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Princess Cleo Deema and her royal servants Gil, Goby, Nonny, Oona, And Zooli seek three presents for the Sphinx (Molly) in order to learn the secret to restoring the Nile river's flow.

Songs: I Love Being A Princess,Three Presents For The Sphinx,I Want My River Back,Please And Thank You


  • This episode clearly teaches a lesson.
  • Molly wore her Sphinx hat from Only The Sphinx Nose
  • Ancient music (Only the Sphinx Nose, Temple of the Lost Puppy, Secret Agent Nonny) was played as the five Guppies trekked through the desert.
  • Ancient Egyptian music (Only the Sphinx Nose, The Oyster Bunny, Temple of the Lost Puppy) was played as Gil and Deema swam into the mysterious pyramid.
  • Deema wore the same tiara from The Glitter Games. (But, with Egyptian alternations)
  • Gil wore the same servant outfit from The Glitter Games, and Movie Night!
  • Oona and Zooli wore the same servant outfits from Movie Night.


  1. Angelina Wahler as Deema
  2. Zachary Gordon as Gil
  3. Eamon Pirruccello as Nonny
  4. Leah Janvier as Zooli
  5. Jelani Imagi as Goby
  6. Reyna Shaskan as Oona
  7. Brianna Gentilella as Molly


All: The key to the Nile!

(Deema was at the playground. She wore an Egyptian tiara.)

Deema: (To the viewers)"Oh hello, I’m Deema, and I’m the royal princess CleoDeema of Ancient Egypt. I love being a princess."

(Song: I Love Being A Princess.)

Deema: (Sings)The Folks in my kingdom work hard every day! Then, go home to their dark little huts. Some say a princess should live like her people. But, I reply, "What are you nuts?!" I love being a princess, I love being a princess, I love smiling regally, while other people kneel! I love being a princess, I love being a princess, I wouldn’t trade with anyone, I’ve got a sweet, sweet deal. I wear nice expensive clothes, I sleep on the softest bed. I wear fancy jewelry, there’s a crown upon my head! Everyone in Egypt land must bow and do my bidding, If they don’t, I’ll kick them out, try it - see if I’m kidding. I love being a princess, I love being a princess, the lap of luxury, that’s where I hang out. I love being a princess, I love being a princess, A nice arrangement, folks, for me at least - no doubt!

(Song ends.)

Deema: "Let us go to my royal kingdom, in Ancient Egypt to my beautiful royal palace in a garden with tall palm trees on the banks of the deep green blue river Nile."

(A bubble pops and the playground changes to Ancient Egypt where Princess CleoDeema appears and notices that the trees has dried up.)

Deema: "Hey! Wait a minute?! That's not how it's supposed to look. My garden is all dried up and where's the river Nile? And where are my loyal, royal servants? Servant Gil! Servant Oona! Servant Nonny! Servant Goby!"

(Oona, Gil, Goby and Nonny appear.)

Gil: "Here, O'Princess!"

Oona: "Here, O'Princess!"

Nonny: "Here, O'Princess!"

Goby: "Here, O'Princess!"

Deema: "Time to wait on me!"

All: "Your wish is our command, O'Princess!"

Deema: (Sighs)"I love being a princess!"

(Song: I Love Being a Princess.)

Deema: (Sings) I love being a princess

Gil,Goby,Nonny,Oona: (Sings)She loves being a princess!

Deema: (Sings)I love never bothering to open my own door! I love being a princess

Gil,Goby,Nonny,Oona: (Sings)She loves being a princess!

Deema: (Sings) And just because I feel like it,I will tell you more...when I want a bite to eat,my servants come and serve it.

Nonny: (Sings)We only bring the best for her.

Deema: "Why? Cuz, I deserve it!"

Gil: (Sings)We even come to fan her when she wants a gentle breeze.

Goby: (Sings)But she never says thank you-

Oona: (Sings) And she never...ever says please!

Deema: (Sings)I ask for snacks, my servants bring them. I ask for drinks, my servants bring them.

Goby: (Sings)If she wants songs, we'll even sing them.

Deema: (Sings)I got the best servants in the kingdom! If you want to dress like this and wear a shiny crown. If you like how people look when they are bowing down...if princess life is what you want, your choice is crystal clear, go find another country, pal, cause I'm the...princess here! I love being a princess

Gil,Goby,Nonny,Oona: (Sings) She loves being a princess!

Deema: (Sings) I love lounging on my couch and ruling royally! I love being a princess, I love being a princess. There's just one princess here and I love being me!"

