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Christian Swider: The Movie: Christian’s Pet Roundup[]

Unleash The Fun!

When Christian Swider is on the job, you know everything will get fixed...even the "job" is helping find lost animals and bringing them home safely!

Grab your flying hoverboards and get ready to play chase as Christian and his team of cartoon people use creative thinking special treats to round up the pets of Las Vegas. Crunchy carrots do the trick when bunnies escape from the pet store, apples might be gopher's favorite treats, and it turns out birds just love snacks! And everyone falls in with love with a little kitty who needs a good home.

Hop up and join Christian and all the wonderful creatures in the community for high-flying and fix-it adventures!


  1. Lyle and Leland/Blackout on the Block (Bonus Episode)
  2. Goby Makes a Promise
  3. Pet Problem
  4. Kitty Sitting
  5. Gopher Help
  6. Maisy's Snack Castle

Christian Swider: The Movie: Fixing It Right[]

Have Fun Getting The Job Done!

Grab your flying hoverboard and fly into fun with Christian Swider and his loyal, lovable team of cartoon people. Working together, they'll get the job done right before you can say, "Come on, team! We've got a job to do!"

Cheer on Christian and his friends as Brobee heroically overcomes his fear of heights to lead the others, repair a jungle gym and make a grateful new friend. Gil surprises everyone, including himself, when he's the one who finds a clever solution to a really big problem. And Muno solves that oh-too-familiar mystery - "Where do socks go?" - when a dryer seems to be "eating" them. Join Christian and his gregarious gang of can-do helpers and you'll discover how cooperation and creative thinking make Fixing It Right fantastic fun for everyone!


  1. Christian To The Rescue (Available in English Only)
  2. Candace Strikes Out
  3. Gil's Big Idea
  4. Brobee To The Rescue
  5. Detective Muno


  1. Captain
  2. Peter Pan
  3. Narrator
  4. Christian
  5. Molly
  6. Gil
  7. Goby
  8. Deema
  9. Oona
  10. Nonny
  11. Zooli
  12. Bubble Puppy
  13. People From Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Nick Jr., and Playhouse Disney
  14. King
  15. Dexter
  16. Bubble Kitty
  17. Pepe
  18. Lyle
  19. Leland
  20. Ms. Forbus
  21. Mr. Pia
  22. Cassie
  23. Marty The Mynah Bird
  24. Hardware Store Clerk
  25. Señor Sanchez
  26. Julieta
  27. Mr. Groundskeeper
  28. Maisy
  29. Fire Chief
  30. Lemmy
  31. Sportacus
  32. Mayor
  33. Miffy
  34. Diego
  35. Wing
  36. Nut
  37. Mr. Yee
  38. Alex


  • Molly wore the same pirate hat and life jacket from the song segment of Party At Sea!
  • Deema wore the same life jacket from the song segment of The Summer Camp Games!
  • Oona wore the same pirate hat and life jacket from the song segment of Party At Sea!
  • Nonny wore the same life jacket from the song segment of Party At Sea!
  • Zooli wore the same life jacket from the story segment of Genie In A Bubble!
  • Gil wore the same pirate outfit from X Marks The Spot!
  • Goby wore the same pirate outfit from X Marks The Spot!
  • Molly wore the same ninja outfit from the story segment of Ninja Season
  • Gil wore the same ninja outfit from the story segment of Ninja Season
  • Goby wore the same ninja outfit from the story segment of Ninja Season and The Super Ballet Bowl
  • Zooli wore the same ninja outfit from the story segment of Ninja Season
  • Oona wore the same ninja outfit from the story segment of Ninja Season and The Super Ballet Bowl
  • Nonny wore the same ninja outfit from the story segment of Ninja Season
  • Deema wore the same ninja outfir from the song segment of Costume Boxing


  1. Hot dogs at Toodee’s house
  2. Chocolate milk and cookies at Muno’s house
  3. Egg salad at Foofa’s house
  4. Rocky road ice cream at Brobee’s house
  5. Celery with hummus at Plex’s house
  6. Chips and Salsa at Gil’s house
  7. Waffles at Goby’s house


(orchestra playing Disney Channel Movie intro)

Captain: We have our heading.

