Personality Edit

Domendio,the leader,is one of the Aurora Borealis Boys. He's currently 8 years old. Domendio is kind,sweet,smart,and loves to sing! She's usually always in a good mood and likes to try out new things. He's the type of boy everyone wants to be with! He gets a lot of attention from everyone. But he is very humble,kind,loving,and always thinks maturely about things. While he adores singing,Domendio is happiest when he learns new things,like becoming a cowboy or driving in the color prix! Often he can be found singing with his red microphone playing pretend with the others. Domendio is truly a good friend,and he also makes them very easily. His favorite one is Albendizo. Many people like him because of his perky personality and his unselfish nature. Domendio will always lend a supportive hand in the end and never-ever gets angry with friends.

Looks Edit

Domendio is an eight year old boy with peach skin. His eyes are a brighter,dark brown color while his hair is naturally colored pastel red in Gil's style,except the bang curtains down his forehead. His theme color is red,reflected with his long-sleeved shirt with a black stripe across the middle and his pants and shoes. He's seen with a red feather hat.

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