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Gil hurts his arm while playing baseball.

Transcript Edit

(The episode starts off with Molly and her friends playing baseball.)

  • Molly: "Don't let him hit it Gilly.Don't let him hit it."

(Gil throws the ball and the ball knocks out his clothes.)

  • Molly: "You let him hit it Gilly."

(Gil's arm gets hurt.)

  • Molly: "What's wrong Gilly.You're slowing down."
  • Gil: "My arm hurts."
  • Molly: "Already."
  • Gil: "Yeah.I can't pitch."
  • Goby: "So you can't keep pitching huh."
  • Gil: "Yeah."
  • Nonny: "Maybe you have bursitis."
  • Oona: "How about a shot of cortisone."
  • Deema: "You'd better go home Gil."
  • Gil: "Okay."
  • Molly: "I hope you feel better."
  • Goby: "Go see the doctor Gil."
  • Nonny: "Tell him to give you a little cortisone."

(When Gil gets back from the hospital.)

  • Gil: "Well guys.I think I know what's wrong with my arm.I've got Little Leagur's Elbow."
  • Deema: "You've got what."
  • Gil: "Little Leagur's Elbow.It's cause by trying to pitch too hard without being properly being warmed up."

(The next day.)

  • Gil: "Now remember Deema.I don't want you getting Little Leagur's Elbow too.So when you throw the ball.Hide behind the mound."

(Deema throws the ball and ducks down behind the mound.)

  • Deema: "That's some good advice."

(Later this week.Gil's arm begins to feel much better.)

  • Gil: "Okay Deema.The next person's a really great hitter.So you'd better play deep."
  • Deema: "You got it."

(Deema hears the ball and runs off.She stops to a tree and manages to climb up and catch the ball.)

  • Deema: "Got it."
  • Gil: "Throw it in.Throw it in.The runner's trying to score from third."
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