Peter Pan: Here we go!

Narrator: From the magic within our hearts…to the adventure beyond the horizon. There is only one Disney.

(orchestra playing)

Narrator: This Disney DVD is enhanced with Disney’s Fastplay. Your movie and a selection of bonus features will begin automatically. To bypass Fastplay, select the Main Menu button at anytime. Fastplay will begin in a moment.

(Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty trailer)

(Disney Little Einsteins: Flight of the Instrument Fairies trailer)

(Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Storybook Surprises trailer)

(My Friends Tigger and Pooh: Hundred Acre Wood Haunt trailer)

(Disney Little Einsteins: The Christmas Wish trailer)

(Disney Movie Rewards trailer)

(orchestra playing Disney DVD intro)

Chapter 1: Lyle and Leland/Blackout On The Block[]

(Toodee reading on-text)

(a Disney Channel available in HD screenbug appears)

Gil: Maybe we should put fuel in it, then it can zoom to the finish line.

Plex: I’ve got some right here.

Gil: Now let’s put it in.

(gas glugging)

Christian: Nice work, everyone!

Rusty: Yeah, you follow the directions in order, right, Christian?

Christian: That’s right, Rusty. (notices the viewers) Hey! I’m Christian. And these are my friends.

Others: Hi! Hello! Hey! Hi there! How’s it goin’?

Toodee: Today, we’re entering the Las Vegas Soapbox Derby. The racetrack goes down the hill, through a loop de loop, a corkscrew, through a forest, over a great big river, all the way to the finish line in the desert!

(sun scorching)

(a Disney Channel screenbug appears)

Dexter: That’s right, boys! Just park it right over there!

Gil: Whoa! Awesome!

Christian: Hi, Dexter.

Dexter: Oh, hello, guys. I didn’t know you lot were entering the Las Vegas Soapbox Derby this year.

Christian: Actually, this is my nephew, Pepe’s car - he wants to enter at the last minute, so we’re helping him build it.

Dexter: Well, isn’t that funny? I helped my nephews build a car too.

Gil: Hey! I think that there are two of you.

Leland: Of course there are, we’re brothers.

Lyle: Yeah, we’re twins!

Dexter: These are my nephews, Lyle and Leland. Well, boys, not a lotta time till the start of the race. Maybe we should take this baby for a little practice run.

Lyle and Leland: Yeah! Cool!

Dexter: Come on, boys. Let’s do a practice run.

(he pushes Lyle and Leland’s car down the hill, through the loop de loop, the corkscrew, into the forest, over the great big river and all the way to the finish line in the desert)

Dexter: Look at them go!

Gil: Whoa! Awesome!

Christian: Well, we’d better hurry. We have to finish Pepe’s car.

Gil: This goes here.


Goby: And that goes there.


Christian: And this goes there.


Zooli: And that goes here.

(screwdrivers twisting)

Christian: It looks great, guys.

(lights beeping)

(engine revs)


All: (coughing)


(the parts come off Lyle and Leland’s car)

Dexter: (gasps)

(the whole thing falls apart)

Dexter: Aw man! And I used extra strong glue on those axles! Boys, are you all right?

(the other cars are still making progress)

(Leela’s car gets a flat tire; the other two are still making progress)

(Nelson’s car runs out of gas; Pepe’s car is still making progress to the finish line)

(he crosses the finish line)

Goby: He did it!

Gil: All right!

(stomach gurgles)

Gil: But one question.

Christian: Yes, Gil?

Gil: Was that another broken car?

Goby: No, that’s just my stomach.

Toodee: Wanna come to my house for a snack today? We’ve got hot dogs!

(they grab their flying hoverboards and fly to Toodee’s house; iris out, episode moves on)

(Muno reading on-text)

Christian: OK, everyone. Ready to practice our magic spells?

Toodee: Ready, Christian! Let’s try the flying hat spell.

Christian: OK, so first we chant the magic words.

Muno: And then we wave our magic wands.

Christian: And hopefully, the hats will fly onto our heads.

Toodee: Well, here goes nothing.

