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Tweet! A baby bird falls from its nest and can't get back because it's not ready to fly yet. The guppies learn about birds, while Molly and Deema take care of the baby bird.

Songs: "Birds Are Everywhere" (Pop - Molly),"Do the Bird" (Dance - Gil)

Shop: Deema's Bird Sanctuary

Customers: Oona and Gil

Lunch: - Molly - Baloney and cheese sandwich, Oona - Tomato and cheese, Nonny - Ham and Tweet Sandwich

Storybook: "The Birdkeepers and the Bird-ular"

Characters: Oona and Nonny

Field Trip: The bird cages at the Bubbletucky Zoo

Important Characters: Molly, Deema, baby bird


Little Fish: Bubble Guppies!

Molly: Hi! It's me, Molly! And it's time for...

Gil: (Flies in, acting like a bird)

Molly: What is Gil pretending to be? (The viewers respond) Yeah! A bird. It's time for...