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Legendary luau brothers, Just Goby, Gil the Strong, and Nonny the Swift and Oona, and Zooli the luau dancers and Legendary Luau Sisters want to have a luau, but the Volcano sisters will ruin it with an eruption if they don't find the perfect gift for them! Nonny and Gil go to get them the biggest,most prized things,but Goby thinks that it's better to give a small present and a lot of care to the sisters instead.

Snack: Orange slices


Running Gag: Deema and Molly saying, "Now, Go!", which blew the five Guppies back to the beach.

Goby and Gil wore the same wreaths from the story segment in Party at Sea.

Goby wore the same trunks from the story segment in Bubble Bites, while Gil wore the same trunks during the pop song in the Moon Rocks.

Oona wore the same flower wreath from the special, The Puppy and the Ring, (But, with color alternations) She wore Deema’s grass skirt from Costume Boxing and Ocean Patrol.

Zooli wore the same flower and grass skirt during the pop song in Ocean Patrol.

Nonny wore the same wreath and trunks during the pop song in The Moon Rocks.

Molly and Deema wore the same flowers during the pop song in Ocean Patrol, (But, with color alternations)

Deema wore the same grass skirt from Costume Boxing and Ocean Patrol, while Molly wore the same grass skirt during the pop song in Ocean Patrol.

Hula music from (Construction Psyched, Costume Boxing) was played, when the five Guppies first got to Hawaii.

Ancient music from (Guppy Movers, Genie in a Bubble) was played as the five Guppies trekked up the volcano.


  1. Zachary Gordon/Jacob Bertrand as Gil
  2. Jelani Imagi as Goby
  3. Eamon Pirruccello as Nonny
  4. Reyna Shaskan as Oona
  5. Leah Janvier as Zooli
  6. Brianna Gentilella as Molly
  7. Angelina Wahler as Deema


Gil is at the playground.

Gil: "Aloha!"(turns to viewers)"Aloha! That's how Hawaiians say hello."

(Goby and Nonny swim by.)

Goby: "We're Hawaiians."

Oona: (Swims by wearing a flower wreath)"We're luau dancers."

Zooli: (Swims by)"You see, most people dance the Hula in Hawaii."

Gil: "I am Gil the Strong! I have great strength and big muscles."(lifts up Oona)

Oona: "Hey! Put me down."

Nonny: "And I am Nonny the Swift. I swim super fast!"(swims around Goby, Oona, Zooli and Gil really fast)"And I can swim even faster, especially in water."

Goby: "And I'm Goby the...uh. Goby the...well,I'm just Goby.

Gil: "And together we're..."

Boys: "The Legendary Luau Brothers!"

Oona: "And We're just luau dancers."

Zooli: "But, We're also..."

Girls: "Legendary Luau Sisters."

Gil: "And why do they call us the Luau Brothers? Why are they Luau dancers?"

Oona: "Because most girls dance the hula as a Hawaiian Tradition."

Nonny: "Because we love a good luau."

Goby: "That's a big Hawaiian party."

(We Love A Luau song)

Gil: "We're brothers!"

Nonny,Oona,Zooli and Goby: "We're brothers!"

Gil: "And we love a luau....."

Nonny: "We love..."

Goby,Oona,Zooli and Gil: "We love a..."

Oona: "We love a Lu…"

All: "We love a luau!"

Nonny: "Where we wear leis!"

Zooli: "And party for days!"

Gil: "With beaming sun rays....."

Goby: "So have a seat!"

Oona: "Let's meet and eat!"

Nonny: "And sit and see!"

Zooli: "And talk and walk!"

Gil: "Suntan and fan!"

Goby: "And prance and dance a hula!"

All: "Theres so much to do-a...at a luau!"(spin)"Bup ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da ba daaaaa! Bup ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da ba da daaaa!"

Gil: "We're brothers!"

Goby Oona Nonny and Zooli: "We're brothers!"

Gil: "And we love a luau....."

