When Mickey's circus pet, Dumbo the world's flying circus elephant is making lots of bubbles, they turned into pink elephants. So it's up to Molly, Gil and Bubble Puppy to defeat the hallucinating creatures. Will they stop the pink elephants in time?


  • Molly
  • Gil
  • Goby
  • Deema
  • Oona
  • Nonny
  • Bubble Puppy
  • Mr. Grouper
  • Little Fish
  • Mickey Mouse (from Disney)
  • Minnie Mouse (from Disney)
  • Donald Duck (from Disney)
  • Goofy (from Disney)
  • Pluto (from Disney)
  • Dumbo (from Disney)
  • Timothy Q. Mouse (from Disney's Dumbo)
  • The Pink Elephants (from Disney's Dumbo)
  • Salty the Seal (from Disney shorts)


  • The bubble was shaped like an elephant when Timothy told Dumbo to blow a bigger one.


Long ago, Mickey Mouse was a ringmaster of his circus. He wasn't alone that time. He adopted two animals. One was a baby seal named Salty and one was baby elephant named Dumbo. Mickey spends time with Dumbo and Salty when Molly, Gil and Bubble Puppy arrived.

Molly: Hi Mickey. Who's this baby seal? He sure is cute.

Mickey: Oh, This is Salty and this baby elephant is Dumbo.

Gil: Aw, they sure are cute.

Mickey: Dumbo likes to do some bubble blowing. Watch.

Dumbo: (blowing bubbles)

Bubble Puppy: (growling at the bubble)

As Bubble Puppy went to the bubble, it turned into a shape of an elephant.

Timothy: Hey, dog, no! You, kids! I've got to warn you about something!

Molly: What are you going to warn us about?

Timothy: Pink Elephants! They're the living nightmares!

Molly and Gil: Oh no! Pink elephants?

Mickey: Oh my gosh! Speak of the devils! (pink elephants began to multiply)

Donald: Pink Elephants!

Goofy: Pink Elephants!

Molly and Gil went to school to warn Mr. Grouper and the others about the pink elephants.

Molly: Mr. Grouper!

Gil: We've came to warn you about the pink elephants!

Mr. Grouper: Pink elephants?

Mickey: Yes! Right now they're invading Bubbletucky!

Nonny: Oh no!

Oona: Is it worse?

Deema: Do they have weaknesses?

Goby: Are they hallucinating?

Mickey: Yes! (gasps) I have an idea!

Mickey had found the sorcerer's hat. When he put it on his head, his ringmaster's outfit changed into red robes.

Gil: Oh, Magic is the pink elephants' weakness?

Mickey: Yes! As long as I have my sorcerer's hat, I can stop them with my magic.

Molly, Gil and Mickey was tracking down the pink elephants when trouble is lurking.

Minnie: I hope Mickey's okay! Oh, those pink elephants!

Donald: Oh, calm down!

Goofy: At least, We're inside the circus tent.

Pluto: (barking angrily)

Donald: Pluto! Keep it quiet! Before those pink elephants might catch us.

Mickey: Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto! I'm over here!

Minnie, Donald and Goofy: Mickey!

Mickey: Guys! I've found their weakness!

Minnie: You do? What is it?

Mickey: Magic!

When they have defeated the pink elephants, Bubbletucky was saved. Thanks to Mickey.

Molly: Thanks, Mickey. I owe you one.

Mickey: You're welcome and Thanks for helping me.

The End

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