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Agents Gil,Nonny,and Oona,the best delivery agents who never lose a package,have to bring an Asian elephant to the Dandeli Nature Reserve doe Park Ranger Deema,but Miss Rhamaswami Molly and Goby-Ji try to steal the elephant and bring it to their house and keep it as a pet.

Songs: We Are Delivery Agents,Having An Elephant As A Pet,Elephant,Where Could You Be?,Where She Belongs


  1. Jay Gregnani as Gil
  2. Jet Jurgensmeyer as Nonny
  3. Tori Feinstein as Oona
  4. Grace Kaufman as Deema
  5. Issac Ryan Brown as Goby
  6. Bailey Gambertoglio as Molly
  7. Tino Insana as Mr Grouper


  • Gil and Oona wore the same black jackets from The Unidentified Flying Orchestra
  • Nonny wore the same spy outfit from Secret Agent Nonny.
  • When in the market,the elephant hides in a small vase. It's clearly impossible for an elephant to fit in objects that are aout six times smaller than itself.
  • Spy music that was heard from Check It Out, Come to Your Senses, Secret Agent Nonny was heard when Gil, Oona and Nonny delivered the package to Mr Grouper.
  • Ancient music that was heard from Only the Sphinx Nose and Temple of the Lost Puppy was heard when the scene changes to India.


Gil, Oona and Nonny are at the playground.

Gil: "I’m Agent Gil!"

Oona: "And we’re his partners. Agent Oona!"

Nonny: "And Agent Nonny!"

Gil: "We’re Delivery Agents!"

Oona: "Special agents."

Nonny: "Who make special deliveries."

Oona: "And right now, we’re delivering this package to Mr Grouper."

Nonny: "But, we have to be careful, though. Sometimes, bad guys try to steal the package."

Gil: "But, don’t worry. We never lose a package."

Nonny: "Coast is clear! Let’s move!"

Oona: "Okay."

Gil: (Gasps)"Agent Nonny! Agent Oona!"

(Nonny and Oona noticed all the toys lying around.)

Oona: "Oh no! Bad Guys put out traps to try and stop us. What do we do?!"

Gil: "Don’t panic! Remember, we’re trained to handle these situations."

(Gil, Oona and Nonny use their fancy fin-work to get over the traps (Toys).)

Nonny: "We did it, guys!"

Gil: "Awesome!"

Oona: "Yippee! (Slips and falls over, tossing the package in the air) Whoa! Oof!"

All: (Gasping)"The package!"

Nonny: "Catch it!"

Gil: "Phew. That was close! Here’s your package, Mr Grouper!"

Mr Grouper: "Thanks, Gil! (Opens the package) Oh boy! It’s the guitar I ordered last week. I’m gonna play it right after I clean up, but, in the meantime, why don’t you kids continue playing."

Oona: "Okay."

Nonny: "We will!"

Mr Grouper: "Have fun!"

Gil: "Another package delivered safe and sound!"

(Song: We’re Delivery Agents.)

Gil: "If you have something important and you need to have it shipped..."

Oona & Nonny: "Call us up day or night,we're well trained and well equipped."

Gil: "From Singapore to Katmadu,we get the package there."

Nonny: "We always know which end is up and handle it with care,cause....."

All: "We are delivery agents! Delivery agents!"

Gil: "We deliver every package safe and sound."

All: "Yes we're delivery agents! Delivery agents!"

Oona: "We don't ever lose a package. Ask around."

Gil: "We always keep an eye out for the bad guys,cause bad guys want to steal the things we're got."

Nonny: "They sometimes try to trick us with a disguise,but do they get our package? They do not! Cause..."

All: "We are delivery agents! Delivery agents,you can count on us! To keep your things secure! Yes,we're delivery agents! Delivery agents! We don't ever lose a package! That's for sure! That's for sure!"

(Song ends.)

Nonny: "So, what’s our next Delivery?"

Gil: "We’re heading to India, for our most important mission yet."

Nonny: "Ooh. India. Well. We better be going."

Oona: "Makes sense to me! To India! With it’s vast skies."

Gil: "Soaring mountains."

Nonny: "And dusty planes."

(A Bubble pops as the playground changes to India, where a delivery truck is on the road.)