Ninjas Ninjas Ninjas! This Is A Movie About Four Ninjas (Gil Nonny Goby And Molly For Some Reason)

Who Are Off To Defeat The Ultimate Evil And Unlock Their True Powers But Many Surprises Await.


The BeginingEdit

Gil:Just Needs Some Heat Then You Cool It Down! *Pulls Out Crooked Sword*

Oona:You Made It To Quickly! Paitence!

Gil:I'll Be A Better Blacksmith Than Dad Ever Was!

An Old Man (Joshua) Walks In

Joshua:These Weapons Are For A Samurai! But Nothing For A Ninja...

Gil:Ninja? There Are No Ninja In These Parts Old Man!

Gil Then Looks At Nya And When He Looks Back The Old Man Was Gone

That Night An Army Of Skeletons Invaded The Village

Kruncha:Come On Samukai Im Dying To Go Down There!

Samukai:You're Already Dead Bonehead! This One Is Mine.

Gil Arms Himself And Goes To Fight The Skeletons

A Skeleton Head Begins To Bite Gil's Tail

Gil:Ow! Chew On THIS!

Gil Then Kicks The Head Into The Air And Other Skeletons Clap

Oona Sneaks Behind Them And Punches Them In The Face

Gil:I Told You To Stay Behind!

Oona:And Let YOU Have All The Fun?

Samukai Then Attacks Gil And Wields Four Knives (He Has Four Arms)

Suddenly Someone Yells "Ninjago!" And Then A Spinning Gold Tornado Appears

Samukai:Sensei Josh! Your Fishjitzu Looks Rusty!

Samukai Then Throws The Knives At The Water Tower And Joshua Saves Gil From Being Crushed By The Tower By Using Fishjitzu

Kruncha:Jonesy Says Get The Girl!

A Hand Then Grabs Oona And Takes Her Away


Oona:Somebody Help Me!

Gil:How Are We Going To Get Her Back!

Sensei Josh: We Will Get Your Sister Back. You Have The Fire Inside Gil. You Are The Chosen One Who Will Protect The Golden Weapons!

Sensei Josh:Long Before Time Had A Name, The First Fishjitzu Master Created Ninjago Using The Four Golden Weapons Of Fishjitzu.The Scythe Of Quakes,The Nunchucks Of Lightning,The Shruikens Of Ice, And The Sword Of Fire.The Master Taught His Two Sons The Art Of Fishjitzu. But The Older Brother Was Taken Over By Darkness. The Two Brothers Had A Fight And The Younger Brother Won. The Older Brother Was Banished To The Underworld.The Master Gave The Map For The Weapons To An Honest Man. That Man Was Your Father. Gil's Eyes Lit Up.The Younger Brother Hid The Weapons And Sent Guardians To Protect Them. I Must Find Those Weapons Before Jonesy Does!

Gil:You're The Younger Brother?

Sensei:You Must Learn To Tame The Fire Inside!

Gil Follows Sensei To A Mountain Top With A Training Course

Sensei:Complete The Course Before I Finish My Tea.

Gil Kept On Trying To Complete The Course.He Failed And Failed,But Finnaly Did It Right

Gil:So Has My Training Made Me A Fishjitzu Master?

Sensei:You Have Already Learned Fishjitzu. It Is Inside You.


Gil:*Brushing Teeth*

Then He Is Surrounded By 3 Ninja In Black


And Then There Were FourEdit

Gil Throws His Electric Toothbrush Into One's Mouth Then She Spits It Out And It Hits Another Ninja And Then Bounces Right Into Another One's Outfit And The Ninja Starts Shaking Once He Gets It Out Gil Is On The Wooden Beams On The Ceilling. He Chuckles And Another Ninja Tries To Kick Him But Misses And Falls. Gil Chuckles Again And One Ninja Throws His Nunchucks And They Made Gil Fly Through The Roof! When He Lands He Does A Somersault On The Ground And Before The Ninjas Get To Him He Activates The Training Course.One Ninja Is Hit By A Wooden Soilder,Another One Is Hit By A Spike Ball, And The Last One Dodged The Spike Ball But Is Then Hit By The Punching Bag That Gil Is Riding On, Dropping Her Scythe. When They Get Up, Gil Punches One In The Face Then Kicked In The Face. He Kicks A Ninja In The Face. Knocking Her Backwards. Then The Other Two Ninjas Jump At Gil. One Kicks Him In The Face And Then One Kicks Him In The Stomach,Knocking Him Down.He Steps On One Ninja's Foot Then A Few More Punches And Kicks Follow.Then A Ninja Jumps On Gil. They Start Rolling On The Floor Trying To Get On Top Of Eachother,Then The Other Ninjas Jump On Gil


Ninjas:Yes Sensei.

Gil:Wait A Minute, They're Your Students Too?