Christian: Bim Sala Boom and a loaf of bread!

Gil: Hat, fly up upon my head!

(magic chimes)

Gil, Goby and Rusty: Uh-oh!

Christian: Look out! Whoa!

Gil: Whoa!

Toodee: Ha ha- Oh!

Muno: Ah! Phew.

Toodee: Hey, that’s not my head.

Christian: It certainly isn’t.

Gil: Aw, man, why can’t we get any magic spells right?

Christian: Being a magician is hard work, Gil. It takes lots of practice.

(the lights suddenly went out)

Rusty: What was that?!

Christian: Stay calm, everyone. At least I’ve got my camping lanterns.

Gil: Well, hopefully, the lights will come back on. The mayor spoke with the electric company, and they’re already working on the problem. One of their wires came crashing down.

Christian: Gil’s right. Must be a blackout.

Goby: Uh, what is a blackout, anyway?

Rusty: I don’t wanna know - it sounds scary!

Guppies: (laughing)

King: Oh, it’s okay, Rusty. A blackout happens when the electricity goes off in the whole town.

Rusty: I think you’re right, Your Majesty. (bows to the king)

(fanfare playing)

Audience Kids: (laughing)

Christian: Oh, Rusty.

(the lights come back on completely)

Christian: The lights are back on.

Guppies: Yay! No more blackout!

King: Ho ho ho.

(stomach gurgles)

King: What in the world was that?

Rusty: Sounds like there’s another scary blackout on the block!

Oona: Oh, no!

Pablo: Uh-oh!

Zooli: Don't worry, that’s just my tummy grumbling.

Muno: Let’s go to my house for some chocolate milk and cookies!

(the Disney Channel screenbug disappears as they grab their flying hoverboards and fly out the door to Muno’s house; commercial break)

Chapter 2: Goby Makes A Promise[]

(Foofa reading on-text)

(upbeat music playing)

(the Disney Channel screenbug appears)

Zooli: Is it ready, Christian?

Christian: Almost, Zooli.

Gil: How many more pieces?

Christian: Just three more pieces to go. Almost there…and finished! There we go. The Christian Swider express is ready to roll.

All: (whooping)

Christian: Now who wants to push the go button?

Goby: I do! (presses the button)

(train whistle toots)

(Christian presses the stop button which makes the train stop)

Rusty: What happened, Christian?

Christian: I forgot to connect the new caboose I bought today.

Pat: What’s a caboose?

Christian: The caboose is what you call the last car on the train. Now where did I leave it? Ah! Downstairs! That’s where I left the caboose. Wait here. (leaves)

Muno: I love Christian’s new train set.

Felipe: Sí, mi gusto mucho, I like it a lot.

Pablo: Me too! Me too! Me- (exclaims)

(train whistle toots)

Pablo: Uh-oh!

(train whistle toots)

Rusty: Ah!

Dusty: Run, Rusty! Run!

Felipe: Corre! Corre!

Rusty: (to himself) Run, Rusty! Run!

(bell dings)

Rusty: Ah!

(train clatters)

(Christian catches Rusty)

Rusty: Thanks, Christian.

Christian: No problem, Rusty.

Pablo: Sorry, Christian.

Christian: It’s okay, Pablo.

(phone ringing)

Foofa: Someone’s calling us!

Christian: Hello. Christian’s Emergency Rescue Shop. If you don’t know what to do…

Foofa: We’re here to help!

Audience Kids: (laughing)

Christian: This is Christian.

(a square appears with Mrs. Forbus on the phone)

Mrs. Forbus: Good afternoon, Christian. This is Mrs. Forbus. How are you?

Christian: Oh, good. Good afternoon to you, Mrs. Forbus. We’re doing fine. Is there something we can do for you today?

Mrs. Forbus: Yes, Christian. Can you come by my house? I have a table with a broken leg.

Christian: A broken table leg? Say no more. We’ll be right over. (hangs up)

(the square disappears)

Felipe: But what about the train?

Christian: We can work on the train when we get back from Mrs. Forbus’ house.

Gil: Yeah!

Christian: (grabs his flying hoverboard) OK, team. We got a job to do!

