Plot Edit

Jockey Nonny,Farmer Gil,and Cowgirl Molly enter a horse race in Kentucky, starting from the horse racing stadium,and going all the way to the Mississippi River,but Jockey Nonny and Cowgirl Molly keep horsing around and showing off their skills instead of racing. Will Farmer Gil win the race?

Songs: "The Horse-Ridin' Cry","When I Win","I Betcha","Keep Goin' Along"

Characters Edit

  1. Molly
  2. Gil
  3. Goby
  4. Nonny

Oona and Deema appear at the end, but, they have no lines.

Trivia Edit

Molly wore the same Cowgirl outfit from the Cowgirl Parade

Transcript Edit

All: Horsing Around!

(Molly Is At Playground)

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