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When Oona, Gil and Nonny arrived late for their fieldtrip to the museum for a sleepover.They began telling tall tales

Nonny’s Story[]

Nonny, Gil and Oona taking a little rest stop when a bird flew down and snatched Nonny’s backpack with the marshmallows. They chased after the bird as fast as they could. Gil was able to get high enough to the Guppies’ precious marshmallows, when he falls. Oona and Nonny uses a leaf to cushion Gil’s landing(a perfect 10)Soon they traded Gil’s almond for Nonny’s backpack and that’s how it all happened.

Oona’s Story[]

Gil, Oona and Nonny are taking a break and Oona decided to show her friends a new dance routine she’s been working on. She spinned so fast that the canteen went flying and fell in a hole.The three guppies climbed down the hole and heard a weird noise.But it was only a gopher and it got their canteen.

Gil’s Story[]



(The episode starts off with the Guppies getting ready to go to the museum.)

  • Molly: “Hey Guys.Are you ready.The bus is going to be here in a minute.”
  • Goby: “Here we are.”
  • Deema: “All prepared.”
  • Nonny: “Hey wait up.”
  • Oona: “We’re coming.”
  • Gil: “Sorry we’re late guys.”
  • Molly: “Just in time.Here comes the bus.”

(They got on the bus and they head on out to the museum for their sleepover.)

  • Molly: “Has anyone seen Deema.”
  • Gil: “There she is.”
  • Molly: “Hurry up Deema.I mean the Amazing Deema.”
  • Deema: “Nobody leaves the Amazing Deema behind.That’s for sure.Hey Guppy Scouts.Wait for me.”

(She raced to the bus and the Guppies opened the back door of the bus to let Deema in.)

  • Deema: “That was close.”
  • Bus Driver: “Everyone here.Good.Next stop.The Big Bubble City Museum.”
  • All: (Cheering).