This season consists of 40 episodes.

1.Episode 276 (Knights Are Brave And Strong)

2.Episode 277 (The Amazing Splashinis)

3.Episode 278 (The Funnyman Boogeyman)

4.Episode 279 (Bubble Duckies!)

5.Episode 280 (Triple-Train-Track Race!)

6.Episode 281 (St.Guppies Special Day!)

7.Episode 282 (Glow-In-The-Dark Guppies!)

8.Episode 283 (Happiness Is Golden!)

9.Episode 284 (Have You Seen This Puppy?)

10.Episode 285 (Good Hair Day)

11.Episode 286 (Terror From The Toybox)

12.Episode 287 (The Marching Contest)

13.Episode 288 (The Spring Chicken Returns)

14.Episode 289 (Swimming at the Lake)

15.Episode 290 (All Splotched Up)

16.Episode 291 (Bring Out The Bugs!)

17.Episode 292 (Learning With The Enemy)

18.Episode 293 (Crash Landing)

19.Episode 294 (Terror From The Cookie Department)

20.Episode 295 (Balloon Adventure)

21.Episode 296 (The Grand Painters!)

22.Episode 297 (Nonny-Vicious!)

23.Episode 298 (Bubble Guppies: Les Miserables)

24.Episode 299 (Little Interpreters)

25.Episode 300 ()

26.Episode 301 (The Coral Trouts!)

27.Episode 302 (The Villains' First Day In Big Bubble Building)

28.Episode 303 (Castaways)

29.Episode 304 (The Broken Arm)

30.Episode 305 (Bubble Guppies: Revenge of the Sith)

31.Episode 306 (Lost in the Forest)

32.Episode 307 (The Villains' Awesome Rainy Day)

33.Episode 308 (The Tale Of The Not-So-Nice Dragon)

34.Episode 309 (Front Page News)

35.Episode 310 (Caveman's Best Friend)

36.Episode 311 (Blast From The Past)

37.Episode 312 (A Novel Idea)

38.Episode 313 (Fear Of A Clam)

39.Episode 314 (F.U.N With Ghosts)

40.Episode 315 (Worst Thing To Ever Happen)

Bubble Guppies (Se 7)

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