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Someone has stolen Lady Deema's jewels,so it's time to investigate. Detective Nonny, Assistant Oona and Molly Underwood try to solve the mystery,but the jewel-napper is very sneaky.

Songs: Aha!,Mysterious,Very Mysterious,The Fleeting Phantom Figure In The Garden,Whodunit


Snack: Cheese and Crackers at Goby's House

Running Gag: Nonny calling Oona "Watson".

Goby Saying, "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

Molly's hair is straight in this episode

Molly speaks with a British accent for this episode.

Gil wore the same tuxedo from The Unidentified Flying Orchestra.

Deema wore the same dress from Have a Cow.


  1. Eamon Pirruccello as Nonny
  2. Reyna Shaskan as Oona
  3. Brianna Gentilella as Molly
  4. Jelani Imagi as Goby
  5. Angelina Wahler as Deema
  6. Zachary Gordon/Jacob Bertrand as Gil
  7. Frank Welker as Bubble Puppy
  8. Ricky Gervais as Mr Smithers, the Butler


(Oona and Nonny are inside the classroom. They both wore hats and carry magnifying glasses.)

Nonny: "Aha! Table."

Oona: "Aha! Wall with pictures on it."

Mr Grouper: "Oh. Good morning, Oona and Nonny!"

Both: "Good Morning, Mr Grouper!"

Mr Grouper: "If you two don’t mind, why don’t you play detective outside."

Nonny: "Sure thing! C’mon! Miss Watson!"

Oona: "Okay. See you later, Mr Grouper!"

Nonny: "Aha! Door!"

(Nonny and Oona swam to the playground.)

Oona: "Aha! Playground."

Nonny: "Aha! You."

Bubble Puppy: (Barks).

Nonny: "It’s me, Nonny!"

Oona: "And me, Oona!"

Nonny: "Oona and I are the world’s greatest detectives. Our job is to solve mysteries. The more mysterious, the better, if you’ve lost your ball, or squeaky bone."

Both: "We can find it!"

Nonny: "If someone has eaten your piece of cake."

Both: "We can figure out who."

Oona: "There’s no mystery that we can’t solve, as long as we work together and piece things together like a picture or even a puzzle."

Nonny: "That’s why we’re..."

Both: (While tail-slapping) "The world’s greatest detectives."

(Song: .)

(Song ends as Oona and Nonny noticed a piece of paper.)

Nonny: "Aha! A mysterious letter."

Oona: "To the world’s greatest detectives."

Nonny: "Hey! That’s us."

Oona: "Yep! We’re us, alright."

Nonny: "Please come at once to Mystery Manor. Mysterious things are happening here. Hurry! Signed Lady Deema, mistress of Mystery Manor."

Oona: "Mysterious Mystery at Mystery Manor. I wonder where Mystery Manor is."

Nonny: "Aha! It says so right here! PS, to get to Mystery Manor, just follow the path across the moor to Mystery Manor on the misty moors and the most mysterious part of Scotland."

(A Bubble pops as the playground changes to the misty moors of the Scottish Countryside. Oona and Nonny are wearing coats.)

Nonny: "Aha! The mysterious misty moors of Scotland."

Oona: "And this must be the path to Mystery Manor."

Nonny: "Elementary, my dear Watson!"

Oona: "Gee. It’s kind of echo-y here."

(Suddenly, they hear footsteps.)

Oona: "Uh, Nonny. Do you hear something funny?"

Nonny: "Maybe some extra footsteps."

(They hear more footsteps.)

Oona: "There they are again!"

(As Oona and Nonny swam off, more footsteps are sounded.)

Oona: "Hmm. I think someone may be following us."

Nonny: "That is mysterious. Very mysterious."

(Oona and Nonny come across a hedge.)

Nonny: "Now, Which way should we go?"

(Just then, Oona and Nonny noticed a masked cloaked figure.)

Nonny: "Excuse me! Excuse me! Hey there! Wait up."

(Oona and Nonny swim over to the masked cloaked figure.)

Nonny: "Hey! Do you know the way to Mystery Manor."

(The masked cloaked figure pointed the way.)

Nonny: "Hey! Thanks you... Whoa! Where did he go?"

Oona: "I don’t know. But, whatever or whoever that was disappeared into thin air or something."

Nonny: "Mysterious, very mysterious. Well. We better get going! C’mon, Watson! Lady Deema is waiting for us."

Oona: "Coming!"

