Deema drinks some sort of jucie that makes her incredably smart! Too smart according to Nonny. This is more similar to Little Miss Cutie.

It was a beautiful day in bubbletucky Nonny was mixing a concoction to make him smarter for the teen competition (I know, he's only 5, but extremely smart. Hey, you can never be too smart)

Nonny:it's almost ready. Now I need a test subject'. Oh Deema.

Deema: The Deemster has arrived! Yeah, Nonners.

Nonny: I need to test this serum on you.(hands drink to Deema and she drinks it. Deema starts to bloat )

Nonny:(sheepishly) I guess it was a little unstable.

Deema returns to normal but had an awful headache.

Deema:Ooooooohh. My head! Yet I feel so smart

Nonny: Hmm. Let me test that. Can anything escape a black hole?

Deema:notunless it has as much power as a juice truck about 54 times its size at full speed ahead.

Nonny: right 

Nonny:Oh hi Molly what you doing here. 

Molly: I Came to get my jacket and i heard deema ask a smart questions. 

Deema:You know, I think I should take your title as the smartest one.

Nonny and Molly: why, Deema, why.

Because,my less intelligent acquaintance I've become so smart that people already know when I'm talking.In fact I should enter the teen competition to kick your-

Nonny and Molly: don't even think about it.

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