Hints Edit

  • Goby tends to be a customer for Deema's shop sketches,and vice-versa.
  • Goby and Deema tend to be paired up.
  • Bubble Bites: Deema and Goby had a story segment together.
  • The Cowgirl Parade: Deema made love eyes at Goby during the shop segment.
  • Bubble Guppies Theme Song: Deema and Goby are next to each other lots of times.
  • The Spring Chicken Dance: Deema and Goby sang and dance together.
  • Big Bubble City: Deema and Goby held hands.
  • In every episode,there is a hand-drawn picture of Deema and Goby together one the wall in the classroom.
  • Deema and Goby are the only ones that done the "Supplies!" running gag.
  • In the episode "The Glitter Games", when we go to the playing segment, we see Deema and Goby playing together.
  • In the episode "The Summer Camp Games", we could see Deema and Goby hug.

Hints (Fanon) Edit

  • Robot Guppies: Deema and Goby are the main characters.
  • Chirp Chirp Tweet Tweet: Deema and Goby are the main characters.
  • It's Raining,It's Pouring: Goby came to Deema's shop.
  • The Fight For Deema's Life: Goby hugged Deema when she came out of the office.
  • Apocalypse: Deema kissed Goby on the lips to jog back his memory.
  • Batman Guppy: The Movie!: Deema shows some interest for Goby throughout the movie.
  • DC Superheros: The Movie!: Deema has a picture of Goby, as Batman, in his cell.

Hints (Zach and Leah’s Greatest Adventures) Edit

Hints (Go For It With Hilary James Lyall) Edit

  1. That Doesn’t Float My Banana Boat(Unless You’re A Monkey): Goby and Deema stayed behind in Studio GSCH for the Half Time Quiz Show.They got all the questions right and got themselves fifty points.

Hints (Hilary's Lifelong Adventures Edit

  1. Don't Feel Shy, Hilary: Goby and Deema join forces with Hilary to help find out what’s making her feel shy on the day of the Season 5 Premiere.
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