(Song: Dress Up)

(song ends)

Audience Kids: (clapping and cheering) HOORAAAAAY! YAYYYYY!

(hoverboards whirring)

Christian: Hey, Dexter.

Dexter: Hey, guys.

Gil: Lemme give you a hand with those.

Dexter: No thanks, Gil. They’re not as heavy as they look. Where are you guys off to today?

Christian: Oh, we have to fly to Mrs. Forbus’ house to fix a broken table leg.

Gil: But when we come back…

Goby: We’re going to fix our train!

Dexter: Train, eh? Well, if you like trains, you’re gonna love what’s in this box!

(he takes out a remote control and a toy robot)

Zooli: Wow!

Rusty: What is it?

Dexter: It’s a robot.

Robot: Hello.

Dexter: And it’s also a train whistle.

(button bleeps)

(piano playing)

Turner: That’s the strangest train whistle I’ve ever heard.

Dexter: Hmph! Must be busted. I’ll try another one.

(button bleeps)

(trumpet playing)

(button bleeps)

(trombone playing)

(buttons bleeping)

(French horn playing)

(tuba playing)

(xylophone playing)

(accordion playing)

(electric guitar playing)

(drums playing)

Dexter: That’s odd! Oh, these aren’t robot train whistles, they’re robot instrument whistles!

(piano, trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, xylophone, accordion, electric guitar and drums playing)

Dexter: What’s that?

Bubble Kitty: (yowls)

Dexter: Oh, man! Come back here, Bubble Kitty! See you later, guys. BUBBLE KITTY!

Gil: So long, Dexter.

(hoverboards whirring)

Mrs. Forbus: Thank goodness you guys are here. Here’s the broken table.

Gil: Oh, it’s definitely broken. But we can fix it, right, Christian?

Christian: Yeah.

Mrs. Forbus: It’s Maurice’s favorite table.

Uniqua: Who’s Maurice?

Mrs. Forbus: Maurice is my pet chameleon.

Turner: I… don’t see anything.

Candace: Maybe he stepped out for a sandwich.

Rusty: Yep, looks pretty empty to me.

(Maurice changes)

Rusty: AAAGH!!! (mumbles)

Mrs. Forbus: You don’t have to be afraid, Rusty. Chameleons can change colors to blend in with the things around them.

Christian: Don’t you worry, Maurice. We’ll have your table fixed in no time. Right, team?

Gil: Yeah!

(Song: Is There A Job I Can Do For You)

(song ends)

Zooli: Yay!

Christian: I think everyone did a great job.

Goby: Well, whaddya know? (swims to get a closer look at Maurice)

Christian: Come on, guys. Let’s fly back home so we can get the train repaired.

Candace: You know, I feel like someone found a new friend.

Christian: Goby, time to go.

Goby: OK, Christian. Bye, Maurice. I’ll miss you.

Mrs. Forbus: Goby, would you like to take care of Maurice for the day?

Goby: Wha?

Mrs. Forbus: You heard me. I’m going out of town for the day to visit my sister. And I think Maurice would love the company.

Goby: Can I, Christian?

Christian: I feel like the king will appreciate it.

Goby: All right!

Mrs. Forbus: Now, Goby, you must promise me that you’ll take good care of Maurice. And most important of all, make sure that his tank cover stays closed - otherwise he could get out.

Goby: I promise.

(back home)

Goby: Christian, I think Maurice is hungry.

Christian: OK, Goby. You can give him some food. It’s right next to the tank. Not too much, Goby.


(Mr. Pia comes in)

Mr. Pia: Morning, Your Majesty. Hi, Christian. Hey, dudes.

Gil and Goby: How's it going, Mr. Pia?

Mr. Pia: So, what looks good today?

Gil: Nothing looks good today, Mr. Pia. But my uncle can whip you up something if you don't mind waiting.

Mr. Pia: No problem. According to my calculations, I've got plenty of time.

Goby: Uh, I don't know how to tell you this, but I think the clock's not working right.

Mr. Pia: The clock's not working right? But...if the clock's not working right, that means...that means I'M LATE FOR SCHOOL!

