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"You know what happens when you make Charlotte MAD!!"


Charlotte is the third youngest child of the SoundPuff Guppies, and the second-youngest of the SoundPuff sisters. She's also Chauncy's younger twin sister. Her annoying habit is constantly looking at a mirror.


Charlotte is selfish and bratty, and acts like a princess. Her interests include anything girly, from fashion shows to makeup. She constantly claims that she's the most beautiful one and plots and schemes to get her way. She has the most violent temper of any of the SoundPuffs, so the others are cautious to keep her on her good side. She is also a tattle-tale and likes to threaten her siblings just to get a scare out of them. Despite also being stubborn and independent with a dislike for caring, love, families and rainbows, she is ironically very caring and loves her siblings.


Charlotte has reddish-blond hair in a ponytail. She has a pink one-piece tail, white long gloves, pink earrings, light green eyes, and a tiara on her head.


  • She is younger than Chauncy.
  • She and Chauncy are the only SoundPuffs with orange hair, though hers has a yellowish hue while her brother's had a reddish hue.
  • She is based on Lola Loud from The Loud House.