Goby,Oona,Nonny and Zooli: "We love..."

All: "We love a..."

Gil: "We love a Lu..

All: "We love a luau!"

(Song ends)

Goby: "Hey,Luau Brothers and Sisters! We've got a big luau today!"

Nonny: "That's true, just Goby. So let's head to our luau, on the beach of Hawaii."

Gil: "Where there’s the finest sand."

Goby: And the largest palm trees."

Nonny: "And the bluest water."

Oona: "And the smell of magma."

Zooli: "And the fresh island air."

A bubble pops and the playground transforms into Hawaii. Three brown huts are shown onscreen. And the five Guppies swim by.

Goby: "Wow! This is great! Look at all this stuff!"

Nonny: "Now, this is what I call a Luau."

Oona: "This is gonna be a great luau! Am I right?"

Zooli: "Yeah, I can’t wait."

A loud rumblings occurs and the ground shakes violently.

All: "Whoaaaa!"

Molly,Deema:(in volcano)"Hu-Hu! We are mad! Huka pele!"

Gil: "Oh no!"

All: "The Volcano Sisters!"

Molly,Deema: "We are mad!"

Nonny: "We better find out what they want."

Oona: "Makes sense to me!"

Gil: "Quick,Luau Brothers,and Sisters to the volcano!"

Goby Oona Nonny and Zooli: "To the volcano!"

The next scene shows the Guppies near the entrance of the volcano.

Goby: "What do you think the Volcano Sisters are so mad about?"

Gil: "I don't know,but we better find out."

Nonny: "If they get really mad,you know what'll happen...."

All: "Huka pele!"

Gil: "The volcano will erupt!"

Nonny: "There will be smoke and hot lava everywhere!"

Goby: "And our luau will be ruined!"

Volcano Sisters: "We are mad!"

Gil: "Oh boy!"

Oona: "C'mon! Let's go!"

Soon, the five Guppies are in the volcano and nervously confront the Volcano Sisters.

All: "Whoa!"

Gil: "Look."

All: (Gasping).

Luau Brothers: "Aloha!"

Luau Sisters: "Aloha!"

Girls: "Who dares enter our volcano?!"

Boys: "It's us. The Legendary Luau Brothers!"

Girls: "And We're just luau dancers and personally, We're the Legendary Luau Sisters."

Gil: "I am Gil the Strong!"

Nonny: "I'm Nonny the Swift!"

Goby: "And I am Goby...the uh..."

Molly: "Goby the what?!"

Goby: "Well,just Goby."

Oona: "Who are you."

Deema: "Well. We are the Volcano Sisters!"

Girls: "Mad we are MAD! Hu-hu!"

Gil: "Yeah! We've heard."

Deema: "We want something!"

Molly: "And if we don't get what we want...."

Deema: "We'll push this red button and...."

Girls: "HUKA PELE!"

(Song: We'll Get You What You Want.)

Girls: "We know...what..we..want. We know...what..we..DON'T...want. So,get us....what...we...want!"

Boys and Girls: "We'll get you want you want!"

Nonny: "Do you want a new lei or a rare seashell?"

Girls: "We know what we want and we will not tell!"

Gil: "Some tasty fruits or delicious mints?"

Girls: "We know what we want and you'll get no hints!"

Nonny: "Is it soft as a pillow?"

Oona: "Is it hard as rocks?"

Zooli: "Is it smaller than a snail?"

Goby: "Or bigger than a red box?"

The girls shook their heads no.

Nonny: "Do you put it on the wall?"

Oona: "Does it fit on a shelf?"

Girls: "You'll have to find that out for yourself! We know...what...we...want. We know...what...we...DON'T...want. So,get us...what...we...want!"

Boys and Girls: "We'll get you want you want!"

Nonny: "Do you wear it in head? Can you hold it in your hand?"

Girls: "What part 'we won't tell you' do you not understand?"

Gil: "Is it made out of metal?"

