Oona And Gil)

10.Episode 220 (Molly And Nonny)

11.Episode 221 (Deema And Gil)

12.Episode 222 (Oona And Goby)

13.Episode 223 (Molly And Ray)

14.Episode 224 (Deema And Patrick)

15.Episode 225 (Oona and Humphrey)

16.Episode 226 (Molly And Patrick)

17.Episode 227 (Deema And Humphrey)

18.Episode 228 (Oona And Ray)

19.Episode 229 (Molly And Humphrey)

20.Episode 230 (Deema And Ray)

21.Episode 231 (Oona And Patrick)

22.Episode 232 (Anna And Ray)

23.Episode 233 (Lisa And Patrick)

24.Episode 234 (Ellen And Humphrey)

25.Episode 235 (Anna And Patrick)

26.Episode 236 (Lisa And Humphrey)

27.Episode 237 (Ellen And Ray)

28.Episode 238 (Anna And Humphrey)

29.Episode 239 (Lisa And Ray)

30.Episode 240 (Ellen And Patrick)

31.Episode 241 (Anna And Gil)

32.Episode 242 (Lisa And Goby)

33.Episode 243 (Ellen And Nonny)

34.Episode 244 (Anna And Goby)

35.Episode 245 (Lisa And Nonny)

36.Episode 246 (Ellen And Gil)

37.Episode 247 (Anna And Nonny)

38.Episode 248 (Lisa And Gil)

39.Episode 249 (Ellen And Goby)

40.Episode 250 (Waiting for food)

41.Episode 251 (Doc McStuffins 2)

42.Episode 252 (Oona and Doc McStuffins)

43.Episode 253 (Pirate Treasure!)

44.Episode 254 (Doctor Gil?)

45.Episode 255 (The Perfect Birthday Present)

46.Episode 256 (Today's "Mama Mia!")

47.Episode 257 (Cosmic Crystals 4:Zythurvia) (Special)

48.Episode 258 (Planet Aquarius)

49.Episode 259 (Magical Mayhem)

50.Episode 260 (Bubble Trouble)                                                                                                                                           

51.Episode 261 (Mr.Grouper,and the Bubble Guppies Adventure)

52.Episode 262 (Bubble Guppies:PokePark)

53.Episode 263 (Dark Grouper)

54.Episode 264 (Jungle Explorers)

55.Episode 265 (The Return Of The Purple Poison Mini Woods)

56.Episode 266 (Monster Island)

57.Episode 267 (Gil's Wish)

58.Episode 268 (Only The Sphinx Nose)

59.Episode 269 (What's Bugging You?)

60.Episode 270 (Elephant On The Run)

61.Episode 271 (The Swamp Creature)

62.Episode 272 (Break Out!)

63.Episode 273 (Chichen-Itza Pizza)

64.Episode 274 (High Tea)

65.Episode 275 (Into The Deep)

Bubble Guppies (Se 6)

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