The day before the football tournament, the guppies have a practice game. When Goby loses, he bursts into tears. Gil explains to a young Little Fish that Goby's a "cry guppy" and that older guppies never cry. The Little Fish takes these words to heart and doesn't even cry when he hurts his tail and can't play in the tournament. He keeps all of his bad feelings bottled up inside until Molly and Nonny tell him that everyone needs to cry sometimes, even the adults. The Little Fish and Nonny bawl their eyes out and feel a lot better. After the tournament is canceled due to rain, Gil starts to cry, but is too embarrassed to admit it until the Little Fish tells Gil the same thing Molly and Nonny told him: that it's okay to cry.


Today is the practice football game. Everyone--the guppies, lobsters, snails, shrimps, and crabs--is practicing for tomorrow's tournament. Molly has the ball and runs all the way to the end zone.

Molly: "I'm gonna make this TouchDown!"

Little Fish: (steals the ball from her, and Molly falls down) "Not on my watch, girl!"

He makes his way to the end, where Goby is ready and waiting.

Goby: "Nobody gets past the Goby Wall!"

Little Fish: "Oh, yeah?"

He makes his way to the end, and Goby fails to block him.

Mr. Grouper: "Touchdown!"

Nonny: "Nice run, Little Fish!"

Oona: "Yeah!"

Gil: "You're really good!"

Deema: "Way good!"

They hear Goby sniffling and crying.

Oscar: "Goby, are you all right?"

Goby: "I'm sorry, Rusher."

Oscar: "For what?"

Goby: "For letting Little Fish score."

Oscar: (smiles gently and lays a comforting hand on his back) "It's not a big deal, Goby. You can't win them all!"

Goby: "I know, but I was trying so hard, and--and--!" (sobs)

Mrs. Grouper: "Never mind, kids. Why don't we all go and have some cherry doodle cake?"

Almost all of the kids cheer and swim off.

Mrs. Grouper: "Goby, maybe you can help by giving out pieces of cake" (her smile widens) "starting with a boy named Goby."

Goby: (smiles) "Okay, Mrs. Grouper!"

The two swim inside the house. Little Fish and Gil remain behind.

Little Fish: "Jeez... Goby sure got upset when I scored..."

Gil: "Ah, he's just a cry guppy!"

Later, after having their cherry vanilla cake, the two boys hang around in the clearing next to the woods.

Little Fish: "So, um, Gil...what is a cry guppy?"

Gil: "It's someone who cries like a big baby. You know, like Goby!"

Little Fish: "So, it's a bad thing to cry?"

Gil: "Well, I guess it's okay if you're little, but big kids like me? We don't ever cry!"

Little Fish: "Not ever?"

Gil: "Never!"

Little Fish: "Well, then, I won't cry either!"

He looks around for their ball, then spots it by a tree. He swims over to get it when he hears a hissing sound. Frightened, he hides under a bucket.

Gil: "What is it?"

Little Fish: "I heard a snake!"

Gil: "Where?"

Little Fish: "Look!"

He points to it, but it's just a stick.

Little Fish: "Huh? Oh...s-scary...right?"

Gil: "Heh! I can't believe you fell for it!" (notices Little Fish is sniffling) "Hey, you're not gonna cry, now, are you?"

Little Fish: (shakes it off) "No way! Big kids don't cry!"

Gil: "You got it! Come on, let's go!"

Later, the kids are practicing again. Little Fish gets the ball, but falls, flips, and smacks right into a metal pole.

Little Fish: "Ow!"

Everyone rushes over to see if he's okay.

Mrs. Grouper: "Little Fish, are you alright?"

Little FIsh: "Augh! Augh!"

Gil: "Aw, he's okay! Right, big boy?"

Little Fish: "Uh-huh..."

Mrs. Grouper: "Oh, dear. I'm afraid your tail looks sprained, sweetheart."

Little Fish: "Nuh-uh! But I think I wanna go home now..."

Mrs. Grouper: (carries Little Fish in her fins) "Come on now. Let's go."

The scene cuts to Mrs. and Mr. Grouper's room at night. Mrs. Grouper is holding Little Fish, rubbing his tail gently.

Little Fish: "Ouch..."

Mrs. Grouper: (peers over at her husband) "Definitely sprained..."

Mr. Grouper: (sighs and looks down at his son) "I'm sorry, Little Fish, but there's no way you'll be able to play the Cleveland Browns tomorrow."

Little Fish: (upset) "But I have to play, Dad! I love NFL, and it's gonna be the biggest tournament of the year! I can't let Gil down!" (in a whiney voice) "He said I'm the best player in the whole world!"

Mr. Grouper: "And you'll still be the best player when your tail is better."

Little Fish breathes deeply and is on the verge of tears.

Mrs. Grouper: "I know it's disappointing, sweetie, but--"

Little Fish: (upset) "Maybe my tail isn't really sprained! Maybe it only looks like it!" (in a hopeful, tear-choked voice) "Maybe it'll be better by tomorrow! Maybe..." (gasps tearfully) "...maybe...--!"

Mrs. Grouper: "Little Fish, it's okay to be sad. It's natural. You've worked so hard, after all..."

Mr. Grouper: "Your Mom's right, Little Fish. You can let it out and cry."

Little Fish: "No, I-I'm okay."

