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In a haunted house, ghosts Molly, Oona, Gil, Nonny, and Goby try to scare an unsuspecting stranger, Deema. But Gil is a little nervous, and didn't get to practice. When Deema agrees to play a game of Hide-And-Go-Boo, the ghosts try to scare her, but Deema doesn't think they can. While Molly, Oona, Nonny, and Goby enjoy being "spooky", Gil doesn't think he has what it takes to be a good ghost. Can Gil gain the confidence he needs to create the perfect scare?

Songs: It's Great To Be A Ghost, What's So Scary 'Bout That?, Hide And Go Boo, When I'm Booin'

Snack: Apples


  • A spooky voice was heard at the end.
  • Oona was in her ghost costume for the third time. The first one being Haunted House Party and the second one being Baby Troubles.


  1. Eamon Pirruccello as Nonny
  2. Reyna Shaskan as Oona
  3. Brianna Gentilella as Molly
  4. Zachary Gordon as Gil
  5. Jelani Imagi as Goby
  6. Angelina Wahler as Deema


(The Bubbleyardigans Theme Song plays)

All: It's Great To Be A Ghost!

Nonny: "Hi, it's me Nonny. Ooooooohhhhh."

(Oona was busy building a card tower.)

Oona: "One more card and my card tower will be..."

Nonny: "Boo!"

Oona: "Yikes! (Oona was so scared that her card tower collapsed) Nonny!"

Nonny: "Hey, Oona! Did I scare you?"

Oona: "Yeah! You scared me so much that you made me knock my card tower over."

Nonny: "Whoops! Sorry! You see, I'm a ghost. Ghost put their arms out like this. And they float around and they make noises like this wooo-ooo! It's great to be a ghost!"

Oona: "Well. Now, that you mentioned it. I’m a ghost too! Let’s be scary together!"

(Nonny and Oona swam outside and they start singing the first verse of "It's Great to be a Ghost")

When I make that moaning sound

I get the urge to float around

With my arms stretched out

I could float all day

and there's a word that I heard a ghost once say: It's boo!

I say boo!

Oh, boo, boo, boo, yeah, boo to you

Not a care in the world

you'll hear me boast

because, boo

It's great to be a ghost

Molly: Come on, boys! Let's play hide and go seek!

Gil: Okay.

Nonny: Oh! Hey, Oona! I almost forgot what the best part about being a ghost is!

Oona: Really. What?!

Nonny: You see, Ghost like to haunt people! That means you sneak up on them and yell boo! And it looks like we just found 3 people to haunt!

Oona: Nice!

Gil: Okay, Goby and I will hide while you count to 10.

Molly: 1, 2, 3...

Nonny and Oona: Woooo-ooo-ooo!

Gil: (Gasps) What was that spooky sound?

Goby: I don’t know.

Molly: Sounds like a ghost!

Gil: A ghost?!

Molly: Yeah! Let's go find him!

Gil: But, but, ghosts make me nervous.

Goby: "Me too!"

Molly: Don't worry, just follow me.

Nonny and Oona: Woooo-ooo-ooo!

Gil: There it is again!

Molly: Yeah, it's coming from over there. C'mon! All right, ghost! Come out, come out wherever you are.

Gil: Yeah, wherever you are.

Molly: I wonder where that ghost-

Nonny and Oona: Boo!

Molly, Goby and Gil: Ahhhh!

All (Except for Deema): (Giggle)

Nonny and Oona: ¿Did we scare you?

Gil: Uh-Huh, I was really scared.

Molly: (Giggling) Yeah! You're a good ghost!

Nonny and Oona: (Laughing) It's great to be a ghost!

Molly: Well, we want to be ghosts too! Right, boys?

Gil: I don't know. Ghosts make me nervous.

Goby: Me too!

Molly: There's nothing to be nervous about.

Oona: Yeah, boys. It's great to be a ghost!

(All five Bubble Guppies started singing the second verse of "It's Great to be a Ghost")

First you make a moaning sound

hold your arms out to float around

But that’s not all

because I’m sure you’ve heard about

a ghost’s all-time favorite word, it’s boo!

Nonny: (screaming) I say boo!

Molly: (screaming)

Oona: Oh, boo, boo, boo!

Gil: Yeah, boo to you!

Goby and Oona: Not a care in the world

you'll hear us boast


Molly: Boo!

Nonny: (screaming)

Goby: It’s great to be a ghost

Now you try it, Gil.

Gil: I’ll try to make that moaning sound

and maybe I’ll start to float around

But I’m nervous, because I’m not so

sure about the word that I just heard

Molly: It’s boo!

Gil: (screaming) You say boo!

