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(The episode starts off at night three figures snooped around then they took Molly's favorite charm bracelet.)

Molly: "My charm bracelet they got my charm bracelet Stop thieves they stealing my bracelet stop."

(They went after the thieves.)

All: (Gasps).

Molly: "What did you guys do with my bracelet."

Bully #1: "Sorry it had to be this way."

Bully #2: "Loser."

Bully #3: "See ya."

All: (Gasps).

Gil: "Who are they."

Molly: "I don't know (to herself) but I'm gonna find out tomorrow alone."

(The next day, Molly sneaks to check on everyone then she snuck away she went through the portal.)

Molly: "Whoa what is this place."

(Song: This strange world.)

Molly: I've never seen a place that's quite like this everything is turned around this crazy world is upside down getting on my fin it's the hand that I was dealt but I don't have much time with them got to learn all that I can they usually have some fun and work I don't they're skin tone or i'm so alone everything's confusing when it seems so new but i look a little closer and tooks me through the familar to what a strange new world i'm trying to make males and females in this strange new world what a strange new world sorting through all details of this strange new world what a strange new world.

(Song ends.)

(Back home, the guppies woke up one morning.)

Zooli: "Morning, Molly! Molly! Huh. Look. A note. Gone to get my charm bracelet back! I'll be back before you know it. Signed Molly."

Nonny: "Mm-Hmm! Just as I thought. This is the magic portal to the other dimension. The Monsterville dimension. It opens once every 20 years. On the third day, when the moon reaches it's peek in the night sky, the portal will close, and once it does, it'll be another 20 years before it opens again."

Gil: "I sure hope Molly will be okay. I hope she can get her charm bracelet back."

(Meanwhile, in Monsterville, Molly was walking down a path, until she encounters a monster guppy creature. It appears to look like Gil, but it's hair and tail colors are darker. The monster guppy has turquoise skin.)

Molly: "Hi there. Who are you?"

Monster Guppy: "I am Quill."

Molly: "Quill? Nice name. I'm Molly."

Quill: "Do you want me to show you around town?"

Molly: "Sure, I guess."

(Molly and Quill went down the path.)

Molly: "Wow, it's so beautiful here, Quill."

Quill: "I'm glad you like it."

Molly: "Where should we go first?"

Quill: "Let's go to the toy store."

Molly: "Good idea!"

(Molly and Quill rushed into a toy store. There are toys Molly never seen before. There's even dolls!)

Molly: "Yay! They have dolls here!"

(At the dolls section, Molly and Quill saw two monsters that look like Oona and Zooli. The little monster girls were playing by a dollhouse. The hair and tail colors are darker, and she has lavender skin and the other has orange skin.)

Quill: "Molly, this is Coona and Cooli."

Coona and Cooli stopped and looked at Molly and Quill, and she waved at them.

Cooli: "Quill! Molly! Hello!"

Coona: "Yolly is here."

Molly: "Yolly?"

(Yolly, another monster girl, comes by. She looks like Molly, with her hair and tail colors reversed and lighter colored. She has pink skin.)

Yolly: "Hi Coona. Hi, Cooli! Hi Quill. Hi....uhh..."

Molly: "Molly."

Yolly: "Oh...hi Molly!"

Molly: "You look just like me."

Yolly: "Yeah, of course we do. I'm a monster version of you. I'm you in the third dimention."

Molly: "Third dimention?"

Quill: "That's right. You just entered the third dimention, where everyone is monster-like."

Molly: "Wow."

Voice: "Hey, it's my best friend Quill! How are you doing, Quill?"

(A monster boy comes into the store. He looks like Goby, with the hair and tail colors darker and reversed. However, he has a swirl-like bang on his hair. He has dark gray skin.)

Quill: "Quoby! Right here!"

Molly: "He looks like Goby."

Quill: "He does, except for his hair."

Quoby: "Hey, are you Molly?"

Molly: "How did you know...-"

Quoby: "I have my ways..."

Molly: "Weird."

Quill: "Who wants ice cream?"

Molly, Yolly, Quoby, Coona: "We do!"

Quill: "To the ice cream store!"

(The Guppies raced down to the ice cram store. When they got there, Molly saw a monster that looks like Nonny. His colors are reversed and his goggles are black instead of blue. His skin is beige. The monster was just enjoying his banana sundae.)

Quill: "Hey, Quonny!"

Quonny: "Hello."

Yolly: "This boy's name Quonny. He's very smart, but he doesn't smile very often."

Molly: "Just like Nonny."

Quoby: "Nonny?"

Molly: "That's right. He's the boy in my school. He doesn't smile very much, which for some reason, I've always wondered why."

Yolly: "Me too, but why don't we all have some ice cream?"

Voice: "Yeah!"

(The kids turned around to see a monster to look like Deema. Her colors are darker and her skin is purple. Her earring are black instead of orange.)

Coona: "Hey, Keema!"

Molly: "Keema?"

Keema (her arm around Molly): "That's right, girl! That's my name!"

Molly: "Yeah, I see."

(As the hours pass by, the kids were playing around at the park after their trip to the ice cream shop. Then, the sun went down.)

Yolly: "Oh Molly, tomorrow at school is a costume party. Don't forget to wear your best costume."

Molly: "Cool!"

Yolly: "Also, you gotta sign here for princess of the costume party."

Molly: "Okay. (Writes down her name) There!"

Yolly: "Well. Costume Party's tomorrow. Come on, I think we saved a room for you at a castle."

Molly: "Really?"

Yolly: "Yep."

(Molly follows her counterpart to a castle. It was builted with stone and flags are at the top. Molly followed Yolly into the castle and into an empty room.)

Yolly: "Here you are. It's getting dark. Let's go to sleep."

Molly: "Okay."

Yolly: "Goodnight Molly!"

Molly: "Goodnight Yolly!"

(As Yolly left, Molly immediately goes to bed. The next day will be an extra fun day.)

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