Plot Edit

Gil and Goby see a sad crab go by,and they want to do something to cheer him up. So the guppies learn about emotions.

Songs: Be Happy (Pop), Show Off Your Smile (Pop)

Shop: Deema's Happy Store

Joke: Nonny - Saderoni and meanballs

Storybook: The Happy Crew and the Sad Gorilla

Field Trip: Happiness Party

Storyboard Edit

Molly: "Hi, it's me, Molly and It's time for, uh, whatcha doin, Gilly"

Gil:"Trying to launch firecrackers."

Molly: "Aw, what?"

(Gil ran away)

Molly: "It's time for Bubble Guppies!"

After the theme song,Goby and Gil swim by.

Both:(to viewers)"Hi there."

They kept going until they hear fireworks booming. They come across a crab who trying to launch the firecrackers.

Goby: "Hi there."

Gil "What are you doing?"

Crab: "I'm trying to crackers...but..."

The launcher thing suddenly falls apart.

Crab: "Augh! I worked so hard!"

Goby: "Oh no! Your launcher broke!"

Gil: "Can't you fix it?"

Crab: "I can't fix it."

Gil: "What are you using it for?"

Crab: "A party. It's tonight."

Goby: "Wow,a party?"

Crab: "Yes...and now that the launcher broke,I can't launch any fire crackers..."

Gil: "Is that what you do at parties?"

Crab: " happens to be my favorite I can't do it tonight..."

The crab walks away,and Goby and Gil watch him with sad looks.

Goby: "Poor thing....he looks sad..."

Gil "Yeah...let's go,Goby..."

Meanwhile at school,the guppies greet the viewers as they go to their seats.

Molly,Oona,Deema,Nonny: "Good morning,Mr Grouper."

Mr Grouper: "Good morning,everyone."

Goby and Gil sat down at their seats with sad looks.

Oona: "Hi,Goby."

Deema: "Hi Gil."

Goby and Gil:(sad)"Hi..."

Mr Grouper: "Oh,what's the matter?"

Goby: "Gil and I saw a crab...a sad one..."

Gil: "Yeah...he's sad because his launcher broke..."

Goby: "And we feel bad for him..."

Mr Grouper: "So he's sad huh? Well,everyone has emotions."

Oona: "Emotions? You mean like happy and sad?"

Mr Grouper: "Right. Those are great examples of emotions."

Gil: "Mr Grouper,what are other emotions?"

Mr Grouper: "Let's think about some other emotions."(the backround turns blue)"When someone brings you something you like,you might feel..."(silent for an answer)

Nonny: "Happy?"

Mr Grouper: "Yep. But if you drop your ice cream cone,you most certainly might feel..."(silent for an answer)

Goby: "Sad."

Mr Grouper: "Aww,that's right. If someone accidentally bumps into you and your vase broke,you might feel..."(silent once again)

Deema: "Angry."

Mr Grouper: "Yeah. You might feel a little upset at first,but you can try to forgive them...there's other emotions such as shocked,embarrased,shy,or confused."

Gil: "It's okay to get angry once in a while,but you have to calm down."

(They sing Be Happy.)

Deema comes by holding a box.

Deema: "If there's a place where you want to be happy,then follow me."

She shifts over to a desk and puts the box there. Nonny comes by.

Deema: "Why hello don't look very happy..."

Nonny: "Of course I don't. I'm not happy and smiling all the time."

Deema: "Well,you've certainly come to the right place."

The backrounds transforms into a shop decorated with lots of happy faces.

Deema: "We're going to make you a very happy customer. And to do that,I'm going to dress up funny! But all I need is a clown nose,a shoe,and a suprise box."

Nonny: "You have everything,but you don't have the surprise box."

Deema: "My word..."(to viewers)"I need your help. There are five boxes here;a big red,blue,big teal,small red, and small blue...the surprise box is the big teal one,so which one is is?"

Little Fish: "That one."

Deema: "Yeah. That's the box."(hands the box to Nonny)"Okay,if you would like to open the box,please..."

Nonny opens the box,then gets...pied! They laughed.

Nonny:(smiled)"Thank you. You've now made me a very happy person."

Mr Grouper: "Ha! Excuse me! What time is it?"

Deema: "It's time for lunch!"

(They sing the lunchtime song.)

Gil,Goby,and Nonny sat down in a park bench.

Goby: "Gil,what did you get for lunch?"

Gil: "I got a cheeseburger.What did you get for lunch Goby."

Goby: "I've got Spaghetti and meatballs.What did you get Nonny."

Nonny: "And I've got...saderoni and meanballs?"

Little Fish: "Saderoni and meanballs? That's silly!"

They let out bouts of laughter as the backround turns into an ocean scene.

Molly: "Heh heh. It's always good to have emotions,and you can express your emotions."

Gil: "Yeah."

A depressed Little Fish comes by.

Gil: "What's the matter,little guy?"

Little Fish:(says nothing)

Gil: "Come on,you can tell us."

Little Fish: "......"

Gil: "Come on!"

Little Fish: "Hey!"

Gil screams and falls onto the ground.Molly laugh as Goby comes by.

Goby: "Molly,come on. We're drawing happy faces."

The two kids come to the classroom,as they saw everyone drawing/painting happy faces except for Nonny,who drew a face with a frown.

Deema: "Look how happy I look."

Oona: "Everyone looks happy..."(looks at Nonny's)"Nonny?"

The other guppies looked at Nonny.

Oona: "Nonny,you made a sad face."

Gil: "Aren't you happy?"

Nonny: "No..."

Deema: "Well,why ever not?"

Nonny: "Because...I don't....smle..."

Goby: "You can't?"

Nonny: "No. I don't even know how..."

Molly: "Well,we could help you."

Gil: "Yeah."

To be continued...

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