Gil: (Sings)Great is your fame, O'Princess!

Nonny: (Sings)Long may you reign, O'Princess!

Oona: (Sings)Do as you please, O'Princess!

Goby: (Sings)She's such a pain,that princess!

Deema: (Sings)I love being me!

(Song ends.)

Deema: (Coughs)Ya know, I’m a little thirsty. A glass of water. At once!"

Gil: Your wish is my command, O' Princess!

Oona: But, there’s no water. Besides, the river Nile’s dried up.

Nonny: And that’s where everyone in Egypt gets water to drink.

Goby: Especially you, O' Princess.

Deema: Well. Then, fill the Nile back up. And make it snappy! I’m thirsty.

Gil: Sorry. We can’t O’ Princess.

Oona: Yeah!

Goby: Only you can fill the River Nile with water again.

Deema: Oh. For goodness sakes! How am I supposed to do that?

Gil: You must ask the Sphinx Molly. (Shows a hieroglyphics of Molly as the Sphinx) She will tell you the secret of the Nile and then the water will come back.

Nonny: But, you have to give her presents.

Goby: Three very special presents that are hidden all over Egypt.

Oona: Or else she won’t tell you anything.

Deema: Seriously?!

All: Yeah! Yes! Uh-Huh! Totally seriously!

Deema: Are you sure you guys can’t do this?

Goby: Nope!

Oona: But, we do know where the presents are hidden.

Deema: Well. This princess is getting thirsty. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go! Bring my stuff!

All: Your wish is our command O' Princess!

Gil: Ya know, there’s just one thing about Princess Cleo-Deema!

Nonny: She never says please.

Goby: Or Thank you!

Oona: I can’t believe I’m asking this, but, don’t you think she might be acting kind of (whispers) Rude?!

(Scene cuts to the five Guppies trekking through the desert, Deema rides a horse, while the other four ride camels.)

Deema: Servant Gil!

Gil: Yes, O’ Princess!

Deema: What’s the first Present I need to get for the Sphinx?

Gil: The first Present is the Jewel of the Waters from the hidden Ancient Pyramid.

Deema: Check! The Jewel of the Waters.

(Song: Three Presents for the Sphinx.)

All: We need... three presents, we need... three presents. We need... three presents, we need three presents for the Sphinx!

Gil: We gotta look... near and far.

Oona: We gotta look... Here and there.

Goby: We gotta look... Everywhere.

All: ...to find three presents for the Sphinx!

Gil: To the Hidden Pyramid, we must go, there's a jewel inside that glints and glows. It's a perfect present for that lady fair.

Deema: Molly is the Sphinx's name, and collecting presents is her game. We'll get her a jewel that's beyond compare.

All: We need... three presents, we need... three presents, we need... three presents, we need three presents for the Sphinx! We need three... presents... for... the Sphinx!

(Song ends.)

Deema: So, where would you hide a hidden pyramid?!

Goby: Maybe over there.

(Up ahead are a row of pyramids.)

Deema: Oh! For goodness sakes!

(Scene cuts to the Guppies and their steeds in the row of pyramids.)

Deema: This place is full of pyramids. I’m tired. Let’s stop here.

All: (Sighs as they all slide off their camels) Phew.

Deema: Ahem. Time to wait on me!

All: Your wish is our command!

(They swam over to Deema. Gil leans against something invisible.)

All: (Gasping).

Gil: What?!

Deema: How are you doing that?

Gil: Doing What?! (Gasps) The hidden pyramid.

Goby: It’s invisible.

Nonny: Oh Boy! The pyramid! No wonder we couldn’t see it.

Gil: Nonny!

Nonny: The pyramid is invisible you can’t see it. You can look right through it.

Gil: Nonny!

Nonny: You can’t see it at all. It’s an invisible pyramid.

Oona: Nonny!

Nonny: Yeah!

Gil: That’s how they hid the Hidden Pyramid.

Deema: Well. How do we get in?

Gil: I think there’s a door here. (Presses a button revealing a door)

All: Whoa! Wow!

Gil: Behold, Princess! The entrance to the hidden pyramid.

Deema: I don’t wanna go in there all by myself.

Gil: I will go in with you, O' Princess.

Deema: Good! You go first.

Gil: Your wish is my command O' Princess!

(Gil and Deema swam in the pyramid.)

Deema: (Gasps) Wow! Look at all this. Whoa! This one goes with my dress and this one goes with my earrings.

Gil: Oh no, Princess! You may only touch the Jewel of the Waters. If you touch any other Jewel, All is lost.

Deema: Seriously?!