Oona: "Cardboard or wood?"

Gil: "Would you call it great?"

Goby: just pretty good?

Gil: "would you tell...us ...oh volcano sisters?"

Girls: "No...we...won't! Now, go get it for us, misters! We know...what...we..want. We know...what...we...DON'T...want. So, get us...what...we...want!"

Boys and Girls: "We'll get you want you want!"

(Song ends)

Molly: "You better get us what we want."

Girls: "NOW GO!!!"

All: "Whoa!"

The five Guppies got blown back to the beach.

Goby: "Phew. Those volcano sisters sure have powerful lungs."

Oona: "You're telling me."

Nonny: "What could they want."

Zooli: "I don’t know."

Gil: "Whatever it is, we better find it fast."

Goby: "Oh. I know. What if we give..."

Nonny: "It has to be the most fintastic thing in all of Hawaii."

Oona: "Yeah!"

Goby: "I know what to get them..."

Gil: "I’ve got it."

Nonny: "What?"

Oona: "What."

Gil: "The Very Heavy Tiki Mask!"

Nonny: "Brilliant!"

Oona: "Swim-Sational!"

Zooli: "Fintastic!"

Nonny: "It’s the biggest, the heaviest, the tiki-est tiki mask in all of Hawaii."

Gil: "And I’m just the guy to get it, cuz, I’m Gil the Strong. C’mon! To Tiki Mountain!"

Goby: "But... But... I don’t think the volcano sisters want a tiki mask."

Oona: "C'mon, Just Goby!"

Goby: (Sighs).

The five guppies are at Tiki Mountain.

Gil: "Look. There it is! The Very Heavy Tiki Mask!"

Goby: "It looks kind of tricky."

Oona: "And kind of dangerous, if you ask me."

Nonny: "Yeah. Move one pebble and all those big boulders will start falling."

Zooli: "And you don’t want that to happen."

Gil: "I’m not worried about a few boulders. I’m going to get those sisters what they want. Very heavy tiki mask, here I come."

He starts going up the hill,but a pebble starts rolling along with larger rocks.

Gil: "No problem."

He throws the big boulders out of the way.Then bigger rocks come rolling down.

Gil: "Now this could be a problem."

He swims down a little bit,comes by lifting a big rock and slams it down in front of the tumbling boulders.

Gil: "They don't call me Gil the Strong for nothing."

Then he swims up to the Very Heavy Tiki Mask.He struggles to lift it off the rocky ground.

Gil: "Alright."

Then he climbs down Tiki Mountain.

All: (Cheering).

Goby: "Way to go, Gil!"

Oona: "You did it,Gil the Strong!"

Nonny: "You got the very heavy tiki mask!"

Zooli: "Good work!"

Gil: "No problem! I’m Gil the Strong!"

A loud rumbling occurs and the ground shakes violently.

Girls: "We are mad!! Hu-Hu!"

Nonny: "We better get this to the volcano sisters, fast!"

Gil: "To the Volcano, Luau Brothers and Sisters!"

All: "To the volcano!"

The five Guppies head back to the volcano with the tiki mask.

Goby Oona and Nonny: "Aloha!"

Girls: "What have you brought us?"

Goby: "Oh, great volcano sisters!"

Nonny Oona and Zooli: "We bring you...."

Goby Oona Nonny and Zooli: "The Very Heavy Tiki Mask!"

Gil: "It is the biggest...the heaviest...the tiki-est mask in all of Hawaii!"

Girls: "Bring it forth!"

Gil places the mask on a panel.

Gil: "No problem! There you go,Enjoy!"

Deema pulls a lever and the mask is launched back to Tiki Mountain.

Girls: "That was NOT what we wanted!"

Gil: "No?"

Deema and Molly: "Nooooooo!!"

Deema: "You better get us what we want soon or.. else!

Molly: "HUKA PELE!"

Deema: "We'll make this Volcano blow!"