Mrs. Grouper: "All right, if you're sure. Your Dad and I will be right back with something to wrap that tail so you don't hurt yourself more."

The two adults leave the room.

Little FIsh: (to himself, holding back tears) "Big kids don't cry, big kids don't cry..." (shudders from the effort of stifling his sobs)

The next day, the kids were excited for the tournament.

Mrs. Grouper: "Anyone check the weather?"

Mr. Grouper: "Looks bright and beautiful to me! Looks like a perfect day to play footabll!"

A football comes flying toward his face, but he dodges just in time. All the kids except Little Fish race outside, eager to get started.

Little Fish: "Have a good time, everybody..." (sighs heavily)

Mrs. Grouper: "Don't you want to go to the tournameny, Little Fish?"

Little Fish: "Why should I go? I can't play."

Mrs. Grouper: "Well, no, but you can sit and watch, cheer on your friends. They've worked just as hard as you, and you know they'd be cheering you on if they were in your position!"

Mr. Grouper: (swims over, smiling) "All aboard the Grouper Express!"

Little Fish: (sighs again) "No, thanks, Dad. I just want to be alone for now. I'm going back to bed."

He swims slowly up to his room. His parents watch him go.

Mrs. Grouper: "I think what that boy needs is some motherly comfort."

Mr. Grouper: "Yeah. Better keep a close eye on him today."

A while later, the football tournament between Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland is finally about to start.

Mr. Grouper: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today is the big football tournament! It may be the most exciting one you'll see for years to come! And now, with that said...let the tournament begin!"

The kids cheer, and Mr. Grouper blows the whistle. The boys from one team try to steal the ball from Gil, but he's too fast for them. Some girls from team two try to come to Gil's aid, but Molly still manages to steal the ball. She kicks it toward the end zone from a few yards away and makes it.

Mr. Grouper: "Touchdown Ravens!"

When the ball is put back in play, a crab runs on top of it happily. Molly, who's been swapped with another player for the time being for fairness' sake, is cheering and clapping at Nonny's side when a different kind of movement catches her eye. She glances up to see Little Fish watching the game from his second-story window.

Molly: (nudges Nonny) "Hey, Nonny, look!" (points at Little Fish)

Meanwhile, up in his room, Little Fish is moping.

Little Fish: (sighs very sadly) "Big kids don't cry...they don't cry..." (takes a deep, calming breath, but ends up sighing deeply again) "Ah..." (bursts into song) "It's just not fair that I can't play, my favorite game on a sunny day. Watching everybody swim and fly. This makes makes me wanna..." (rubs his eyes) "But I'm not gonna..." (looks around) "No siry,not I. So what do you do when you feel so bad? You just can't smile cuz you feel too sad. Must there be something else that I can't try,cuz I'm not gonna...sure don't wanna" (chokes up) "No siry,not I. Cuz big kids,we don't cry" (sniffs hard)

At that moment, Molly and Nonny swim into the room.

Molly: "Little Fish?"

Nonny: "Are you okay?"

Little Fish: "No... I came out..." (sniff) "...I came out here to watch the clouds...and be alone." (sniff)

Molly: "You know, Little Fish, when clouds travel, they pick up on a lot of things."

Little Fish: "What kinds of things,Molly?"

Molly: "Oh,well...water,smoke,dust...and other things."

The sky darks to get gray and we hear faint thunder.

Nonny: "Seems likes that cloud over there is feelng pretty sad."

Little Fish: "You think so?"

Nonny: "Yep."

Molly: "And after that...the cloud gets so full,that it has to let everything such as..."

It starts to rain.

Little Fish: "Rain."

Molly: "Rain. That's what we call it when a cloud cries,isn't it Nonny?"

Nonny: "Oh,sure. Little kids,children...even elder people sometimes need to cry."

Little Fish starts bawling hard while Molly hugs him. Everyone on the field took shelter. A drop of rain falls on Gil.

Gil: "What the?"

Everyone starts to leave.

Gil: "Hey,where's everyone going? It's just a little rain...oh no,my hair is getting wet. No,it's ruined!"

Little Fish continues to sob.

Nonny: "Little Fish,you...poor...little...guy..."

He starts to sob as well. It quickly stops raining and the sun lit brightly in the sky. Molly hands the two tissues,and they blew their nose into it.

Molly: "Feeling better?"

Nonny:(yucky)"Uh huh..."

Molly:(chuckles)"I mean,Little Fish."

Little Fish: "I do feel better,Molly."

Molly: "And so does the little cloud. After it rains,the cloud feels so good that it builds--"

Little Fish: "A rainbow."

Everyone saw the rainbow and were amazed. Later that day,the Browns Rusher was reading everyone a book.

Little Fish: "Hey,what happened everyone?"

Deema: "They cancelled the tournament."

Oona: "And somebody had took this a little too much--"

Gil,with his wet and messy hair,comes in weeping.

Gil: "I really wanted to win one round. I was trying to score a goal...but it's not fair!"(cries)

Little Fish: "Gil,buddy. Everybody cries...when they need to."

Gil: "Really?"

Little Fish: "Sure. It's okay to cry."

Gil: "Well..."(Mrs Grouper hands him a tissue)"Thank you...and I guess you were right."(blows into the tissue)

Mrs Grouper: "Well,let's hope next year's tournament will be just as good as this one."

All the kids cheer.