(Oona and Nonny swam to Mystery Manor. They ring the doorbell and a man opened the door.)

Nonny: "Whoa!"

Mr Smithers: "Good evening, sir, madame!"

Nonny: "Good evening! Oona and I are the world’s greatest detectives."

Oona: "We’re here to see Lady Deema."

Mr Smithers: "The name’s Mr Smithers, the Butler. Lady Deema is expecting you. Please, come in. Lady Deema is in the library. This way, if you please."

Oona: "So, Mr Smithers. What do you do around here?"

Mr Smithers: "Well, Miss. I wait upon Lady Deema. I open the door for Lady Deema’s guests. I serve Lady Deema tea."

Nonny: "In short, you do whatever Lady Deema wants."

Mr Smithers: "Of course, sir! Because, I am the Butler."

Nonny: "Hmm. The Butler is mysterious, very mysterious."

(Nonny and Oona enter the library, where Deema was in the library with Gil and Goby.)

Mr Smithers: "The world’s greatest detectives."

Deema "You got my letter. I’m so glad you came. I am Lady Deema, mistress of Mystery Manor.

Both: "Lady Deema."

Deema: "And these are my next door neighbors, Mr Goby Frothing-Slosh, and Mr Gil McGuire."

Both: "Delighted to meet you Mr Frothing-Slosh and Mr McGuire."

Mr Smithers: "Tea, my lady."

Deema: "Thank you, Mr Smithers!"

(Mr Smithers left, but, not without spying on the Guppies.)

Deema: "Mysterious things are happening here at Mystery Manor, Detective Nonny and Assistant Oona."

Oona: "Yes! We noticed mysterious things ourselves."

Goby: "Have you noticed mysterious echo-y footsteps that sounds like they’re following you?"

Nonny: "Yeah! We noticed that."

Gil: "And have you noticed mysterious masked cloaked figures hanging around?"

Nonny: "Yes! But, that’s not all we noticed."

(Song: .)

(Song ends as Nonny opens the door and Mr Smithers falls over.)

Both: "Aha!"

Goby: "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

Gil: (Gasps).

Deema: "Mr Smithers?!"

Mr Smithers: "Tea, my lady?"

Nonny: "Just as I thought, Mr Smithers was spying on us. I find that mysterious, very mysterious."

(Suddenly, the doorbell rings.)

Nonny: "Aha! The doorbell."

Deema: "Who could it be? I’m not expecting anyone."

(The door opens and Molly swims in.)

All: (Gasping).

Mr Smithers: "An unexpected visitor, my lady."

Deema: "I can see that."

Mr Smithers: "Tea, my lady."

Deema: "Yes! Definitely, Tea."

(Mr Smithers left to make tea. Molly swims over to her friends.)

Molly: (British accent)"Hello! I’m Molly Under-Hood from London. I know that you did not expect me, but, I just had to come."

Deema: "But, why?"

Molly: (British accent)"Because, I have information that a crime will be committed here at Mystery Manor this very evening."

Deema: "No."

Molly: (British accent)"Yes! Someone is gonna try and steal your jewels, Lady Deema."

Deema: (Gasps)"My Jewels!"

Goby: "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

Gil: "You’ve gotta be kidding me!"

Nonny: "Hmm. Mysterious, very mysterious."

Oona: "But, How did you come by this information?"

Molly: "Well..."

(Before Molly can explain, Mr Smithers showed up, with a tray of teacups and a teapot.)

Mr Smithers: "Tea, my lady."

(Suddenly, the room went dark, and some kind of scary activity happened.)

Deema: (Screams).

(The lights came on and Mr Smithers disappeared.)

Deema: (Gasps)"My Jewels! My jewels are gone! (Signing)."

(Deema faints, Goby catches her.)

Goby: "Great Caesar’s Ghosts!"

Nonny: "The Butler. Mr Smithers is missing. He must have taken the jewels. After him!"

(Molly, Oona and Nonny swam off to find Mr Smithers, leaving Goby, Gil and Deema in the room.)

Oona: "There he goes!"

(The Guppies swim after Mr Smithers outside.)

Molly: "I can’t see him."

Oona: "We lost him!"

Voice: "Help! Help!"

Molly: "Do you hear that?!"

Voice: "Hey! Get me out of here!"

(The other Guppies heard the banging and joined Molly, Oona and Nonny.)

Nonny: "Aha! Mr Smithers!"

