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When a rainstorm knocks the power out during the Guppies and Tiff's fun sleepover, the Guppies and Tiff accidentally spill some glow-in-the-dark spray water on themselves.

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(The episode starts off with the Guppies and Tiff playing outside.)

  • Molly: "I caught it."

(Their game has pretty much ended when dark clouds cover the sky.)

  • Deema: "It looks like it's going to rain."

(Tiff's Dad arrived home from work just as it started to rain.)

  • Tiff: "Dad's home."
  • Tiff's Dad: "Hi kids. I felt drops. Did someone left the sprinkler on?"
  • All: (Laughing).
  • Tiff: "No Dad. It's raining."
  • Tiff's Mom: "Hurry up everybody or you'll get all wet."

(Everyone raced inside.)

  • Tiff's Mom: "Just in time. You've almost got soaked."

(The Guppies looked out the window. Rain was coming down.)

  • Molly: "Wow. Look at it rain."
  • Gil: "No way this rain can ever scare me."
  • Oona: "Yeah. Me neither."

(Thunder boomed and lightning lit up the night.)

  • Both: "Yikes."

(Suddenly, the lights went out.)

  • Deema: "Great. The power's out."
  • Tiff's Dad: "Stay right where you are everyone. I'll get us a flashlight."

(Tiff's Dad went to get a flashlight.)

  • Tiff's Dad: "Okay. I got them."
  • Tiff's Mom: "I've got some candles in the kitchen."
  • Tiff's Dad: "To the kitchen."
  • All: "To the kitchen."

(In the kitchen, Tiff's Mom lights the candles and Tiff's Dad find some flashlights.)

  • Tiff's Dad: "Here we go."
  • Molly: "I'm glad we told our Moms and Dads that we're coming to stay with you for the night, Tiff."
  • Tiff: "Yeah. Everything's more fun when we're together."
  • Gil: "This is gonna be awesome. Because tonight's our..."
  • All: "Fun sleepover."
  • Tiff's Dad: "Whoops. I dropped a flashlight. Can someone get it please. It rolled down under the table."
  • Tiff: "I will."

(Tiff reached the flashlight that was under the table.)

  • Tiff: "Got it."

(There was a sudden growly noise.)

  • Tiff: "What was that. More thunder."

(The rumbling noise was heard again.)

  • Molly: "Deema. Was that your stomach."
  • Deema: "Yeah. Sorry everyone. I'm hungry."
  • Tiff: "Can we eat now."
  • Tiff's Dad: "Of course."

(After supper, The Guppies went up to Tiff's room.)

  • Molly: "So. I just think that fun is totally awesome."
  • Tiff: "Hey Guys. I just got one thing to say to you."

(Tiff whacks a pillow and it hits Molly.)

  • Tiff: "Pillow fight."

(The Guppies grabbed their pillows and began to pillow fight. After a while, they get tired.)

  • All: (Laughter).
  • Tiff: "That was fun. What's next."

(Suddenly, there was a loud grumbling sound from Deema's tummy.)

  • Gil: "Was that a bear."
  • Deema: "Nope. That was me. My tummy's growling. All this fun with pillow fights has made me hungry."
  • Molly: (Her tummy gurgles)"Me too."
  • Tiff: "Okay. I've got snacks."

(The Guppies began eating.)

  • Molly: "Mmm. Thanks Tiff."
  • Tiff: "You're welcome guys."
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