Gil: Yes, O’ Princess!

Deema: Oh. For goodness sakes! But, okay. Hmm. The Jewel of the Waters. The Jewel of the Waters.

Gil: Umm. Princess! Hey!

Deema: That must be it!

Gil: The Jewel of the Waters, O' Princess!

Deema: We have found it! You can carry it in this box, Servant Gil. (They swam out of the pyramid) One Present down, two more to find. Now, let’s go, my loyal royal servants. And don’t forget my stuff. Now, where’s my horse and our camels?

Nonny: So, did you help her find the Jewel?

Gil: Yes! But, you know Princess Cleo-Deema.

Goby: She never says please.

Gil: Or Thank you!

Oona: I’m still questioning about Deema behaving in a rather rude manner today.

(Scene cuts to the Guppies riding their steeds near the river.)

Deema: Hey! Is that where the river Nile used to be?

Goby: Yes, O’ Princess!

Oona: But, it’s all dried up now.

Deema: (Sighs)I want my river back!

(Song: I Want My River Back.)

(Song ends.)

All: (Sighing).

Deema: Well. I guess I better get that second present.

Oona: Yeah! If we want to restore the River Nile to it’s former glory.

Deema: What is it?!

Nonny: The second present, O' Princess, is the yellow lotus flower that grows only on the cliffs of Karnak.

Deema: That sounds like a really good present. And where are these cliffs?

Nonny: Over there, O' Princess.

Oona: C’mon! Let’s go!

(Song: Three Presents for the Sphinx (Reprise).)

All: We need... two more presents, we need... two more presents, we need... two more presents, two more presents for the Sphinx!

Gil: We gotta look... up and down.

Oona: We gotta look... on the ground.

Goby: We gotta look... all around...

All: ...to find two more presents for the Sphinx! Two... more... presents... for... the Sphinx!

(Song ends.)

Nonny: Behold, O' Princess, the cliffs of Karnak!

Deema: Wait a second. I don’t wanna climb all the way up there by myself.

Nonny: I will climb up to the top of the cliffs with you O' Princess.

Deema: Great! Let’s get climbing, Servant Nonny!

(Nonny and Deema swam up the cliffs of Karnak to the field of Lotus flowers.)

Deema: Wow! Look at all these Lotus flowers. I’ll pick some of these red ones.

Nonny: No, Princess Cleo-Deema! You must pick only the yellow Lotus Flower. If you touch any other flower, All is lost.

Deema: Oh. For goodness sakes! Okay. Yellow, yellow, yellow.

Nonny: Hey!

Deema: What?! Oh. The yellow lotus flower. We have found the second present for the Sphinx. You can put it in the box with the Jewel of the Waters, Servant Nonny.

(They swam down the cliffs.)

Deema: Two presents out of three. Only one more to find. Where do we go next?

Goby: We must travel deep into the desert, to the secret oasis.

Deema: Huh. What’s an oasis?

Nonny: An oasis is a little green place with trees and water in the middle of the desert.

Deema: I guess that makes a lot of sense now does it? Well. Let’s get going! And don’t forget my stuff.

Goby: Hey! Did you help Princess Cleo-Deema find the flower?

Nonny: Yep! But, you know Princess Cleo-Deema.

Gil: She never says please.

Oona: Or Thank you! I still think Deema’s in a very rather rude manner today?

Deema: Secret oasis! Here we come!

(Song: Three Presents for the Sphinx (Reprise).)

All: We need... one last present, we need... one last present, we need... one last present, only one last present for the Sphinx!

Gil: We gotta look... high and low.

Oona: We gotta look... in and out.

Goby: We gotta look... all about...

All: ...to find one last present for the Sphinx! To find one... last... present for the Sphinx!

(Song ends.)

Deema: Servant Goby.

Goby: Yes O' Princess.

Deema: Tell me what’s so secret about the secret Oasis.

Goby: Well. O’ Princess. You can only see it once a day.

Deema: When’s that?!

Goby: Right about... Now!

(By the time, Goby said now, the secret oasis appears.)

All: Whoa! Wow!

Goby: Behold, O’ Princess. The secret oasis!

Deema: Well. Let’s get that last present.

Gil: Look. Water.

Nonny: Let’s get a drink.

Oona: Okay.

Deema: Out of my way!

Goby: No, Princess! Stop! You may not drink the water of the secret oasis. No one can. If you drink it, All is lost.

Deema: Oh. For goodness sakes!

Gil: Are you sure about that?!

Goby: Only the Sphinx may drink the water of the secret oasis.