Molly and Oona: Yeah

Gil: Oh, boo, boo, boo

Goby: You know it’s true

All: Not a care in the world can hear us boast, because...

Gil: Boo! It’s great to be a ghost!

Oona and Molly: Boo! It’s great to be ghost!

All: We say boo! It’s great to be a ghost!

(Song ends.)

All: Boo! (Giggles)

Oona: Now that we're all ghosts, we need a place to haunt.

Gil: Uh, like a haunted house?

Molly: Yeah, a haunted house! Great idea, Gil!

Nonny: Right, a haunted house with a rickety fence.

Molly: And an old front porch with lots of spooky cobwebs.

Goby: And don't forget the giant creaky front door.

Oona: "Guys! Look."

(A Bubble pops and the playground changes into a haunted house. The five Guppies swam to the haunted house turning themselves transparent and glowing them in blue, Oona wore her ghost attire from The Haunted House Party)

Molly, Oona, Goby and Nonny: Ooh! Spooky!

Gil: Yeah, spooky.

Molly: Hey, I can see right throught you!

Nonny: Yeah, we're transparent!

Molly, Oona, Goby and Nonny: Spooky!

Gil: Yeah, spooky.

Molly: It's great to be a ghost!

Goby: Let's go see what kind of spooky stuff is inside the haunted house.

Gil: Being transparent makes me a little nervous.

Molly: C'mon, Gilly!

(Owl hoots)

Gil: (Gasps)

Goby: Okay, ghosts, get ready to do some haunting. Hey, the doors locked!

Gil: Oh well, let's go home.

Molly: Wait a minute. Hey, Goby, why don't you try the doorbell.

Goby: Oh yeah, the doorbell.


Gil: Well, looks like nobody is home. Let's go.

Molly: Hey, wait a minute. We're ghosts. We can float throught the doors. Watch this. Wooo-ooo-ooo!

Oona, Nonny, Goby and Gil: (Gasps)

Gil: Whoa!

Nonny, Goby and Oona: Cool.

Molly: It worked. Come on, you guys.

Goby, Nonny and Oona: Okay. we're next. we're next. Stand back. Woooo-ooo-ooo!

Molly: C'mon, Gil. You can do it.

Oona: Remember, you have to go Wooo-oooo!

Gil: Woo?

Molly, Oona, Goby and Nonny: No, louder!

Gil: Wooo-ooo!

Molly: All right, Gil, you made it!

Nonny: Gil, you can open your eyes now.

Oona: Sure is spooky in here.

Goby: Yeah, really spooky!

Molly: This is spookiest haunted house ever!

Gil: Haunted houses make me nervous.

Nonny: We can haunt this whole house! All we need is someone to scare.

Molly: ¿Like an unsuspecting stranger?

Goby, Nonny and Oona: Yeah! An unsuspecting stranger!

Molly: Hey, let's practice!

Gil: ¿Practice? ¿Practice what?

Molly: Practice being ghost, silly!

Goby: Yeah! C'mon, ghost! Follow me!

Molly: It's okay, Gil. Just stick with us.

Gil: Well, okay.

Nonny: Wow! Look at all these spooky old paintings. This a really good place to practice!

Molly: Go ahead, Gilly! Do something spooky!

Gil: Uhhh... I can't think of anything.

Nonny: Well, I can! Check this out. Wooo-ooo-oo...

Molly: Wow! Spooky, ¿Huh, Gil?

Gil: Yeah, spooky.

Nonny: Okay, you guys walk by me and I'll try to scare you.

Molly: Okay! C'mon, Gil.

Nonny: ¿Ready, you guys?

Molly: Ready! C'mon. There sure are a lot of spooky paintings in this house. ¿Huh, guys?

Gil, Goby and Oona: There certainly are.

Nonny: Boo!

Molly, Oona, Gil and Goby: (Screaming)

Nonny: ¿Did I scared you? ¿Did I scared you?

Gil: Uh-Huh.

Molly: Yeah! That was really spooky!

Nonny: Thanks! It wasn't really that hard.

Molly: Okay, Gil, now you do something spooky.

Gil: I don't know.

Molly: Then I'll go.

Nonny: ¿What are you gonna do, Molly?

Molly: I'm gonna turn invisible and move stuff around.

Goby: Ohh, spooky! Huh, Gil?

Gil: Yeah, really spooky.

Molly: Okay, you guys. When I say ready, you guys walk down the hall and I'll try to scare you.

Nonny: Okay!

Molly: I'm going to turn invisible. Watch this. Woooo-ooooo-ooo! Now they won't be able to see me! Okay, guys, ready!

Nonny: Okay! Here we come!