(he runs off)

Christian: Boy, he's always on the go-go-go, eh, Your Majesty?

(stomach gurgles)

Rusty: What was that?!

Christian: Was that one of Dexter’s inventions?

Foofa: No, that’s just my stomach. Please come to my house for a snack: egg salad.

All: (gasping)

Foofa: Just kidding.

All: (laughing)

Plex: Oh, Foofa.

(they grab their flying hoverboards and fly out the door to Foofa’s house; iris out, episode ends)

Chapter 3: Pet Problem[]

(Brobee reading on-text)

(upbeat music playing as the Disney Channel screenbug appears)

Bubble Puppy: (barks)

Zooli: Way to go, Bubble Puppy!

Gil: Yeah! Get it! Chase it!

Bubble Puppy: (barks twice)

Goby: The ball! Get the ball!

All: (chattering)

Christian: I'll be- Whoa! Back in a minute. I just need a spare part.

Goby: My turn! My turn! Over here!

(Bubble Puppy whacks the ball at him)

Goby: I got it! I got it! Ah! Oof!

Gil: You OK, buddy?

Goby: Uh-huh. I’m OK.

Bubble Puppy: (barks, sneezes)

Gil: Aw, man! Not again!

All (shouting): HEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian: Bubble Puppy’s got a cold, huh?

Turner: Yep.

Christian: Don’t worry. I’ll ask the king and he’ll take him to the animal hospital and hopefully, he'll feel a lot better. Take Bubble Puppy to the animal hospital, please, Your Majesty.

King: With pleasure, young lad.

(the king takes his leave)

Goby: But I wanna play now!

Christian: I know, Goby. But sometimes Bubble Puppy has to rest, just like us.

Molly: We can play with something else while Bubble Puppy’s resting.

Gil: It won’t be the same as playing with Bubble Puppy.

(phone ringing)

Brobee: Someone’s calling us!

(Christian answers the phone)

Christian: Hello. Christian’s Emergency Rescue Shop. If you don’t know what to do, we’re here to help. This is Christian.

(a circle appears with Cassie on the phone)

Cassie: Good morning, Christian. It’s Cassie, from the pet shop. How’s it going?

Christian: Very well, Cassie. How’s everything at the pet store?

Cassie: Actually, that’s why I’m calling. I have a cage that’s broken. I’m wondering if you can come fix it before I open.

Christian: Sure, we’ll be right over.

Cassie: Thanks, Christian!

(the circle disappears)

Christian: We’ve got a job to do over at Cassie’s store.

Oona: Cassie’s Pet Store?! Yay! The pet store! I love the pet store. Last time, Cassie let me pet the snake!

Molly: I like the hamsters!

Zooli: Hey! Maybe we can get another pet, someone to play with when the king’s taking Bubble Puppy to the animal hospital.

Deema: Ooh! We can get a kitten or a fish!

Molly: Or a hamster!

Pat: Or even a hippopotamus! Whoa! Oof! I’m OK.

Christian; (laughs) I don’t know, guys. Having one pet is a lot of work! Two may be a lot more than we can handle.

Candace: Yeah. That goes for all of us, too.

Christian: (grabs his flying hoverboard) Come on, team! We’ve got a job to do!

(Song: Dress Up)

(song ends)

Audience Kids: (clapping and cheering) HOORAAAAY! YAYYYYY!

(hoverboards whirring)

Christian: Hmm, Looks like Dexter must be trying to get some new customers.

(“Dexter’s Laboratory Title Card Theme” playing)

Dexter: Ugh!

(stapler clicking)

Gil: There he is!

Dexter: (muttering) Thing scares me every time it goes off. Ah!

Zooli: Say, these are nice looking posters, Dexter. Do you need a hand?

Dexter: Oh, hi guys. Thanks, but I’ve got everything under control.

Zooli: OK, suit yourself. (swims off)

Dexter: Of course I can operate a simple stapler, no problem. (exclaims)

Audience Kids: (laughing)

(Bubble Kitty meows)

Dexter: (grunts) Ugh! Oh, man…

(at Cassie's Pet Store)

Christian: Looks like Cassie has some new animals.

