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Oona: Today's a special day.

The dreamcloud says "12/3/04"

Oona: Hm, I need a movie maker to make a birthday video show. (grabs her movie maker) Got it! Did you know why it's someone's birthday, you know it's my birthday today. (taps her favorite parts of every episode of "Bubble Guppies)

Gil: Uh-oh!

Goby: ...and just like that Super Waiter found himself in a pickle.

Nonny: Oh-no!

Molly: Beep beep beep b-

Gil was hurt.

Molly: Sorry Gilly!

Nonny: Okay, here are the locations look, here's the orangehouse, it's a fruit... or color. It's a dinosaur skeleton.

Gil: Name.

Oona: Ooena! Play Catch? Can I do a survey, hm. (piano)

Nonny: Here's the bowling alley...pool...telescope...Gil!

Molly: (plays piano songs)

Oona: (at the maze) Stay back, Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. (boya boya boya boyaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Nonny: ...and the lemonade stand, I love the lemonade stand.

The movie maker says "The End then the

credits appear, Oona turns it off.

Mom: Oona!

Oona: Coming, Mom. I want to open the gate

Mom: Go ahead!

(opens gate)

All: Happy Birthday, Oona.

Molly: Welcome to Gupville Park! You are always 12 today.

Announcer on T.V.: Now back to Sleep Button on The Guide

Oona: Just say no.

(episode ends with "To be continued)

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