Molly: This is really going to scare them. Woo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo!

Nonny, Goby, Gil and Oona: (Gasps)

Oona: Hey, look at that!

Gil: It's floating!

Goby: That's really spooky, ¿Huh?

Gil: Yeah. Uh, Goby, Nonny and Oona...

Goby, Nonny and Oona: ¿Yeah?

Molly: Boo!

Gil, Goby, Nonny and Oona: (Screaming)

Molly: (Giggles)

Gil, Goby, Nonny and Oona: (Giggling and panting)

Molly: Pretty spooky, ¿Huh, guys?

Gil: Yeah.

Goby: Yeah.

Nonny: Yeah.

Oona: Yeah.

Nonny: Yeah, you're a really good ghost, Molly!

Molly: Thanks! See, Gilly! It's easy. It just takes a little practice.


Gil: ¿What was that?

Nonny: Someone's at the front door!

Gil: I wonder who it could be.

Molly: Maybe it's an...

Molly, Oona, Goby and Nonny: Unsuspecting stranger!

Nonny: Let's try and scare them!

Molly: Yeah!

Gil: But I didn't get to practice.


Deema: Hello? Anybody home?

Nonny: Okay, you guys, when I open the door, we'll all jump out and yell boo! Okay?

Gil, Goby, Oona, Nonny and Molly: Okay.

Deema: Hello? Anybody home? Hello?

All (Except for Deema): Boo!

Deema: Oh, hey you guys, thanks for opening the door.

Gil: You're welcome!

Deema: What a nice place. Maybe a little dusty, and there's a lot of cobwebs.

Nonny: "Hey! Wait. Aren’t you scared?"

Molly: "Yeah!"

Deema: "Scared?! Of what?"

Nonny: "Of us."

Molly: "We’re ghosts."

Oona: "Yeah!"

Goby: "We’re ghost!"

Molly: "And you’re an unsuspecting stranger."

Deema: "I may be an unsuspecting stranger, but, you’re gonna have to try harder than that to scare me."

Oona: "How come?"

Deema: "Because, this girl isn’t scared of anything."

Gil: "You’re not!"

Goby: "Not even a big old spooky haunted house."

Deema: "Nope!"

Molly: "All filled with creepy cobwebs and shadowy staircases."

Deema: "Of course not! What’s so scary about that?"

(Song: .)

(Song ends.)

Deema: "See, Guys. I’m not afraid of anything."

Nonny: "Oh. Yeah!"

Oona: "I bet we can scare you real good!"

Deema: "Oh no! You can’t!"

All: "Oh. Yes! We can!"

Deema: "Oh no! You can’t!"

All: "Oh. Yes! We can!"

Deema: "Oh no! You..."

Molly: "Oh. I got it! We can play hide and go boo! Cuz, that will definite scare you."

Nonny: "Yeah! Hide and go boo! It’s like hide and go seek, only scarier!"

Gil: "How do you play that?"

Oona: "Well. Deema closes her eyes and counts to ten. And we all hide."

Molly: "And when you’re done counting. You come and find us and that’s when we jump out and scare you."

Deema: "Well. We’ll see about that. Let’s play!"

Gil: "But, I’m not good at scaring yet."

Goby: "Who cares."

Oona: "C’mon! Let’s hide and get ready to be scary!"

Deema: "Ready, set, go! (Closes her eyes as the Guppies swam to hide) One, two, three."

(Nonny hides in a painting, Oona and Goby hide behind an umbrella stand.)

Nonny: "Hurry up and hide, Gil!"

(Gil swam to the library, but, Molly was there.)

Molly: "Gilly! Find someplace to hide. Hurry!"

Gil: "But..."

Deema: "Ten! Ready or not! Here I come!"

Molly: "Hurry up!”

Deema: "Okay. Ghosts! Scary or not, here I come! Hmm."

Molly: "Go and hide!"

(Gil swims off to hide.)

Deema: “Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

(Song: .)

(Song ends.)

Deema: "Ghosts! Where are you? You can try to scare me now! (Notices the painting Nonny’s hiding in) Hey! I recognize this painting."

Nonny: "Boo!"

Deema: "Oh. Hi, Nonny! I thought you looked familiar."

Nonny: "Did I scare you? Huh."

Deema: "Absolutely not! Sorry! But, it was kinda cool though!"

Nonny: "Well. I bet the other ghosts will scare you."

Deema: "We’ll see about that!"

(They hear Molly. Goby and Oona swam over.)

Oona: "Whoa! What was that?"

Goby: "I don’t know. But, that sure sounds spooky."

Deema: "Let’s go check it out! C’mon!"

Nonny: "Hmm."