Deema and Molly: "NOW GO!!"

All: "Whoa!"

The five Guppies are blown back down to the beach again.

Gil: "I can't believe it! I was sure that the very heavy tiki mask was what they wanted!"

Nonny: "Maybe, it was too heavy."

Oona: "Or Too tiki!"

Gil: "We’ve gotta get them something even more awesome!"

Goby: "I know what to get them."

Nonny: "I got it!"

Gil Zooli Oona and Goby: "What?"

Nonny: "The shiniest pearl!"

Oona: "That better work."

Gil: "Yeah! It’s the biggest, shiniest, The pearl-iest pearl in all of Hawaii."

Nonny: "And I'm just the guy to get it,because I'm Nonny the Swift,the fastest swimmer in all of Hawaii."

Goby: "Look. I’m pretty sure the volcano sisters don’t want a pearl."

Nonny: "Don't worry, Just Goby."

Gil: "They'll love it for sure."

Nonny: "Come to the deep blue sea."

Goby: (Sighs).

The five Guppies head to the edge of a cliff.

Goby: "That’s quite a drop."

Gil: "That pearl is guarded by a very angry clam."

Nonny: "No clam is too angry for a swimmer as swift as I am."

Gil: "Huh."

Zooli: "Really?"

Oona: "What?"

Goby: "What does that mean?"

Nonny: (Swims back and stands ready)"It means that nothing can stop me from getting the shiniest pearl."(jumps off cliff)"Shiniest pearl, here I come!"

Nonny is now in the water, then he swims to the pearl.

Nonny: "The shiniest pearl."

He tries to reach for it, but then a big angry clam growls at him.

Nonny: "Uh Oh! Hmm. Oh, clammy! Fetch! "Hey!"

Nonny throws the stick and the giant clam swims after it. Nonny sees his chance to get the pearl and after he got it, the clam returns.

Nonny: "Easy, clammy! Nice, clammy! Yikes!"

The clam chases Nonny until he dives out of the water.

Goby: "You got the pearl!"

Gil: "You are faster than the angriest clam!"

Zooli: "Yeah, Good job!"

Nonny: "Told ya."

Oona: "Way to go, Nonny the Swift!"

Loud rumbling and violent shaking occurs.

Girls: "Hu-Hu! We are still mad!"

Gil: "Whoa! We can’t celebrate too soon!"

Nonny: "Yeah! Let’s get the pearl to the volcano sisters. C’mon!"

The five Guppies head back to the Volcano Sisters.

Goby Oona Zooli and Gil: "Aloha!"

Girls: "Come fourth!"

Molly: "Whatcha got there, Luau Brothers?"

Oona and Zooli: "And Luau Sisters!"

Molly: "And Luau Sisters!"

Goby: "Oh,great Volcano Sisters."

Gil Zooli and Oona: "We bring you..."

All: "The shiniest pearl!"

Nonny: "It's the biggest,the shiniest,the most pearl-iest pearl in all of Hawaii."

Girls: "Bring it forth!"

Nonny places the pearl on the panel.

Nonny: "Tell me. You love it? Don't cha?"

Molly pulls the lever and the pearl is launched back into the ocean. The giant clam whimpers,then it sees it's pearl and it barks with joy.


Nonny: "Really?"

Deema: "Yup,Really!"

Oona: "Oh."

Deema: "You better find us something what we want sooner..."

Molly: "Or, we’ll push this red button and..."

Girls: "Huka pele! The volcano will erupt! NOW GO!!"

All: "Whoa!"

The four Guppies were blown back to the beach once again. The ground shakes violently.

Goby: "Uh oh! The volcano never did that before!"

Gil: "I think it's ready to blow!"

All: "Huka Pele!"

Oona: "Oh. What should we do?"

(Song:Huka Pele)

Girls: "Huka pele! Huka pele! Hoo,hoo,hoo! The eruption is coming,and coming soon!"

