Summary Edit

Molly,Demma,Oona,Gil,Goby,and Nonny warn Mario, Ravens Rusher, and Luigi about a criminal that keeps escaping out of jail,and it's up to Mario and Luigi to find that criminal and take him into custody.

Story Edit

One night in Toadstool's Castle,Luigi was writing something in his book while Mario watches TV.

Mario: "Hey,Luigi,what are you doing?"

Luigi: "That's for me to know and for you to find out."

Mario: "Can I see?"

Luigi: "NO!"

Mario: "Come on! Let me see!"

Luigi: "Never!"

Mario: "Are you...? Are are writing in your diary?"

Ravens Rusher: "A dairy?"


Mario: "I know what you're writing."

Luigi: "Mama mia! That is soooooooo not cool."

The next day,Mario and Luigi are walking down a path.

Voices: "Help! Help!"

Luigi: "What was that?"

The Bubble Guppies came by.

Mario: "Oh,it's you guys. What's the problem?"

Molly: "Well,someone wanted to see you and your brother."

Luigi: "Us?"

The Guppies lead the Bros to what looks like a building. Luigi looked back and saw Tegil,who glared at him. Luigi glared back. In the building,the Guppies lead the Bros to Carolina.

Mario: "What is this?"

Gil,Goby,Nonny,Deema,Oona: "Just be quiet and listen to him!"

Mario: "Okay,geez..."

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