The four Guppies swam to the library.

Deema: "Ghost!"

Oona: "Deema! Look."

Deema: "Wow! A floating book! (The book suddenly takes a mind of it’s own) Huh. What’s the big idea?"

Molly: "Hey! That’s my spooky floating book."

Nonny: "Now, that was really spooky."

Deema: "Not really! It didn’t scare me!"

Molly: "Well. I bet Gil can scare you. He’s really spooky."

Goby: "Oh. Yeah! He is really spooky."

Deema: "Gil. If you say so! Gil! Where are you? Come out, come out wherever you are!"

(Gil peeks out.)

Gil: "Uh Oh! Where am I gonna hide? Oh man! I’m not spooky enough and I didn’t get to practice."

(Song: .)

Deema: "Ghost!"

Molly: "Where could he be?"

Nonny: "I don’t know."

Deema: "Maybe, he’s upstairs."

(Song ends as Gil activates a secret passageway.)

Gil: "Whoa! (Gasps), looks around and bumps into something and a cloak falls on him, Screams) A ghost! Help! Help me! A ghost got me! Help! It’s a ghost! Huh. (Looks in his reflection in a mirror) Hey! Wait a minute! (Removes the cloak) It’s me! I’m the spooky ghost! (Makes ghost noises and laughs) Boo! (Laughs).

Deema: "Gil! Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

Gil: "I’m gonna scare them!"

Deema: "Scary or not! Here I come!"

(The wall spun around.)

All: (Gasping).

Deema: "What?!"

Gil: "Boo!"

All: (Screaming).

Deema: "It’s a Ghost! Get out of the way! It’s a ghost!"

Gil: "Boo! Boo!"

All: (Screaming).

Gil: "I’m a scary ghost and I’m haunting you!"

(The five Guppies hide behind a couch, but, Gil finds them.)

Gil: "Boo!"

All: (Screaming).

Gil: (Giggles).

The five Guppies swam upstairs, but, Gil approaches at the top.

Gil: "Boo!"

All: (Screaming).

Gil: (Giggles).

Nonny: "Run for your life!"

Oona: "Let’s get out of here!"

Molly, Goby, Oona and Nonny went through the door, Deema tried to follow suit, but, no avail.

Gil: "Boo!"

Deema: (Screams).

(Deema hides in a closet, the cloak comes off of Gil.)

Nonny: "Hey! Wait a minute! That’s just Gil!"

Molly: "Yeah! Gil was the spooky ghost the whole time! Hey, Gilly! Hello!"

All: "Gil!"

Gil: "What?!"

Molly: "You can stop now!"

Goby: "Gil! We know it’s you!"

Oona: "Yeah!"

Nonny: "Uh-Huh!"

Deema: "Gil! Gil! You’re the scary ghost!"

Gil: "Yeah!"

Deema: "Wow! You really had scared me!"

Nonny: "Yeah, Gil. We were scared too!"

Goby: "We sure are!"

Molly: "You’re a really good ghost."

Oona: "Yeah!"

Gil: "Thanks!"

Nonny: "It’s great being in a haunted house."

Gil: "And it’s especially great if you’re a ghost."

Spooky voice: "It’s great to be a ghost."

Molly: "Who said that?"

(A growly sound occurred.)

Goby: "Better question. What’s that noise? Please, tell me it’s another ghost."

Oona: "No! It’s just my tummy. I’m hungry."

Nonny: "Ugh. Who wants to have snacks at the classroom?"

All: "Me! I do!"

Deema: "Let’s get out of here!"

Nonny: "Yeah!"

Gil: "No kidding!"

Oona: "Run!"

All: (Screaming).

A Bubble pops as the scene changes back to the playground as the Guppies swam away.

Gil: "That was a spooky adventure, don’t you think."

Molly: "Sure was!"

Nonny: "Spooky!"

Deema: "Uh-Huh!"

Goby: "Scary!"

Oona: "That was creepy!"

All: (Sings) We’ve got the whole wide world to explore. Now, it’s time for us to have a snack. Meet you next time, when we’re back. With your friends, the Bubbleyardigans!

Nonny: "See you later!"

Molly: "See you next time!"

Gil: "See ya!"

Deema: "Later!"

Goby: "Bye!"

Oona: "Goodbye!"

(They swam back to the classroom.)

Nonny: "Snacktime!"

Molly: "Yummy!"

Gil: "Alright!"

Oona: "I’m starving!"

Nonny: "You Guys like apples?"

Goby: "Yeah!"

Gil: "Sure do!"

Molly: "I love apples."

Deema: "Apples! Mmm."

They swam inside the classroom to have snacks as the episode ends.