Twist: Do you see any hippopotami, dude?

Christian: I don't think so, Twist.

Oona: Oh, a kitty!

Mynah Bird: (squawks) Oh, a kitty! Oh, a kitty! (squawks)

Rusty: (gasps) What was that?!

Felipe: Un pajaro!

Christian: Felipe's right, a bird.

Muno: What kind of bird is it, Christian?

Christian: It's a Mynah bird - they can talk.

Goby: A talking bird! That'd be a great pet! Whaddya think, Christian?

Mynah Bird: (squawks) Whaddya think, Christian? Whaddya think, Christian? (squawks)

Audience Kids: (laughing)

Gil: He said what you just said, buddy.

Cassie: Hi guys, thanks for coming so quickly.

Gil, Goby and Rusty: Hey! How's it goin'? Glad we can make it.

Cassie: That's Marty - he likes to imitate people.

Pat; Hi, Marty! I'm a hammer!

Marty: (squawks) I'm a hammer! I'm a hammer! (squawks)

Dusty: No, you're not, Marty. You're a bird!

All: (laughing)

Cassie: Here's the broken cage.

Squeeze: Bunnies! They're so cute!

Rusty: (gasps) Oh, no!

Turner: What's with him?

Felipe: I think he's afraid of the conejitos.

Christian: Afraid of the bunnies? Rusty, bunnies are very friendly. Come and see!

Goby: Well, whaddya know?

(bunny sniffs)

Goby: (laughs) You're so cute! Can we get one, Christian? Please?!

Christian: We'll think about it. But right now, we have a job to do!

Gil: Yeah!

Goby: Oh, yeah. Hmmm. The only place we can get a new latch is the hardware store. And Gil and I can pick one right up! Don't worry, Cassie. We'll be right back. C'mon, Gil!

Gil: RIght behind you, buddy!

Candace: Boys, are you sure?

Gil: We can't give up - Cassie's counting on us!

Rusty: Good luck, Gil and Goby!

Zooli: You can do it!

(Gil and Goby left the pet store)

Gil: It's not too far from here!

(upbeat music playing)

Gil: (singing) Gonna drive, drive, drive, 'til we touch the sky

Gonna go real fast, gonna feel alive

(Sing it loud!)


Gil and Goby: Kick into overdrive

'Cause this is the ride of our lives (Go, go)

The ride of our lives (Go, go)

The ride of our lives (Go, go)

It's time to fly

This is the ride of our lives

Hey-oh, hey

Hey-oh, hey, hey

Ride of our lives!

(song ends; Gil and Goby are now at the hardware store)

Gil: Hey, madam!

Hardware Store Clerk: Hey, Gil, Goby. What can I do for you two today?

Goby: We're helping Cassie out at her pet shop.

Gil: She's got a broken cage - full of bunnies!

Goby: Hmm. I don't get it.

Hardware Store Clerk: What are you two looking for?

Goby: A stainless steel latch with barrel hinges. There's none left - but Gil and I were sure there was a bunch on the shelf just yesterday!

Hardware Store Clerk: Oh, another customer came in and bought them all.

Gil: Aw, man! Now what?

Hardware Store Clerk: It's a good thing I ordered some more, huh?

Goby: Well, whaddya know? Let's get this latch and get back to Cassie's. C'mon, Gil!

Gil: See you later, madam. Coming!

(Gil and Goby left the hardware store; back at Cassie's)

Goby: Gil and I got the new latch we need. Your cage will be fixed in no time.

Cassie: That didn't take too long, did it?

Gil: Nope, didn't take long at all.

Goby: We'll let you know if you need anything.

Cassie: OK. I'll be going upstairs to take a bath.

(Cassie went upstairs to take a bath)

Christian: Now all I need is the right tool for the job.

Felipe: That's me, Christian! Right Tool is my first name!

Pat: Hmm, I thought it was Felipe.

Christian: Thanks. Felipe. But right now, I need Goby's help to use his pliers to bend the bar back into shape.

Goby: (with a smug expression) Naturally. (takes out his pliers and tries to bend the bar back into shape but lets a bunny escape) AGH!

