Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies Season 5 is a new series after season 4. On Instagram, Brianna Gentilella had made an Annocement saying: "Bubble Guppies was the best show I ever did. Voicing Molly and her singing voice gave me many memories in the studio. Now, I talked with Nickelodeon about them. Nick jr. Had agreed to bring us back." Seems that Nick jr. Misses the musical 6 kids as well. The voice actors had signed a contract of voicing the same characters. As moving on to season 6, there will be new voices.

Voice Actors Edit

  1. Bailey Gambertogolio: Speaking Voice Of Molly
  2. Brianna Gentiella: Singing Voice Of Molly
  3. Jay Gragnani: Singing/Speaking Voice Of Gil
  4. Issac Ryan Brown: Singing/Speaking Voice Of Goby
  5. Grace Kaufman: Singing/Speaking Voice Of Deema
  6. Tori Feinstein: Singing/Speaking Voice Of Oona
  7. Jet Jurgensmeyer: Singing/Speaking Voice Of Nonny
  8. Coco Grayson: Voice of Zooli
  9. Zachary Gordon: Singing/Speaking Voice Of Zach
  10. Britt McKillip: Singing/Speaking Voice Of Leah

Season 5 Has 15 Episode

Episode 1: The New Guppy 09/27/19

Episode 2: Secret Agent Nonny 10/14/19

Episode 3: The Kingdom of Clean 11/01/19

Episode 4: The Good, The Sad, and The Grumpy! 11/22/19

Episode 5: Ocean Patrol 01/03/20

Episode 6: Rockin’ Out 01/17/20

Episode 7: Genie in a Bubble 02/14/20

Episode 8: A Furry Tale 03/06/20

Episode 9: Super Baby 04/10/20

Episode 10: Dragons N’ Roses 05/29/20

Episode 11: Ninja Season 06/19/20

Episode 12: Snow Squad To The Rescue 07/03/20

Episode 13: Too Bright For Movie Night 08/14/20

Episode 14: The Great Guppy Games! 09/04/20

Episode 15: Guppy ghrage 11/20/20

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