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Robot Guppies is the 10th episode of Season 5.

Characters Present


Christian and his friends use magic to be magicians and musicians.


  1. Time: 7 Days A Week, 24 Hours A Day
  2. Songs: Everything
  3. Musical Magic: Every Spell
  4. Shows: Everything on Nick Jr.
  5. Band: Christian's Dark and Stormy Concert
  6. Important Characters: Everyone


  1. Christian: What's up? Christian here. My friends and I are magicians and musicians. We wave our magic wands and say every single magic word. Watch this!
  2. (magic chimes)
  3. (static crackles)
  4. 📚Stanley📚: Hey! I’m 📚Stanley📚. And I’m trying to find my violin - it’s one of my favorite instruments. I know it’s here somewhere. Do you see my violin? Where is it? Yes! There it is!
  5. (“🐻‍❄️Violin Concerto In E Minor🐻‍❄️“ playing)
  6. 📚Stanley📚: Man, look!
  7. 🐟Octonauts🐟: What did you find, matey?
  8. 📚Stanley📚: It’s a story written with music - a music story!
  9. 🟣Special Agent Oso🟣: Awesome!
  10. 🔴Mickey Mouse Clubhouse🔴: But the only way to see the story is to play the music.
  11. 📚Stanley📚: I can play the music story on my violin!
  12. 🐟Octonauts🐟: Go for it, matey!
  13. 🚂Chuggington🚂: I can’t wait to hear the story!
  14. 📚Stanley📚: Do you want to hear the special music story? Ok, here we go.
  15. (“🐻‍❄️Violin Concerto In E Minor🐻‍❄️“ playing)
  16. 📚Stanley📚 (narrating): Once upon a time in the snowy arctic, there lived magical fairies - instrument fairies!
  17. All: WHOA!!!
  18. 📚Stanley📚 (continues narrating): The instrument fairies had the power to make beautiful colors in the sky.