Plot Edit

The guppies are on a gameshow.

Transcript Edit

One day,the guppies are at a gameshow called the French Louvage Gameshow,starring Louvage as the gameshow host.

Louvage: "Welcome,welcome all! This is the French Louvage Gameshow. Starring me as the gameshow host and the Bubble Guppies as our contestants. They will answer my strange questions. And now....question one,what are your feelings about wood?"

Molly: "Wood gives me splinters."

Gil: "Wood is good for everything!!"

Deema: "Well,this reminds me of my childhood...I once took a bite of a tree,and I can say for sure that wood is less tasty than fruits."

Goby: "I always feel a cold wave of hatred upon hearing that word...WOOD!! I SHALL DESTROY YOU WOOD!!!"

Oona: "Wood! Purple wood is soooo decorative! I always love wood! Wood is my life!"

Nonny: "Working with wood gives you splinters! OW!"

Anna: "Wood is good for life."


Lisa: "Wood is my life."

Patrick: "Let me think about it...this might take a while..."

Louvage: "Question two. If you were an alien,what kind of alien would you be?"

Molly: "I prefer being a caring and friendly alien."

Gil: "I like to be a funny and hyper alien."

Deema: "I would be the crazy,energetic,gross type of alien that will rule the,,everyone! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Goby: "I would be the type of alien with a wild imagination!"

Oona: "I like to be a purple alien."

Nonny: "I would be a small,hidden,and frightened alien in a long foreign world. Nobody would notice me."

Anna: "I'd like to be a serious and smart alien."

Ray: "GAGAGAGAGA! I wanna be an evil alien!"

Lisa: "I like to be a nice alien."

Patrick: "I wanna be an alien that can take over the universe! GAGAGAGAGA!"

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