Goby: "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

Deema: "Oh. For goodness sakes! How did you get in there?"

Mr Smithers: "I’m not quite sure, my lady. I was bringing in the tea. When..."

(A flashback plays, and the room got dark.)

Deema: (Screams).

Mr Smithers: "The lights went out. Then, someone knocked the tray out of my hands. Then, pushed me into the closet."

(Flashback ends.)

Goby: "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

Gil: "I can’t believe it!"

Deema: "How awful. Poor Mr Smithers!"

Mr Smithers: "Thank you, my lady!"

Nonny: "So, when the lights went out, someone pushed you into the closet."

Mr Smithers: "And I was in there until you got me out."

Molly: "That means he couldn’t have been the mysterious figure we saw running down the path."

Deema: "Then, someone else must’ve taken my jewels."

Nonny: "Yes! Someone else."

Goby: "Yes, Well. I think Gil and I better be getting home."

Deema: "You’re leaving."

Molly: "Now?!"

Nonny: "But, we’re right in the middle of a big mystery."

Goby: "I know. But..."

Gil: "We’ve got to clean the attic."

Goby: "Yeah! It’s been dusty up there for over a week and it needs some good old fashioned spring cleaning."

Gil: "But, we’ll come right back. See ya."

(Gil and Goby left.)

Deema: Oh for goodness sakes! C’mon, Miss Under-Hood."

Oona: "Clean the attic?! I think he’s making that up, he just wanted to leave."

Nonny: "Elementary, my dear Watson! I find that mysterious, very mysterious."

Mr Smithers: "I will bring tea, my lady."

Nonny: "Ya know, Lady Deema. Those next door neighbors of yours, are very mysterious fellows."

Deema: "You mean, Mr Goby Frothing-Slosh and Mr Gil McGuire."

Nonny: "Indeed. They said that they had to clean the attic. What if they took the jewels and are running away with them."

Deema: "No!"

Nonny: "Yes!"

Oona: "But, that’s not all."

Both: "Not All?!"

Nonny: "That’s right! Because, we noticed that you, Miss Molly Under-Hood."

Molly: (Gasps).

Nonny: "You never told us how you knew that someone was going to take Lady Deema’s Jewels."

Deema: "Yeah! What’s that about?!"

Molly: "Oh. Well."

(Before Molly can explain, Mr Smithers saw something.)

Mr Smithers: "Look."

Molly: "It’s the Mysterious Figure!"

Deema: (Screams).

Nonny: "After him!"

(The Three Guppies followed the mysterious figure outside.)

Molly: "I can’t see him! We’ve lost him!"

Oona: "No, we haven’t!"

Nonny: "Listen."

Molly: "Footsteps."

Nonny: "We can follow them. C’mon!"

(The Three Guppies followed the footsteps. Song: .)

(Song ends as Oona and Nonny pounces.)

Both: "Aha!"

Gil: (Screams).

Goby: "Yikes!"

Nonny: "We’ve got you, Frothing Slosh and McGuire!"

Oona: "Now, give us Lady Deema’s Jewels."

Goby: "But, we didn’t take her jewels."

Oona: "Then, What are you two doing out here?"

Gil: "Well. We said, we’d come back after cleaning the attic."

(A flashback of Mr Smithers Seeing Gil and Goby.)

Goby: "We were going to come into the library, but, Mr Smithers, the Butler started shouting, so, we decided to go back home."

Nonny: "After him!"

Goby: "But, then, you started chasing us."

Oona: "Then, are you sure you didn’t take the jewels?"

Goby: "No!"

Gil: "Of course not! We would never do such a thing."

Nonny: "Then, Who did?"

Oona: "You might wanna listen to this, Nonny."

Nonny: (Gasps)"Two mysterious Figures!"

Goby: "Well. Four if you count us."

Gil: "Hey!"

Oona: "They’re going into Mystery Manor!"

Nonny "After them!"

(The four Guppies hurried off.)

Goby: "Look."

Nonny: "C’mon! And please, keep quiet."

(The four Guppies quietly make their way down the hall.)

Nonny: "There he is! Quietly, you guys!"

(Goby grabs a lantern to shine a little light on the mystery.)

Nonny: "Aha!"

Oona: (Gasps).

Nonny: "Miss Molly Under-Hood!"

Gil: "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

Nonny: "Now, give us Lady Deema’s jewels!"

Goby: "I bet they’re in her purse."