Deema: (Sighs) Well. Okay. I’ll need a canteen.

Oona: One canteen, coming up!

Goby: Here, O' Princess.

(Deema used the canteen to fill the water up.)

Deema: We have found the third present. A canteen full of water from the secret oasis. You can put the canteen in the box with all the other gifts, Servant Goby. Now, that we have all three presents, it’s time to go talk to the Sphinx.

Goby: Ya know.

Nonny: We know.

Gil: You don’t even have to say it.

Goby: Fine! But, that Princess Cleo-Deema Just never says please or thank you.

Oona: And she’s not being very polite, either.

Deema: Let’s go my Loyal Royal Servants! To the Sphinx Molly! And don’t forget my stuff.

(The Guppies and their steeds went to Sphinx Molly.)

Deema: Greetings, O' Sphinx Molly!

Molly: Hi! Who are you?

Deema: I am the Royal Princess Cleo-Deema! And we have brought you three presents, O' Sphinx.

Molly: Cool, I just love presents. Let’s see.

Deema: Behold, O' Sphinx! Your first present. The Jewel of the Waters.

(Gil hands Molly the Jewel of the Waters)

Molly: That’s just so beautiful! Thanks!

Deema: And your second present. The yellow lotus flower.

(Nonny hands Molly the Yellow lotus flower.)

Molly: Wow! I love flowers. Thanks!

Deema: And your third present. A drink of the coolest, nicest, freshest water .

Molly: Thank you! (Drinks the water) Refreshing! These are really great presents. And you got them all by yourself?

Deema: Oh. Of course not, O' Sphinx. My loyal royal servants Gil, Oona, Nonny and Goby helped me.

Molly: I see. And did you say thank you for all their help?

Deema: Well. No, of course! But, now, O' Sphinx. Whisper to my ear about the Secret of the Nile so that there will be water in Egypt once again.

Molly: Okay. You know, Princess Cleo-Deema. The secret to almost everything is to always say Please and Thank You.

Deema: Say Please And Thank you?! Oh. For goodness sakes!

(Song: Please And Thank You.)

Molly: "Please and thank you,that's the secret of the Nile!"

Gil,Goby,Nonny,Oona: "Please and thank you gets you practically anything you want with a smile!"

Molly: "Even princesses should try to be polite. Please and thank you,they're just right. So don't be rude!"

Deema: "Please and thank you are not things I usually say, but since you insist I'll start to say them much more often as of today. Who exactly should I say these phrases to?"

Molly: "How 'bout those four guys who do the work for you?"

Deema: "Thank you guys for knowing where the special gifts were hid!"

Gil,Goby,Nonny,Oona: "You're welcome!"

Deema: "And thank you guys for helping me find them like you did!"

Gil,Goby,Nonny,Oona: "You're welcome!"

Deema: "And thank you guys for doing all that other servant work!"

Gil,Goby,Nonny,Oona: "You're welcome!"

Deema: "And please forgive me if I acted kinda like a jerk."

Gil,Goby,Nonny,Oona: "It's okay."

Molly and Deema: "Please and thank you,that's the secret of the Nile,please and thank gets you-"

Gil,Goby,Nonny,Oona: "Practically anything you want with a smile."

All: "Egypt's nice when we all try to be polite. Please and thank are just right,you're welcome too!"

(Song ends as the water was restored in Egypt and the plants grew back to life.)

Deema: There’s water in the Nile and Egypt is green again.

All: (Cheering).

Deema: Which reminds me, Thank You, O' Sphinx for telling me the secret.

Molly: You’re Most welcome, Princess Cleo-Deema!

(Suddenly, Goby hears his tummy growl.)

Goby: Hey! I’m kind of hungry.

Oona: Me too!

Deema: Come back to the classroom for snacks today. We have cheese and crackers and apple juice.

All: Yeah! Snacktime! Apple juice, mmm. Let’s go!

(A Bubble pops and the scene changes back to the playground.)

Gil: That was a very Egyptian adventure, don’t you think?

Nonny: Definitely!

Molly: Sure was!

Deema: Yeah!

Oona: It was awesome!

Goby: You said it!

All: (Sings)We’ve got the whole wide world in our yard to explore! Now, it’s time for us to have a snack. Meet you next time when we’re back! With your friends, the Bubbleyardigans!

Molly: See ya!

Deema: See ya!

Oona: Goodbye!

Gil: See ya!

Nonny: See ya later!

Goby: See You next time!

(The Guppies swam back to the classroom as the episode ends.)

Deema: Thanks!

The End.