Description Notes Trivia And CharactersEdit

Gil And Nonny And Friends Are The Only Ones Who Can Save The Multiverse From A Legend Known As The Dark Star X

This Is A REALLY Long Movie

This Is The First Movie Where The Guppies Behave In Nasty Ways

This Was Originally Made By A Person On Youtube Called "MarioMario54321"



liG (Counterpart Of Gil)-Oriam

ynnoN (Counterpart Of Nonny)-Igiul

And Some Others That Will Be Shown Along The Way

Part 1-5Edit

Part 1Edit

Past Movies And Characters Are Introduced

When GobyGoby321 Is Introduced

GG:**** Rug!

DD (DeemaDeema654):Don't Worry GG It's Just A Rug!

JC7 (JonesyCao7):How Long Do I Have To Keep Hiding? I Become An Anti Hero Just Like Shadow The Puppy...And Now I Have To Hide So I Dont Cause Trouble! I've Been Hiding Scince The End Of TCC IV

NG2 (NonnyGame2):I Know Your There,JC7. So He's Become An Anti Hero?

A Little Bit More After Random Things Said And Characters Introduced...

GG:OMG Something Has Happened!

Gil:What Is It?

Nonny:Saibot Is Here And We Have To Defeat Him And The Other Dopplegangers To Enter Hell And Destroy The Dark Star X?

GG:No Not That!

DD:The Fog In Jolly Roger Bay Has Cleared For The First Time EVER!!! Which Means You Can Finally See Everything Clearly!

Gil:OMG You're Serious?

When Gil Goes In The Painting

Gil:NO MORE FOG!!! :O For The First Time Ever, I Can SEE Jolly Roger Bay CLEARLY!

After The No More Fog SceneEdit

JC7:You Know Something... I Think The Time For Me To Strike has Finnaly Come! I Mean,Who Else am I Gonna Meet That I Havent Met Yet?

OonanCookies:I Found You! X3 Now It's My Turn To Hide! 8D

JC7:Who Are You? -_-

ONC:Oona C:

JC7:Uh Huh. Scince When Were You Ever A Part Of This War Between Us And Our Dopplegangers? You're A Sprite Of Oona For Crying Out Loud!

ONC:I've Been Around Since That Video Where Gil Fought The Cookie King X3

JC7:I See. Now Can You Please Leave Me Alone? -_-

Oona:Sure C:

Part 2Edit

Gil:Wow, That Sure Was Fun. I Could See Everything! But Now Im Bored. I Don't Know What To Do. Oh Well, There's Normally Many Other Places That Have Fog. I Can Visit Those!

(Doorbell) GG:Someone's At The Door. I'll Get It

JC7:That's Weird. I Sense The Presence Of An Evil Counterpart! Hey. That Looks Like...

GG:No Way! It's You!

???:I Am Saibot!

Saibot:I Am Here To Fight Tobias! I Am Here To KILL Tobias!

GG:GIL! NONNY! Come Here!

Gil:What Is It?


GG:It's Happening! It's Happening Now! Saibot, The Next Evil Counterpart In The Cycle Is Here To Fight Tobias!

Gil:No Way! That Means They're All Coming After Us Again!

Nonny:This May Finnaly Be It! If We Defeat Them All, And Then Destroy The Dark Star X... This Ongoing Battle Will Finnaly Come To An End!

GG:Don't You Get It? This Is Finnaly It! All Your Past Adventures Have Led Up To This... Don't You Realize That This Is The True Final Battle? "Neither Can Live While The Other One Survives" The Time For One Of Us To Finally Kill The Other Has Arrived At Last! But First We Need To Defeat All The Dopplegangers In Order To Destroy The Dark Star X.

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