Sensei Nods

Gil:This Was My Final Test Wasn-

Ninja:Whoa Whoa Whoa *Giggles* You Never Said Anything About A Fourth. Its Always 3! 3 Blind Mice, Three Musketeers 3-

Another Ninja:What He's Trying To Say Is, The 3 Of Us Have Trained Together Sensei Josh. We're Solid

Gil:Hah, Didnt Look So Solid To Me

Another Ninja:Sensei, What Is The Meaning Of This?

Sensei:Each Of You Have Been Chosen. Each In 2 With Elemental Properties. But First, Ninjago!

The Tornado Approaches The Ninjas And Gil And When It Passes Them, They Are Wearing Different Uniforms

Blue Ninja:Whoa, How Did He Do That? *Giggles* Look What Color I Am!

Black Ninja:Wait A Minute, Im Still Black!

Sensei:Gil, Master Of Fire, It Burns Bright In You. Nonny Is Blue, Master Of Lightning.

Nonny:*Giggles** That's Not All Im The Master Of, I Do A Little Inventing A Dabble Modeling. A Touch Of Cooking, A Little Poetry-

Black Ninja:More Like Mouth Of Lightning.

Sensei:Black Ninja Is Molly, Solid As Rock. Master Of Earth.

Molly Swings Her Scythe Then Spins It

Molly:Nice To Meet You Kid. I Got Your Back. And For The Record,(Taking Off Her Hood) There Ain't Nothing In This World Im Afraid Of.

White Ninja:Except For Dragons.

Molly:Dragons Aren't From This World Goby. I Said In This World.

Sensei:And White Ninja Is Goby, Master Of Ice (Goby Jumps In The Air And Spins) And Seer With 6 Scents

Gil:*Whispering* I Sense This One Takes Things A Little To Seriously.

Goby:You Too Have The Gift?

Nonny:*Laughs* He's Making A Joke Goby! Remember What We Talked About? Your Sense Of Humor? Huh?

Goby:Yes. It Was A Joke. Ha Ha. (Nonny Slaps Himself In The Face)

Sensei:Pay Attention!

Sensei:You Four Are The Chosen Ones Who Will Protect The Four Weapons Of Fishjitzu From Lord Jonesy.

Gil:But What About My Sister?!

Nonny:Were Saving A Girl? Is She Hot?


Nonny:I Just Wanna Know What Were Getting Ourselves Into! Does She Like Blue-

Gil:Back Off!

Sensei:When We Find The Weapons We Will Find Your Sister. It Is Time. We Must Go To The First Weapon!

Molly:Whoa Hold On. You Said You Were Gonna Teach Us Fishjitzu!

Sensei:Fishjitzu Is In Inside Each And Every One Of You. But It Will Only Be Unlocked When The Key Is Ready To Be Found. *Pause* Come! My Feet Are Tired. We Will Take The Forest Carridge.

Nonny:Great. Now We Have To Find A Key?

Molly:Yeah. I Feel Like He's Taking Us For A Ride.

Gil:Well If It Means Finding My Sister, Then Sign Me Up.

Scythes And BoneheadsEdit

Nonny (Mocking Gil):Sign Me Up!

Molly:Keep Pulling, We've Got A Long Way To Go.

Gil:So, When Did Sensei Find You Three?

Molly:Let's Just Say Is It Wasn't For Sensei Josh, I Dont Think We Would Ever Be Seen Together. I Was Testing My Limits (Molly Is Shown Climbing A Mountain)

Nonny:I Was Testing My Invention. (Nonny Is Then Shown On A Building With A Pair Of Wings Trying To Fly)

Goby:(Breathing Hard):And I Was Testing Myself. (Goby Is Shown Underwater)

Gil:Your Right, If It Wasn't For Sensei None Of Us Would Have-

Sensei:Stop! The Caves Of Despair. Samukai Must Be Close To Unearthing The Scythe Of Quakes. Remember. Do Not Use The Weapon For It's Power-

Nonny:Yeah Yeah Yeah It's Too Much For Us Mortals. Alright Guys Let's Chop-Socky This Lemonade Stand. Molly, You Got The Plan?

Molly:Sure Do. First We Lower Ourselves Down The Ledge, And Then- Wait Where's Gil?

Gil Is Seen Sneaking Behind A Rock Then Sommersaulting Past Some Skeletons

Nonny: (Sigh) Let's Go

Gil Then Hides Behind A Pole And Does A Frontflip Past More Skeletons And The Other Ninjas Sneak Past The Skeletons Then They Hide Under Something And Are Almost Caught. Then They Walk With The Object On Their Heads (With Their Body Hidden) Then They Get A Skeleton Under The Object And Beat It Up

Gil:(Gasp) The Map!

