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Dark Booster disguises himself as a student to follow the guppies to school.

Story Edit

One beautiful morning,the guppies are at the park playing with Bubble Puppy.

Bubble Puppy: "Arf! Arf!"

Gil: "Here,boy! Catch!"

Gil tosses a chew toy to Bubble Puppy,and he caught it in his mouth. Nonny,on the couch with a book in his hands,was watching everyone play.

Nonny: "Isn't it time to go?"

Molly: "Oh,you're right. We gotta go,everyone."

The kids grabbed their backpacks and head on to school. Dark Booster was watching behind a tree.

Dark Booster: "What are those kids up to? They're going somewhere...."

The villain charges back to his castle. He bumps into Hypletta.

Hypletta: "Oh! Dark Booster,what's the big hurry?"

Dark Booster: "Like you wanted to know? I'm trying to disguise myself!"

Hypletta: "Disguise yourself? SInce when did you ever come up with that idea?"

Dark Booster: "Ah,shut it girl! I have to disguise myself!"

Hypletta: "Ugh,okay! Follow me."

She lead her friend to a closet in an empty room. In the closet,there reveals loads of clothing. A few minutes later,Dark Booster was now shown with a green long-sleeved shirt,tail,and a jester hat.

Dark Booster: "I look rediculous!"

Hypletta: "Oh,don't say that! That's an excellent disguise!"

Dark Booster: "No way! This is horrible!"

Hypletta: "Oh be quiet! Here take this backpack!"

Dark Booster: "Okay."

He went out the door. Meanwhile at school,the guppies are playing doctor. Gil is the pretend doctor while the other guppies are the pretend sick/injured patients.

Gil: "Who's first? Oh,you sir."

Goby comes and sits down on the chair.

Gil: "What's the problem?"

Goby: "My tail hurts..."

Gil: "Let me take a look."(examines his friend's tail)"What happened?"

Goby: "I fell down."

Gil: "Then I'll give you a bandage."(puts the bandage on Goby's tail)

Goby: "Thank you,doctor! Now my tail feels better."

Gil: "Come again!"

Goby left the scene. Then,Deema came in and sits down.

Gil: "Problem,ma'am?"

Deema: "Just...a....sore throat..."(pretends to cough)

They were interupted by a knock on the front door.

Oona: "Who's knocking?"

Mr Grouper: "It seems we may have a new student visiting."

Molly:(delighted)"A new student?"

Gil: "Is it a boy...girl?"

Mr Grouper opens the door and Dark Booster,in his disguise,enters the classroom. The guppies have a look of displeasure and confusion.

Molly: "Mr Grouper! That guppy is a villain!"

Mr Grouper: "Molly,please don't name call the new student!"

Dark Booster: "Yeah,that's right! You should put here in time out."

Mr Grouper: "Not right now. Go out and play with your new friends,but first let's introduce ourselves. I'm Mr Grouper."

Molly: "I'm Molly..."

Gil: "Gil..."

Deema: "Deema..."

Oona: "Oona..."

Nonny: "Nonny..."

Goby: "Goby..."

Dark Booster: "I'm Dar....uhh...I mean...I'm Dan Buster."

Mr Grouper: "Okay,kids. Keep playing. I'll be calling lunch time in 15 minutes."

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