Molly: (British accent)"I didn’t take Lady Deema’s Jewels, because, I am... (Gets out her badge) Policewoman Molly Under-Hood!"

All: (Gasping).

Both: "Policewoman Molly Under-Hood?!"

Goby: "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

Gil: "You’ve gotta be kidding me!"

Molly: (British accent)"I got a mysterious letter telling me that someone was going to take Lady Deema’s Jewels."

Nonny: "My assistant, Oona got a letter too. Very mysterious!"

Molly: (British accent)"I came at once, but, someone took the jewels away."

Oona: "But, How did you get here?"

Molly: (British accent)"Well. When we split up in the garden, I saw the mysterious figure hiding in the bushes. I followed it into the mansion, but, when I got here to the hall, it was gone. And then, I saw this."

Nonny: "Aha! Bring the light closer, please."

Gil: "Okay."

Goby: "Footprints!"

Oona: "That means the mysterious figure is in the house."

Nonny: "Elementary, my dear Watson. We must follow the footprints, and hurry!"

(The five Guppies followed the footprints. Deema was napping.)

All: (Gasping).

Molly: (British accent) "The footprints lead right into the hall!"

Gil: "No way!"

Goby: "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

Nonny: "Mysterious, very mysterious!"

Molly: (British accent) "But, that’s impossible! He can’t have walked into the wall."

Gil: "Unless, he was a ghost. No offence."

Nonny: "Old houses can be very mysterious."

Oona: "Sometimes, one might have... Hmm. Here we go!"

(Oona pulls a book, revealing a secret passageway.)

All: (Gasping).

Nonny: "A secret passage!"

Goby: "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

Oona: "Mr Frothin-Slosh and Mr McGuire, stay with Lady Deema, if you please."

Gil: "Aww, man!"

Goby: "Will do!"

Nonny: "Come, Assistant and come, Policewoman Under-Hood! We’re gonna find out, Who Done It."

(The Three swam through the secret passageway. Song: .)

(Song ends as the Guppies went through the door.)

Molly: "Where are we?!"

Oona: "We’re inside the hall closet."

Nonny: "And There he is! Aha!"

Mr Smithers: "Huh. Hey! No! Aah!"

Oona: "We Gotcha now!"

All: (Gasping).

All: "Mr Smithers, the Butler?!"

Goby: "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

Gil: "Say, it ain’t so?!"

Nonny: "Why did you take Lady Deema’s Jewels, Mr Smithers?"

Mr Smithers: "But, I didn’t take them."

Molly: (British accent) "We saw you! They’re right there in your pocket!"

Mr Smithers: "Well. Yeah! I have them, alright. But, I didn’t take them. Lady Deema gave them to me."

Nonny: "What?! Lady Deema gave them to you?!"

Molly: "How could that be?!"

Goby: "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

Oona: "But, why?!"

Deema: "Well. It was a very misty and gloomy day! My dear friend, Mr Smithers and I were sitting around the Manor with nothing to do. Mr Smithers had already brought me tea two or three times and we were kind of bored, so, we thought we’d invited you guys over for a nice mystery. We wrote you letters and you came and then, Mr Smithers pretended to take my jewels. And we all get to look for them all over the Manor."

Nonny: "What a great idea!"

Molly: "Nothing like a mystery on a misty gloomy day."

Gil: "Yeah!"

Oona: "Unbelievable!"

Goby: "Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

(Suddenly, a growly sound occurred.)

Oona: "What was that?!"

Nonny: "Aha! Your stomach, Mr Gil McGuire."

Gil: "After all that mysteriousness, I could use a snack."

Goby: "Come back to the classroom, we have cheese and crackers."

Deema: "Cheese and crackers. Mmm."

(A Bubble pops, and Mystery Manor changes back to the playground.)

Gil: "That was a mysterious adventure, don’t you think?"

Goby: "Yeah!"

Oona: "Uh Huh!"

Molly: "Totally!"

Deema: "Yeah!"

Nonny: "It was great!"

Guppies: (Sings)We’ve got the whole wide world in our yard to explore, now, it’s time for us to have a snack. Meet you next time, when we’re back! With your friends, the Bubbleyardigans!

Molly: "See ya!"

Deema: "See you Later!"

Oona: "Bye!"

Gil: "See you next time!"

Goby: "Later!"

Nonny: "Later!"

(The Guppies swam back to the classroom, as the episode ends.)