Kruncha:I Found Something! (The Ninja Are Sneaking Under The Conveyor Belt)

Skeleton:That's Another Rock You Bonehead!

Kruncha:But It's Shaped Like A Donut! I Wonder If It Tastes Like One? (Bites Rock) Ow!

Gil Then Jumps Past The Rocks He Was Hiding Behind Then The Others Hide Behind The Same Rocks Then The Four Ninja Go To The Top Of A Watchtower Where Samukai Is Reading The Map

Nonny: *Hits Gil On The Head* What's The Matter With You?


Nonny:It's Upsidedown! They're Digging In The Wrong Spot!

Goby:The Golden Weapon Is Near.

Goby Throws A Shruiken And Uses A Rope To Pull It Up With The Map

Gil:There's No Time To Waste *Does Backflip Off Watchtower*

Nonny:What Is It With That Guy? Always In A Rush!

Gil Puts Something On His Head And Sneaks Into A Mine THen Tries To Push A Rock

Molly:Hey Before You Rush Of Again, Remember That We're A Team.

Gil:Yeah, Whatever

The Ninja Push The Rock Together And Find The Scythe Of Quakes

Nonny:Whoa, That Is So Cool!

Nonny's Voice Echoes Through The Cave And Every Skeleton Hears It

Molly:Shhhh *Grabs Scythe And Jumps Down* Not So Loud!

Nonny:Come On Don't Be So Paranoid, We're Totally On The Opposite Side Of The Caves!

Molly:Ok, Now That We've Got The Scythe, Let's Sneak Out While Those Boneheads Are Still Busy!

The 4 Sneak Out And Walk Into Samukai And The Skeletons


Samukai Draws His Four Knives And The Four Guppies Fight The Skeletons


Goby:Gil! Over Here! *Gets Hit In The Face*

Molly Is Running Along The Cart Tracks Kicking Skeletons

Gil (Swinging Sword):There's Too Many Of Them!

Nonnny:Let Me Handle It! WA-CHA! WA-CHEE Punch A Skull! Hey Guys! It's Just Like The Training Course! Over The Planks, Dodge The Swords, Here Comes The Dummy! Cha-Ching! *Becomes An Orange Tornado*


Gil:Nonny! What's The Key?

Nonny (Killing Skeletons):I'm Just Going Through The Motions! This Must Of Been What Sensei Said When He Said We Already Know It!

Gil:Over The Planks, Dodge The Swords, Here Comes The Dummy! *Becomes Purple Tornado*

Nuckal:Hahaha! He Just Called You A Dummy!

Kruncha:No He Called You A Dummy!


Goby:I Sense You Dont Stand A Chance...


The Skeletons Leave The Mine With 4 Tornadoes. Purple,Orange,Green, And Blue.

Gil:*Flexing Muscles* Guess They Didn't Want A Second Serving Of These Babies!

The Others Facepalm Themselves Then Start Celebrating But Molly Is Looking Behind With Big Eyes

Molly:Uhh Guys?

Goby (Thinking):Didn't Sensei Say There Was A Guardian Protecting The Weapon?

Molly:Is That U-U-Uh What I T-Think It Is?

Nonny (Scared):You Mean A Dragon?

Gil (Scared):That Sure Looks Like A Dragon!

Goby:I Sense We Won't Be Able To Spin Our Way Out Of This One.

The Dragon Then Breathes Fire At The Guppies And They Fall Down


Molly:I Thought Dragons Weren't From This World!

Gil Takes The Cloth Off Of The Scythe

Nonny:No No! Bad Idea Gil! Sensei Told Us Not To-

Gil:You Better Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Gil Runs Up To The Dragon With The Scythe

Molly:Gil! Dont!

Gil Swings The Scythe Into The Ground Then The Ground Shakes And A Rock Falls On The Dragon And THe Ninja Run Away

Gil:We Gotta Escape!

Then A Crack In The Celing Opens

Molly:We Can Use Fishjitzu!

The Four Use Fishjitzu And Escape Through The Crack And Find Sensei

Molly:That Was Awesome!

Gil:We Are Unbeleivable!

Goby:We Are The Best!

Nonny:Did You See That? I Was Like POW! Then You Were Like BAM!-

Sensei:ENOUGH! I Told You Not To Use The Scythe!

Molly And Nonny Point At Gil

Nonny:He Did It


Molly:I Warned Him Sensei!

Gil:It Was My Only Option!

Sensei:And What Makes You Think You Are More Important Than The Team? Huh? HUH?

Gil:They Took My Sister Remember?

Sensei:There Are Still 3 Weapons Left! Maybe Next Time You Can Do It Right.

In The UnderworldEdit

Samukai:Master... I Have Failed You... They Have Learned Fishjitzu... And They Have The Scythe.

Then There Is A Bit More Talking Then The Episode Ends

To Be ContinuedEdit

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