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Name Dolly
A/K/A "The Drama Queen"
Age 5
Gender Female
Favorite Thing to Do Sing, dance and act in plays
Voice Actor Angelina Wahler


Dolly Gentilella is Molly's energetic and goofy sister. Her personality is as big as her hair! She often speaks in an overly excited voice, and she loves to tell jokes and make her parents laugh. Dolly likes to do things in an exaggerated fashion--from singing joyfully to weeping melodramatically. She likes to dance, act in plays, talk in funny voices, and make silly faces. No matter how much the people around her appreciate her enhusiasm, however, there are times when she's told to keep it down.


Dolly has light brown skin, brown eyes, and huge, poofy, 70s-style pink hair. She wears two small, blue earrings. Her tail and bikini top are blue with wavy, lighter blue stripes.

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