All: (gasping)

Goby: Whoopsie-daisy.

Rusty: Oh, no! The bunnies are loose!

Marty: (squawks) The bunnies are loose! The bunnies are loose! (squawks)

Christian: Don't worry, we'll get them. Whoa, I gotcha! Whoa! I don't!

Rusty: No! Stay away! Stay away, you! Please.

Turner: Oh, brother, they're just bunnies!

Goby: Ooh, Cassie's not gonna be happy!

Gil: Ah! How can we get them back in their cage, Christian?

Christian: OK, everyone stay calm. We'll just round them up, and put them back, no problem!

(epic chase music playing)

Turner: Here, bunny!

(Felipe and Turner exclaim)

Both: (groaning)

Gil: Come on, buddy.

Goby: Right behind you!

(they knock into kitty carriers)

Both: Oof!

Gil: Ow...

(two kitty carriers trap Gil and Goby)

Goby: Phew! Where are we?

Gil: Looks like we knocked into some kitty carriers, and two of them might've fallen on top of us.

(epic chase music playing)

(a bunny hops behind boxes and makes the others fall down to the ground)

All: (yelling)

Christian: Oh, this isn't working.

Pat: Oh! Who knew bunnies were so quick?

Christian: There must be an easier way to get the bunnies back in their cage.

Goby: Aha! I've got it!

(sneaky music playing)

(bunnies sniffing)

(Rusty shakes scaredly)

Candace: Grrr!

Rusty: (whispers) Sorry.

(the bunnies follow the carrots into the cage)

Gil: They're in!

Both: Oof!

Gil: Ow...

Christian: Way to go! Now we can finally begin our repair. Come on, team. No time to rest now.

(Song: Is There A Job I Can Do For You)

(song ends)

Oona: Hooray!

Rusty and Pat: Yay! It worked!

Christian: Nice work.

Marty: (squawks) Nice work! Nice work! (squawks)

Molly: (giggles)

Cassie: Wow, the cage looks brand new. Nice job, Christian.

Gil: Why don't mention it, Cassie. Helping people in Las Vegas is what we do.

Cassie: You're welcome to stay and take turns to take a bath if you like, Baths are a lotta fun.

(stomach gurgles)

Tyrone: Uh... P-Pablo?

Pablo: Yeah?

Marty: (squawks) The bunnies are loose! The bunnies are loose! (squawks)

Ferb: That wasn't quite how I remembered it.

Brobee: He's right. And it was my stomach. How about we head over to my house for a snack? We've got rocky road!

Gil: Rocky road?

Goby: Rocky road?

Rusty: Yummy!

Christian: Sounds good.

(the Disney Channel screenbug disappears as they grab their flying hoverboards and fly out the door to Brobee's house; iris out, commercial break)

Chapter 4: Kitty Sitting[]

(Plex reading on-text)

(the Disney Channel screenbug appears)

(shanty music playing)

Christian: Gil, hold the wheel.

Gil: Aye-aye, captain!

Christian: Goby, swab the deck.

Goby: Aye-aye, captain!

Christian: Rusty, hoist the main sail.

Rusty: It's tough to be a pirate, right, Christian?

Christian: That's right, Rusty.

Molly, Deema, Oona, Nonny and Zooli: (singing) Soon we'll make the wellerman come to bring us costumes and building blocks, load it up! When the packing is done, we'll take our leave and go. Soon we'll make the wellerman come to bring us musical instruments, pack it up! When the loading is done, we'll take our leave and go.

(song ends)

Bubble Puppy: (barks and licks Molly)

Molly: (giggles)


Hardware Store Clerk: Good shanty, kids.

Gil: Did you see me steer the ship, madam?

Hardware Store Clerk: I sure did, Gil. You're an excellent pirate. You all are!

Chapter 5: Gopher Help[]

Chapter 6: Maisy’s Snack Castle[]




Chapter 1: Christian To The Rescue[]

Chapter 2: Candace Strikes Out[]

Chapter 3: Gil’s Big Idea[]

Chapter 4: Brobee To The Rescue[]

Chapter 5: Detective Muno[]


Episode 125b (The Fight In Little Fish’s Life)