Boys: "The ground is shaking,and that spells doom! Huka pele! Huka pele! Boom...boom,boom!"

Deema: "You bring your gifts to the volcano."

Molly: "You say 'do you like it?',and we say no!"

Deema: "You think we're kidding,but it's no joke!"

Molly: "Get ready for lava and a bunch of smoke!"

Nonny: "The ground is rumbling and steam is rising."

Gil: "Knowing those sisters,it's not surprising!"

Goby: "You do all you can to make them glad..."

Boys: "But all they can say is 'we are mad!'. Huka pele! Huka pele! Hoo,hoo,hoo! The eruption is coming,and coming soon!"

Girls: "It's so loud,you can hear it from the moon! Huka pele! Huka pele! Boom...boom,boom!"

Deema: "Pardon us for the interruption."

Molly: "But it's time for a big eruption!"

Deema: "We're so sorry,but you had your chance."

Molly: "It's time to call off that hula dance!"

Gil: "Gil didn't bring the right gift."

Nonny: "Neither did... Nonny the Swift!"

Goby: "Who knows what they wanted most?"

Boys: "But now,it looks like we are toast!"

Girls: "Huka pele! Huka pele! Hoo,hoo,hoo! The eruption,and coming soon!"

Boys: "We've got no time and we're running out of room! Huka pele! Huka pele! Boom...boom,boom!"

(Song ends)

The ground continues to shake.

Nonny: "Now what?"

Gil: "We've got them the greatest things."

Nonny: "The most amazing things in all of Hawaii!"

Goby: "Guys..."

Gil: "But it wasn't what they wanted they didn’t want a tiki mask they didn’t want a pearl."

Nonny: "That's it for us! We're toast!"

Goby: "Guys..."

Gil: "Nothing worked the volcano is gonna blow hot ash and lava everywhere!"

Nonny: "No luau for us!"

Oona: "What are we going to do?!"

Goby: "Guys!"

Gil, Oona, Nonny and Zooli: "Yeah?"

Goby: "I know what to give to the Volcano Sisters."

Oona: "Really?"

Nonny: "You do?"

Zooli: "Are you sure?"

Gil: "Why didn't say so before,just Goby?"

Goby: "I've been trying to tell you."

Goby pointed to two flowers and told Oona to give them to him.

Oona and Zooli: "Aloha?"

Goby: "Aloha!"

Oona: "You’re giving some flowers for the Volcano Sisters?"

Goby: "Yep."

Oona gives the two flowers to Goby

Goby: "There we go."

Gil and Nonny looked at each other in confusion.

Nonny & Gil: "Flowers?"

Gil: "You want to give them flowers? They didn't want The Very Heavy Tiki Mask."

Nonny: "Or the Shiniest Pearl."

Gil: "But they're not gonna get interested flowers?"

Goby: "Trust me. I'm sure this will work."

The ground starts to shake.

Deema and Molly: Huka Pele! Huka Pele! HUKA PELEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Goby: "Come on!"

Oona & Zooli: "To the Volcano!"

Nonny:(to Gil)"Well,here goes nothing."

The boys head to the volcano.

Molly: "Ready to erupt?"

Deema: "Ready as I'll ever be."

The girls were about to push the button when the boys and luau dancers barge in.

Boys: "Wait! Wait,Volcano Sisters,wait!"

Deema: "Can't you see we're about to erupt?!"

Goby: "Uh, Um, Well, Volcano Sisters, I’m Goby."

Deema: "We know Just Goby."

Goby: "And? Well, I’ve brought you one more thing."

Girls: "Oh?"

Goby: "I brought you..."(holds out the two flowers)"These."

Girls: "Flowers?"

Molly: "You're giving us flowers?"

Nonny: "This doesn't look good."(to Gil)"It's nice knowing you."

Goby:(to the girls)"Yes flowers, And here's why....you can wear the flowers to our luau."

Nonny, Oona, Zooli & Gil: "Huh?"

