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When Bubble Puppy received a letter from Olena He goes and Visits her.Meanwhile Gil and his friends begin to worry about their Puppy.


Little Fishes: "Bubble Guppies."

(Molly appears.)

Molly: (To viewers)"Hi it's me Molly.And it's time for."

Gil: "Alright.Time to mail this letter."

Molly: "It's time for."

Gil: "Here's the mailbox."

(But when Gil opens the mailbox Bubble Puppy pops out and sends Gil flipping to the ground.Molly and the viewers laugh.)

Molly: "It's time for Bubble Guppies."

(After the Theme Song.)

Little Fishes: "Bubble Puppy Come Home."

(Gil Goby and Bubble Puppy are at the beach.)

Gil: (To viewers)"Hey."

Goby: (To viewers)"Hi."

Gil: (Sighs)"It sure is beautiful at the beach."

Goby: "We should do this later with everyone else."

Gil: "Yeah.We'll have a Picnic while we're here next time."

Goby: "C'mon Gil.Let's go."

(They continued on the way to school.The other guppies greet the Viewers and sit down.)

All: "Good morning Mr Grouper."

Mr Grouper: "Well good morning everyone."

Gil: "Hey Mr Grouper.Ya think we'll have a Picnic at the beach."

Mr Grouper: "Why of course we can."

Goby: "Yeah what are we waiting for let's get our Picnic Supplies and get going."

Gil: "Alright."

(The screen changed to the Ocean.)

Molly: "Aw I love the beach especially Bubble Puppy going with us."

(Mr Grouper swim with the Picnic Basket.)

Mr Grouper: "Hey Molly.We packed a Picnic and we're going to the Beach."

All: "Field Trip."

Molly: (To viewers)"We're going to the Beach. Do you want to come with us. Great. C'mon."

(But when they got to the Beach they discover that someone has just put a No Dogs Allowed Sign.)

Molly: "Sorry Bubble Puppy but this sign says no dogs allowed."

(Then Bubble Puppy runs away back to school.)

Gil: "Bubble Puppy. Come back."