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Name Darius
A/K/A "The Baby" (By Dean)
Age 1
Dislikes Big People
Gender Male
Favorite Thing to Do Playing with his dump truck

Darius is Edmond and Dean's baby Brother. he is 1 years old and he can't swim yet.


Darius isn't seen in much eisodes so he won't really have a personality, he's good friedns with, :Callum, Brandon and David They love to play games and chat in their babty language. Darius seem to like football and big slides. He has an ambition to hurt himself, which isn't really good for him.Dariusoldest brother:Edmond loves to take care of him, but he hates him when he's overprotective. The 1 year old young guppy can talk very well which isn't very common for a one year old.


Darius has Blue eyes and a red and Green tail. He has oraange hair. He looks a lot like dean and Edmond in a mix.