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Gil adopts a small dark blue,red-eyed,spherical,creature with light blue feet,no nose,no ears,and white hair. Then later it turns humongous with the same appearance except orange hair and sharp teeth.

Songs: "Little Shop Of Horrors(song)","Skid Row","Da Doo","Bark For Me", "Somewhere That's Green","Some Fun Now","Dentist!","Feed Me","Hypnotize","The Meek Shall Inherit","Mean Blue Monster From Outer Space","Finale","Ya never Know","Grouper And Son","Now","Closed For Renovation","Suddenly Gilly"

Trivia Edit

  • This movie is similar to the Little Shop Of Horrors movie.

Transcript Edit

Episode 142a (The Little Shop Of Horrors)

Episode 142b (The Little Shop Of Horrors)

Episode 142c (The Little Shop Of Horrors)

Episode 142d (The Little Shop Of Horrors)

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