Episode PlanEdit

Pop Song: "Racing riot

Singer: Molly

Shop: The swinging game

Lunch: Molly-tomato and cheese sandwich,Oona-Turkey and cheese,Nonny-race-aroni and cheese

Dance Song: "racing dance.

Singer: Gil

Storybook: space fixers

Field Trip: Race track

Important Characters: Molly and goby


Molly: "Hi! It's me, Molly! And it's time for...--"

Gil: vroom.

Molly: it's time for-.

Goby: vroom.

Molly: whoa.

Gil: vroom.

Goby: vroom.

(Molly honks horn loudly)

Both: whoa.

Molly: it's time for bubble guppies.

(After theme song, the Little Fish introduce the episode title.)

Little Fish: "Team guppy challenge!"

(Gil and goby are playing race cars.)

Gil: (to the viewers) "Hi!"

Goby: (to the viewers)hello.

(They keep playing until they hear a race car noise.)

Goby: how sounds like my car is going fast.

Gil: uh no.

Goby: then where is it coming from.

Gil: whoa goby check it out.

Goby: wow a race cool.

Gil: awesome let's tell everybody.

Goby: first let's put things away.

Both: vroom.c'mon.vroom.

Molly: "Professor, what's going on?"

Professor: "The Tower's haunted, Molly! It creaks just before the elevator falls, and then phantom screams erupt!"

Molly: "Oh, wow! Have you ever been inside the Tower, Professor?"

Professor: "Oh, dear me, of course not! It's too dangerous! And I don't want you going any nearer than this either," (points down, right where they're standing) "you understand?"

Molly: "Sure, Professor! Well, I'd better get going! See you later, Professor! Bye!"

Professor: "All right, Molly! Buh-bye!"

Molly: (to the viewers) "Come on!"

(As Molly swims to school, Deema and the others greet the viewers.)

Deema: "Hi there!"

Goby: "Hello!"

Nonny: "Hi."

Gil: "Hi!"

Oona: "Hello!"

(Bubble Puppy barks.)

Gil, Goby, Deema, Oona, Nonny: "Good morning, Mr. Grouper!"

Mr. Grouper: "Well, good morning, everyone!"

Molly: (swims in) Mr. Grouper, what's there to see from the Tower of Terror?"

Mr. Grouper: "Well, I haven't been in there myself--" (shudders) "--too spooky...but I've heard you can see all of Bubbletucky from the top!"

Molly: "Oh, wow!"

Gil: "Awesome!"

Goby: "Cool!"

Deema: "Sweet!"

Oona: "Neat!"

Nonny: "I can't wait to visit the Tower of Terror!"

Mr. Grouper: "Let's think about the Tower of Terror!"

(swims higher to keep everyone's attention)

Mr. Grouper: "We're going to have a fun day all about the Tower of...?" (waits a few seconds for an answer)

(Bubble pops.)

Molly: "Terror!"

Mr. Grouper: "Right! Tower of Terror! And at the end of the day, we're going to the Tower for a...?" (waits again)

(Bubble pops.)

Goby: "Field trip!"

Mr Grouper: "Correct! A frield trip! And the Tower's really creepy, so we're going to have to be very...?" (waits one last time)

Oona: "Brave!"

Mr Grouper: "Exactly! Brave! Oh, it's going to be a great day!"

(music starts to play in the background)

Molly: (sings) "I can see it on the other side!"

Molly: (sings) "I want to see the Tower of Terror before everyone!"

Molly: (sings) "Oh, I can see it on the other side!"

Molly: (sings) "The Tower of hauntings and screams!"

Molly: (says) "Yeah!"

Molly: (sings) "I just can't wait!"

Gil, Deema: (sing) "I just can't wait!"

Molly: (sings) "I hope it won't be long! It's all I can think about!"

Gil, Deema: (sing) "All I can think about!"

Molly: (sings) "I can see it on the other side!"

Molly: (sings) "The Tower of hauntings and screams!"

Molly: (sings) Who is always love for the tower of terror?

Molly: (sings) This is lovely so much is we don't!

Molly: (sings) Thump thump thumpity thump!

Molly: (sings) I love the tower of bouncy nachos everything you from i about!

Molly: (sings) Sometimes about the tower of nachos!

Molly: (sings) Did you know about the tower of terror of the bouncy nachos?

Gil: (says) You did!

Molly: (says) We like him!

Gil: (says) Thank you!

Molly: (sings) And she really really likes it!

Molly: (sings) Of the tower of the bouncy nachos!

Molly: (sings) Who's the bestest lovely so we don't want to wait him for all?

Molly: (sings) This is lovely so much is it we don't!

Molly: (sings) Thump thump thumpity thump!

Molly: (sings) You can go thump thump thumpity thump!

Molly: (sings) Thump of the tower of bouncy everything you and i about!

Molly: (sings) Do it! The bouncy nachos, Thump thump thumpity thump thump thump thumpity!

Molly: (sings) Is the big-gest- Neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

(cheering and applause)

Deema: Come with me to the tower store!

Deema: Welcome to the tower store, Will you like to play with me?

Nonny: Okay.

Nonny: I would like a tower of terror please.

Deema: Why not?

Nonny: Because the tower of terror came from you and i have to find it.

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