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Deema and Gil are good friends,but it is possible that they could have crushes on each other. Deema is a drama queen,Gil can be careless and goofy,and they are both somewhat gullible. Facts that some would say are indications of relationship potential.


  • Deema is usually seen hanging around with Gil (and/or Nonny)
  • Gup,Gup,and Away: Gil sat next to Deema in the plane.
  • Call A Clambulance: Gil and Deema did a story segment together.
  • Ducks in a Row: Gil was Deema's customer.
  • The Pet Rap: Gil and Deema sang and dance together.
  • Get Around: Gil and Deema were the background dancers.
  • Happy Holidays Mr Grumpfish: Gil helped Deema get the cookies done on time.
  • The Crayon Prix: During the race,Deema shouts,"Come on Gil! You can do it,boy!"
  • I Wanna Be A Cowboy/Cowgirl: Gil gives Deema a ride in his wagon.
  • The Grunpfish Special: Deema smiles at Gil during the story segment.
  • Deema and Gil both have blue eyes.
  • It's shown all over Bubble guppies 2 right along with OonaXGil, DeemaXNonny, MollyXNonny , MollyXGoby

Hints (Fanon)

  • The Fight For Deema's Life: Gil was concerned with Deema's horrible condition.
  • Danger In Gil's Life and The Fight For Deema's Life: Deema and Gil almost died from something deadly.
  • Super Guppies To The Rescue: Deema scares Gil in the sketches.
  • Baby Guppies!: Deema and Gil were the background dancers.

Hints(Zach and Leah’s Greatest Adventures)[]

Hints(Go For It With Hilary James Lyall)[]

  1. A Family Reunion? Holy Crab!: Hilary gets Deema,Gil,Oona,Zach and Leah to go to the Big Top to become circus performers.
  2. Finale: Gil and Deema compete against each other in the Final Go For It Face Off.
  3. Hilary Takes Flight: Gil and Deema stayed behind in Studio GSCH for the Half Time Quiz Show.