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A black-Yoshi monster comes to destroy our pinkball hero,Kirby. Will Kirby defeat this enormous toughster?

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Molly: "That is the most saddest and painful past I've ever heard, Roscoe. But what are we going to do now?"

Roscoe: "You mean what are YOU going to do now?"

Molly: "Me? What do you mean?"

Roscoe: "You better stay with Kirby, because he needs you more than me, Gil, Goby, Nonny, Deema, Oona, and the others. So I suggest you comfort him and figure it out yourselves to defeat the Legendary Demon Beast. And...if you don't confess your feelings for Kirby, there's a chance you might lose him forever...good luck, Molly."

Molly(to herself): "He's right, but why do I have to tell him if those two ghosts has right about this Dino Crisis? But I have to comfort Kirby."

The girl enters Kirby's house to find teary-eyed Kirby.

Molly: "Kirby? Kirby...I just wanted to see if you're okay."

Kirby: "Uh...?"

Molly: "Kirby...are you...?"

Kirby (sniff): "Eeeee..." (pants) "Haahh...haahh..."

Kirby runs to Molly, and hugs her.

Kirby (sobbing): "Pooyoooooo! Poaaaooyooo!"

Molly (tears up): "Ohh, don't cry, Kirby."

Kirby (sobbing): "Pouuhuhuhu!!!"

Molly: "I promise for you, we'll show that fish who's boss."

Kirby (sobbing): "Pooyiiihihihihi..." (sniff) "Poyo?"

Molly: "It's okay, Kirby. I'd cry too." (hugs Kirby) "I'm very sorry I let you down, Kirby. I was trying to protect you, but..."(sniff)

Kirby: "Ooohh..." (sadly) "Oo cry too?"

Molly (to herself): "Yeah, Kirby...I cry too...I just hope one day he could learn to really talk instead of saying poyo."

Kirby (wipes Molly's tears): "On't cwy, Molly..."

Molly: "Huh?"

Kirby: "E'll 'ow at 'ish oo bos!"

Molly (to herself): "He can talk!"(out loud)"Oh Kirby, you can talk!"

Kirby: "'irby, oo can 'alk!"

Molly (to herself): "Or maybe not...he's repeating what I'm saying."

Kirby: "Show 'ish who boss! Kirby promise!"

Molly: "Oh Kirby...I'm glad to have such a great friend."

Meanwhile in Dark Booster's castle...

Dark Booster: "Are you boys serious?"

Hypletta: "Kirby lost to that monstrous black Yoshi? That's impossible!"

Dark Booster: "Right. That mega dino dweeb died years ago!"

Drifloon: "Kirby saw it with his big, cute eyes."

Drifblim: "We trust him."

Drifloon: "Well, almost. Hehehe..."

Hypletta: "Anyway, the Yoshi sounds like trouble for everyone in Baltimore. Maybe that Molly girl should cheer up Kirby for a while."

Drifblim: "This may be a stupid question, but how much does that Molly girl..."


The four looked out the window to see citizens running from Pontetray, in the distance.

Drifloon: "Ahhhhhh!"

Dark Booster: "Oh boy, this looks bad..."


Hypletta: "You two Pokemon! Fly ahead and find the Ghost of the Big Raven Building!"

Dark Booster: "Just leave us!"

Drifloon: "But...but...!"

Dark Booster: "JUST SHUT UP AND GO!!!"

Drifblim (dragging his bro behind): "R-right! We're on our way!"

The monster stomps closer to the castle.

Hypletta: "Hey, you!"

Dark Booster: "Whoever you are, leave this area at once!"

Pontetray: "RRRRRR!" (raises his fist)

Hypletta: "We're in trouble..."

The monster punches the two into a lake. We cut to the Big Raven Buidling.

Drifblim & Drifloon: "GHOST!!!"

The Ghost of the Big Raven Building comes out of his painting (We'll call him Ghost BRB for now).


Ghost BRB: "Boys, what's going on here?"

Drifloon: "A giant, Yoshi-like monster is heading this way! He's here to bur---"

A sharp claw hits his head. SLASH!

Drifloon: "OW!!!"

He falls to the ground, faint.

Drifblim: "NOOO! Little Bro!!!"

The same thing happened to him.

Pontetray: "Sorry, little boys. But I'll take care of him personally..."

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