Molly: "Just Goby...are you inviting us to your luau?"

Goby: "Yup that’s exactly what I’m doing."

Girls: "Bring the flowers forth."

Two fishes appear and they bring the flowers to Deema,and Molly and placed them on their heads. Then,anger wears off their faces and they're now smiling.

Girls: "Mahalo!"

Nonny:(swims around in circles,panicking)"Oh no! Mahalo! Mahalo!"

Gil: "Nonny, mahalo means thank you. Remember?"

Nonny: "Oh yeah...wait,so you're not mad?"

Molly: "Mad? Of course not."

Deema: "We're delighted."

Molly: Just Goby figured it out all we wanted was to go to your luau."

Girls: "We love a luau!"

Goby: "Well what are we waiting for ready to luau Volcano Sisters?"

Girls: "Ready to luau!"

The girls got off their seats and comes with the boys and luau dancers.

Gil: "Luau brother Goby that was a brilliant idea."

Deema: "You figured out exactly what we wanted."

Nonny: "You saved the luau."

Gil: "You know,you're not just Goby anymore."

Goby: "I'm not?"

Gil: "Nope. If I'm Gil the Strong..."

Nonny: "And if I'm Nonny the Swift..."

Nonny: "Then you must be..."

All: "Goby the Smart!"

Goby: "Goby the Smart? I like that."

Gil: "And we are..."

Boys: "The Legendary Luau Brothers!"

Oona: "And this thing!"

Nonny: "You could also be Luau Sisters if ya want."

(We're Glad song)

Deema: "We spend our days surrounded...by hot and steamy lava! How nice it is...to be outside...with coconuts and guava!"

Girls: "The air is fresh,the sand is soft,there's a cool breeze in the sky! And they very best thing of all is that we met you guys!"

Molly: "We can do a hula dance,or even take a walk! It sure beats yelling...'we are mad!'...on a hunk of molten rock!"

Girls: "We're glad...so glad! We're glad to be out here with you right now! Not mad...but glad...and we're glad we didn't ruin your luau!"

Gil: "I climbed the highest mountain for the heavy tiki mask,but you just wished...to have a party...and we just ha to ask!"

Nonny: "I swam the deepest ocean for a pearl that was so shiny,but all you really wanted was a gesture,oh,so tiny!"

Goby: "You only wanted friendship,yes,I knew that from the start! And that is why...they call me...Goby the Smart!"

Boys: "We're glad...so glad! We're glad to be out here you right now! Not sad...but glad...and we're glad you didn't ruin our luau!"

Girls: "We're glad to be out here with you right now! And we're glad we didn't ruin your luau!"

All: "We're glad to be out here right now! And we're glad you didn't ruin our luau! We're glad to be out here right now! And we're glad you didn't ruin our luau! We're glad to be out here right now! And we're glad you didn't ruin our laua! We're glad to be out here right now! And we're glad you didn't ruin our luau!"

(Song ends)

Deema's stomach rumbles.

Nonny: "Uh oh!"

Oona: "Huka pele?"

Deema: "No,Just my belly. Wanna eat a snack."

Nonny: "Hey, we're having for some orange slices back at the classroom."

Deema: "Yeah!"

(A bubble pops and the scene changes back to the playground.)

Gil: That was an excellent Hawaiian Adventure! Don't you think?

Molly: Yeah!

Nonny: It was the best!

Oona: It sure was Hawaiian!

Goby: Yeah!

Zooli: It’s really fun!

Deema: You said it!

Guppies: (singing) We got the whole wide world to explore! Now, it's time for us to have a snack. Meet you next time when we're back. With our friends, the Bubbleyardigans!

Molly: See you later!

Gil: See you!

Nonny: Bye!

Oona: So long!

Goby: Bye!

Zooli: See you soon!

Deema: See you next time!

The guppies swim back to the classroom for lunch.

Goby: Aloha! That Means Goodbye Too!

(The episode ends.)