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Queen Deema has sent Oona Zooli and Molly to bring a message to king Goby.


  • Deema wore the same queen outfit from the story segment of Sir Nonny the Nice!
  • Molly, Oona, Gil and Nonny wore the same knight outfits from Sir Nonny the Nice!
  • Zooli wore the same knight outfit from The Kingdom of Clean.
  • Goby wore the same king outfit from Dragons 'n Roses.
  • Molly wore the same peasant dress from The Puppy and the Ring, The Kingdom Of Clean, and Dragons ‘n Roses.
  • Oona wore the same peasant dress from Sir Nonny the Nice, The Glitter Games, and The Kingdom of Clean.
  • Gil wore the same peasant outfit from the Puppy and the Ring and The Kingdom Of Clean.


A Message,


  1. Angelina Wahler as Deema
  2. Reyna Shaskan as Oona
  3. Brianna Gentilella as Molly
  4. Zachary Gordon as Gil
  5. Eamon Pirruccello as Nonny
  6. Jelani Imagi as Goby
  7. Frank Welker as Bubble Puppy


(Deema was at the playground. She was sitting on the swing, writing down something. Then, she wrapped it up. A crab pops up and plays the trumpet.)

Deema: "Hello! And good day to you! I am Queen Deema, the queen of everything! That means, I rule the entire kingdom of the Playground."

(Song: .)

(Song ends.)

Deema: "And Because, I’m the Queen, I live in a big beautiful castle."

(A Bubble pops and the playground changes into Queen Deema’s castle and throne room.)

Deema: "This is the throne room, where I rule my kingdom. See, that’s my royal throne. And outside, is my entire kingdom. Behold! That’s the misty forest! And way over there, is the castle of my good friend, King Goby. I just wrote him a very important message. See. I need two of my subjects to deliver it for me."

(Deema rings the bell.)

Deema: "Come forth, O' Molly the Pink and Oona the Purple!"

(The door opens and Molly and Oona, both wearing peasant outfits appear at the door.)

Both: "Hi, your majesty!"

Oona: "What can we do for you?"

Deema: "Molly the pink, and Oona the purple. You must take this very important message to the castle of King Goby. But, beware, the journey is difficult."

Molly: "No problem."

Deema: "No. I mean, it’s really difficult. But, if you can deliver the message, you will be greatly rewarded."

Oona: "Rewarded?! How?"

Deema: "You two will become knights."

Both: "A knight?!"

Molly: "Like the one up there in the picture."

Deema: "Indeed. Knights are the bravest, the smartest, and the strongest in all the land."

Both: "Cool!"

Molly: "Will we ever get helmets with fancy feathers like that?"

Deema: "Yep! A big fancy knightly feather."

Molly: "Alright! I wanna be a knight."

Oona: "Me too! Me too!"

(Song: .)

(Song ends.)

Deema: "Remember, you can only be knights, if you prove yourselves brave, smart, kind and strong."

Molly: "Well. I think Oona and I are brave, smart, kind and strong."

Oona: "But, How do we prove it?"

Deema: "You will face three problems along the way to deliver the message."

Both: "Uh Oh!"

Oona: "What kind of problems?!"

Deema: "Look. I’ll show you."

(Deema led Oona and Molly to a map to the route to King Goby’s castle.)

Deema: "Soon, after leaving my castle, you will come to the Misty Forest. There roams the Guppy of the Mist, a fearsome creature who cries can be heard from miles. You must be very brave."

Molly: "We’ll try to be brave your majesty."

Deema: "If you make it through the misty forest, you’ll come to the guardian of the gate. No one has ever gotten past him. You’ll have to be really smart."

Oona: "Okay. We’ll try to be smart. Then, what?!"

Deema: "Then, you must cross the swamp of stinkiness. A foul smelling swamp, full of stink puddles."

Both: "Eww!"

Deema: "It’s so smelly that no one has ever made it though. You must be extra strong."

Molly: "Okay." We’ll try to be strong."

Deema: "Then, you will finally come to the castle of King Goby. Deliver this very important message to him, and then, he will make you two..."

Both: "Knights! Alright!"

Deema: "Here is the secret message. Be careful with it!"

Oona: "We will be absolutely, definitely, positively careful with it."

Molly: "What do it say, your highness?"

Deema: "I can’t tell you. It’s a secret."

Oona: "Ooh. A secret."

Molly: "O’ Queen! Nothing can stop us from delivering this message. I hope."

Deema: "Then, be on your way!"

(Oona and Molly swam away. Deema went back to her throne.)

Deema: "Good luck, Molly the Pink and Oona the Purple!"

Both: "Thank you, your majesty!"

(Molly and Oona left the castle as their journey begins. Song: A Message, A Message.)

(Song ends, as the two approach the Misty Forest.)

Molly: "Whoa! This misty forest sure is misty?"

Oona: "Yeah! That’s why it’s called the misty forest!"

Molly: "It’s a little scary, but, we’ll try to be brave."

Both: (Sighs).

Molly: "Here goes!"

(Suddenly, they heard a cry.)

Oona: "What was that?"

(The cry came again.)

Molly: (Gasps)"Maybe, it’s the Guppy of the Mist!"

(Gil, along with Bubble Puppy came out. Oona and Molly swam and hid behind a tree.)

Molly: "Halt, O'Guppy of the Mist!"

Gil: "Yikes! It’s the Guppy of the Mist! Run for it! (Screams)."

Molly: "Hey! Wait."

Oona: "Stop! We didn’t mean to scare you!"

Gil: "Run! The Guppy of the Mist is coming!"

Molly: "But, you’re the Guppy of the Mist!"

Gil: "I am?"

Oona: "I think so."

Molly: "Weren’t you roaming in the mist and making a strange noise?"

Gil: "I wasn’t making any noise."

Molly: "Yes! You were! You were moaning in fear."

Gil: "Oh. That’s just a sound I make when I’m nervous."

Oona: "Why are you nervous?"

Gil: "Because, Bubble Puppy and I can’t find our way out of this forest. We’re lost. And I’m kind of scared."

Molly: "Don’t be scared. Oona and I will help you find your way out."

Oona: "Yeah! Let’s go that way!"

Molly: "Here! Take my hand."

Gil: "Aren’t you girls scared too?"

Oona: "A little."

Molly: "But, we’re trying to be brave."

Gil: "I wish I was brave."

Molly: "You are. Being scared doesn’t mean you’re not brave."

Gil: "Really?!"

Molly: "Uh Huh! Really."

Oona: "Hey, Guys! Look. I think we’re almost there."

(The Three Guppies and their Puppy reached the end of the misty forest. A crab pops up from behind a rock and blew his trumpet.)

Molly: "Well. Here we are! See. That wasn’t so bad."

Gil: "No. It wasn’t. Especially, when you’re brave like us. Hey! Where are you two going now?"

Molly: "Oona and I have a very important message from Queen Deema to deliver to King Goby."

Gil: "What does it say?"

Oona: "We don’t know."

Molly: "It’s a Secret. But, if we deliver this all the way to King Goby, Queen Deema says he’ll make us knights."

Gil: "A knight?! With a helmet."

Molly: "Yeah! With a big fancy feather on it."

Gil: "Wow! I wanna be a knight too."

Oona: "Well. Maybe, King Goby will make you one too."

Molly: "But, it’s a very difficult journey, because, next, we have to get past the guardian of the gate."

Gil: "That’s okay. I’m brave and I wanna be a knight."

Oona: "Well. C’mon! To the gate!"

(The Three Guppies set off. Song: A Message, A Message.)

(Song ends, as they approach the gate.)